Sunday, July 21, 2013

Conscious Compassion


“There is no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” ~ Nelson Mandela
We all begin our spiritual journey from a place of deeper wanting, understanding & healing. We pray, we cry, we ask questions, we want solutions to variety of our issues yet we forget what got us to the place of wanting & needing and how long it took to get here.

Conscious Compassion is the practice of grace, kindness & gratitude for yourself and the ripple effect it creates your life. The awareness begins to shift your health, relationships, work, finances; it touches every area of your life. Being willing to get in touch with your true self, past the illusions and judgments of the past is what consciousness is.

Transforming from Fear to Faith is the awareness of yourself, the inner workings of who you are and who you are becoming. Compassion is accepting all of who you are without judgment, pain, shame or guilt; it is accepting you, right now, flaws and all. It takes courage to step more into your self and see your flaws, strengths, weaknesses and fears. Courage means to speak one’s mind by telling the truth of one’s heart. Coming into your wholeness is getting a deeper look into your actions, motivations and thoughts and peeling away the layers that have kept you blocked, locked and stuck in a life that is not your creation but based on the ideas, assumptions and experiences of others. Your procrastinating, your resistance, your distractions keep you playing small and in a place of judgment. Listening to your intuitive guidance is to listen intently to what your Spirit is saying. Practicing conscious compassion, courage and becoming aware, are what this book will provide you and the means in how to transform your fear to faith by understanding your intuitive guidance, consciousness and compassionate self. You CAN transform your life when you listen to what it is telling you. Have the courage to follow the urgings of your heart. What is it saying now? Believe you are being guided and you will be. When you claim your authentic power, it’s like rocket fuel you are determined, focused and assured of your success. This is a spiritual practice in and of itself. Beginning here is a good place to begin the inner journey of healing, forgiving, releasing and re-programming your mind.

Monkey vs. Magical Mind

Focus is the natural and intuitive part of yourself that allows you to concentrate on a singular point and in a specific area without distraction from outside influences

Your mind plays tricks on you and creates your “monkey mind”. To reclaim your mind and in turn create a “magical mind”, you must learn to quiet it through spiritual practices and compassion and then you will be truly free.

Your soul needs stillness to allow the answers to evolve from within you. Welcome your stillness in order to hear what your Spirit is speaking. Your intentions may shift you right into a miraculous new awareness. This is your life to live- affirm it. For every new beginning is an ending and every ending begins anew. Explore the depths of who you are, uncover the lives you have passed through before coming here by allowing your Spirit to guide you. Open, breathe, release. Touch, taste, smell, hear and see who you have been and who you are becoming. All is revealed when you surrender the resistance to what is within you. The resistance becomes your distraction and your nemesis. You know the dreams of your heart but are afraid to act on them in fear of what? Who? Nothing, but yourself stops you from the living your life, building your dream one step at a time.

Our modern society of instant gratification wants us to have the success, money and outer vision yet we are afraid to step outside of our comfort zone, we are afraid of the deep inner work that is required to live this dream, It will not be handed to you, you must believe in your dream, dream of your dream and trust in your dream. Cherish yourself and your dream like a lover would and watch how it unfolds. Take the first bold step into living it, breathing it and becoming it. Fear, fearing and being feared are blocks that stop us in our tracks and with it we assume we are already a failure. Every book ever written had to start with a blank page. Vow now to become more aware and take responsibility for living your dream. Fill the blank page and then keep going. This is how books get written and dreams get actualized. One word, one step, one dream at a time. Once the flow has been opened it is hard to stop of dream from coming to fruition. Do not allow distractions, people and assumptions stop you from recognizing where you are going. You may need to limit, purge and reassemble what is around you but it is worth the blessing your Spirit has in store for you when you keep going. Nothing can stop a dream realized just like nothing can stop love from flowing from your heart, the nothing that can keep lovers apart and that same nothing can keep your dream from coming true. Experience the fullness of live and who you are, your senses and yourself. Be determined and inspired. You are not alone in creating your dream; the Universe and Higher self are with you, guiding you and pushing you along the way. Your dreams at night are filled with unconscious thoughts and symbols that are urging you in the direction of your dreams and your assumption that you can control it. One day you will wake up and realize life has passed you by with your dream locked inside. You do not want to leave this body with your visions unfulfilled. It is your karma to share your gifts, passion and dream with the world, karma is not a punishment but a lesson to be learned so you may go into the next version of your self more actualized and fulfilled. Allow that time to be now by becoming conscious of your intuitive guidance and being compassionate with yourself.

Written by Tonya Melendez

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