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The Gnosis And The Law

Answering age-old questions of existence
TIME comes in the life of every individual to ask: who am I, and why am I here? These questions that have occupied the world's best minds have been the most perplexing to answer philosophically and metaphysically. This will continue to be so, for unless there are plausible and convincing explanations as to who man is, where he came from and why he finds himself on Earth, his life cannot have a meaningful purpose, for there is no objective at which to direct his energies and his efforts. In the centuries that have gone by, attempts have been made by various individuals to solve the problem; each one according to his lights - the philosopher arguing on logic and, often the "nooumenon", the divine on religious beliefs set by synods, and the scientist on the findings of the microscope. In each case, however, wherever there was honesty and intellectual probity, an acknowledgement was made that the teaching, at its most, was only an hypothesis, without having concrete knowledge upon which Truth could be based. Even great divine messengers and avatars who were sent to Earth, in an effort to improve man's destiny, did not expand beyond the trodden path; not that they were ignorant of it, but because cosmic law, due to human recalcitrancy, did not permit them to do so. So the matter went on for thousands of years until an unexpected event in 1952. It came from cosmic law, telling the elite of the spiritual hierarchy that the time had come for our universe, along with the rest of the solar systems of our galaxy, to advance to a higher sphere of cosmic evolution, taking with them all planetary chains that were qualified for advancement and leaving behind any planet that would be found wanting. Among the 49 planets involved, Earth was found wanting but a time limit of 20 years was given, not only for man to improve himself but, also permit Sanat Kumara to return to his own planet, Venus, from where he came 4 500 000 years ago to save the Earth from her then impending dissolution. Should she, at the present crisis, fail to meet the cosmic edict, another "impending dissolution" would be in the offing. To the spiritual hierarchy whose efforts in the past several million years to improve humanity have met with failure, 20 years was a drop in the ocean. Fearful of the situation and realising that from the world of man little, if any help could come, they turned their thoughts upwards and asked the Cosmos for help. Love is the cohesive power of the universe and Cosmic Beings, from practically every solar system of our galaxy - Alpha and Omega - responded to the hierarchy's appeal. They offered Their light, their energy and their love to save Earth. So began one of the greatest uplifting movements ever attempted on Earth. As time went on, it showed results under the guidance of Ascended Master Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray, under whose influence this planet will be for the next 2000 years. It started with the radical innovation of rays to awaken the sleeping consciousness of many of the advanced members of the race. It also helped transmute much of the individual's karmic liability, when the Violet Flame was put into action. The masters' retreats were thrown open to all students. An appeal was made to the cosmic law, one of them being the creation of a minor planet, lower than the Earth's vibration, where the most involute of the race's members would be transferred, after their demise, so their presence would not impede the progress of others. Another, most important dispensation that the cosmic law allowed was the opening, to the people of the Earth, the "Book of Knowledge" whereby information was to be given freely to the world. It started with the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings giving addresses and discourses to students and others willing to listen, in their finer bodies, in the master's retreats. Soon it expanded to written publications in which only Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings contributed and on subjects pertaining to the Law of Life and to the higher evolution of men. Thus what the world's keenest minds, for thousands of years, sought to learn and failed, became now available to every seeker. Man has finally received authentic cosmic knowledge of his being - from where he came, why he is here and what is his eventual destiny. It is our purpose in this book to go into detail of the above, and from the words of Cosmic Beings and Solar Logoi, give to the true seeker of the law, the cream of what was given and all that he needs to have and to know, to fulfil his purpose of being in life, and reach eventually, the gates of his ascension into the Light. In the performance, it is possible, that for the sake of truth - God's Truth - many of mans' hitherto secretly held conceptions, might have to be discarded, and even the Book of Genesis might have to be rewritten. In this, however, let us bear in mind that in here, we are interested in truth, and truth is and shall remain forever, higher than any man's accepted, spoken word or creation, for truth emanates from God Himself and represents His Own Divinity. Nothing that has entered the pages of this book shall be considered as the writer's personal pre-conceived ideas or opinions. A sincere concentrated, as well as consecrated effort has been made to record and compile only what has come directly from the lips and pens of Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Solar Logoi and the creator of the galaxy in which "we live and have our being", Alpha and Omega, as have been recorded and accepted by authentic and recognised channels. By compiling this material, a compact, handy manual is presented that fulfils a need to the extent that it attempts, as far as it is possible, to organise, in an orderly form and sequence, the basic teachings that were given in the past several years by the Great Ones, and which at present, are scattered in sundry publications - magazines, pamphlets, single courses, etc, nearly all of them gems of wisdom, but not always accessible and often entirely unavailable to the seeker of Truth. It also fulfils a recognised need to have a handy single volume in which not only the aspirant and beginner student can turn for the necessary first-hand information, but also, the casual reader who, whether prompted by intellectual curiosity or real interest in ancient wisdom, as was recently given by Cosmic Beings, will have a book on which to focus his attention and which he can depend upon for truth and accuracy.
'The Gnosis and the Law' was published in 1972
by Tellis S. Papastavro (Tucson, Arizona)

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