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Meritocracy ~ M.O.43 & 52+Dao De Jing

... & Alphanumerics (with A=1, B=2, C=3,..., Z=26): 
PRIMO = M.O. 43 = M.O. Dado Ra
LAURENTIU = LA+UR+40+I.T. = 52+Dao De Jing
PRIMO LAURENTIU is the author of the book "Meritocracy" and the Romanian who throws in the game his own fortune to bring Meritocracy in his own country and all the other European ones.


"Mankind is living the last moments of a system that is tired, stale, and misfit for the 21st century.

The social dynamics reached a critical point, a point where society can no longer evolve but only involve. Technology reached a degree of development that many can no longer keep up with. Today, there are millions of people for whom life is paradoxically, more complicated and more difficult than before. The human level of consciousness cannot cope with technology. Before, a crazy leader could have taken his country to war, 10, 20, 100 thousand people could have died for one’s craziness, but today is even worse. 100, 200 years ago, a lunatic like Napoleon or Hitler was taking to death millions of people – today, a lunatic can lead to the extension of our species, a lunatic can destroy the life on Earth. Today, any rascal may be able to lead the most powerful country on Earth, may have access to weapons of mass destruction, may can do immense harm to the entire planet. It is inadmissible that someone like George Bush may reach to the point to have the destiny of the entire human species, at his fingertips. A man who is nor intelligent or wise, someone with no humanistic value system, unscrupulous, with serious psychiatric problems, but with one single merit – he is a politician, he has lots of flaws that make him easy to blackmail, thus a very good instrument to manipulate, in the hands of a few powerful interest groups. WE AS A SPECIES CANNOT AFFORD TO LET OUR DESTINY, OUR CHILDREN’S FATE AND THE FUTURE OF OUR PLANET, IN THE HANDS OF ANY INDIVIDUAL WHO REACHED THE TOP OF THE SOCIETY, THROUGH CORRUPTION, BLACKMAIL, AND MAFIA INTERESTS!




PRIMO LAURENTIU este autorul cartii "Meritocratia" si romanul care isi pune in joc propria avere, pentru a aduce meritocratia in tara sa si in toate celelaltele europene.

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The today world is nothing but the battlefield of World War III. Yes, folks, we live in the middle of World War III, without knowing it! Germany and China have been the first to understand that the modern wars are economic wars, that countries cannot be submitted through violence, but can be economically conquered. USA could have never conquered Vietnam, could have never subordinate the Vietnamese people, could have never imposed on them, through violence, a political regime. However, this is possible today, but not through violence - today countries are conquered, people are submitted, exploited like in the Middle Ages, but through peaceful means. At present time, two great strategies can be distinguished worldwide, two ways to approach the future: the American method which preserves the classical ideological line, that of military control and domination and the new line, the Chinese-German method which follows a non-violent but successful way. America pays a high price for its lack of history, culture, civilization, wisdom – America could not learn from history that peoples cannot be submitted through force, that no conquest through force resists time. The Chinese and the Germans learned this from history… today they know that it is much cheaper and more durable to buy a country, rather than to bomb and destroy it. It’s the same with a woman… through force you might possess her, but she will never be yours… with a flower, with a ring, with some colored glass beads you can have her all yours, with her body, soul, even more, you can make her work for you, to cook, to wash, to give you a massage, and to raise your kids willingly, with a smile on her face. The barbaric system of world domination practiced by the Americans failed. America already lost the world leader part...


PRIMO LAURENTIU este autorul cartii "Meritocratia" si romanul care isi pune in joc propria avere, pentru a aduce meritocratia in tara sa si in toate celelaltele europene.

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How can you still lead the world, how can you impose your decisions in front of China, when your government owns China over 1,000 billion dollars? How can USA still manipulate votes at UN and the Security Council, when all the voters own money to China? How can you refuse China when the payment of your debt is being delayed? How can you refuse China when China is the biggest contributor to FMI and all the planet is owe sold to FMI? How did this happen? Through a lot of wisdom and the brilliant strategy of the Chinese leaders, from Deng Xiao Ping until now. 20 years ago, China chose the path of work and sacrifices. China has accumulated power at the expense of the average Chinese who worked until exhaustion, for a bowl of rice, sacrificing thus the wellness of its people, for the power of the Chinese state. China has been having a cheap production, for over 20 years. Being cheap, export has been going on at an infernal rhythm, towards the Western consumer society. The Chinese state benefits of huge amounts generated through export, while the import is much smaller. For 20 years China has been having a huge trade surplus on its balance – exporting more than importing. For 20 years, China has been collecting, accumulating the world’s wealth. What does the balance of trade surplus mean? It means nothing else than the fact that wealth comes into the country like a huge treasure flow. What does trade deficit mean? It means that a country is importing more than it is exporting, it means that the cash flow leaks out of the country, the way water leaks through your fingers, it means that, at least theoretically, in that respective year, there is less cash, less value, in that respective country. If this deficit is not caused by investments in technology, to ensure the short term reverse of the trade balance, the respective country looses money, looses national wealth, looses in its standard of living, in real terms. This thing is not palpable, cannot be seen, doesn’t feel tangibly… at least not immediately, but if cash comes out, year after year, in time, at least in theoretical terms, less and less money remains. Of course, this thing can be compensated by money coming in through foreign investments or repatriations of cash from those working abroad, or international credit, but let’s not steal our own hat… foreign investments, the foreign capital contribution are in fact, a bigger evil than the balance of trade deficit. These foreign investments mean land acquisitions for example, and then you lost another piece of your country… acquisitions of oilfields and mineral resources and you lost another piece of your country… without tanks and bombing. Foreign investments mean factories that create profits, money LEAVING THE COUNTRY, AT THE END OF EACH YEAR. Foreign investments are the greatest evil for a country – momentarily they are a positive factor: capital coming in, jobs, etc., but medium and long term they mean faucets for huge debt, through which the wealth, the standard of living of that country is flowing out. This is happening because of the repatriated profit, most often not even taxable. China and Germany understood this thing, long time ago… China and Germany made a national priority out of trade balance surplus policy and investments in foreign countries. This way, in these countries, year after year, more value has accumulated from the bordering countries at the beginning, and as globalization takes places, these countries suck the wealth out of the entire world. I’m not saying it like something bad – these are just observations… Another important factor of the economic war is the BUDGET DEFICIT. At this chapter, China is world champion, again. If a country has a budget deficit, it means that practically, it spends more than it earns. What does this mean? That one people lives better than it deserves according to its work, but does it by borrowing money. It doesn’t fool anyone – it steals its own hat! Today, there are countries in which all the people should work more for one or over a year, without receiving any retribution, in order to pay its debt !!! How is this possible ? They took credit and lived better than they deserved, but the debt remained, it needs to be paid. How can they pay? One will see… So far, their payment is being delayed. Who delays it? The ones who lend them money. Who lend them money? FMI, World bank, China, Germany… Some smart ones will jump in and say USA also. WRONG !!! When you credit me 10 euros but owe China 100 euros, it’s like in real life, China credited me! Where do FMI, World Bank have money from? From the countries that have more than they need… directly or indirectly, also from China and Germany ! Under these circumstances, who is behind these credit institutions, who keeps control, who is in power? China and Germany, normally! Whom do China and Germany give credit, whom do they keep postponing the payments of their remaining debts for? For those good and submissive. Which means those who vote the way they are being asked, at the UN, at the Security Council, and at other institutions which run the world, at present time. Whom else does China and Germany (directly and indirectly) give credit and also allow to pay back later? Well, the democratic, cooperating, corruptible countries that don’t oppose foreign capital coming in, investments, who don’t oppose the import of Chinese fabrics and toys, German cars, who don’t tax the repatriated profit of the German factories, etc. To these good countries who understood that it is normal for Chinese and German companies to have the right to buy factories and land, to do business, to profit and most of all to be able to send this profit, as little taxable as possible, back to the countries of origin of the investments, which by chance are exactly China and Germany. And then, a vicious circle is created: the weak countries need financial help more and more and the more they receive this help, the more they sink into the mud of enslavement.

Other countries make huge trade surpluses, countries that squeeze the planet’s resources to direct the value flow towards them, the big oil exporting countries. These countries absorb huge amounts of money, from all over the world – they could have had exceptional conditions to become world leaders, but their development strategy has been wrong, most of the time. The Arabs used the huge amounts of money resulted from the export of hydrocarbons, in an unwise and unthinkable manner, most of the time. They invested in football teams, luxury cars, sky slopes in the desert, palaces, sky scrapers, artificial islands, and other extravagances lacking sense and efficiency. If Arabs used the money coming from the oil export for the purpose of developing the energy resources of the future, so that, even when the oil would be over, they would still remain the kings of the world’s energy resources (a new energy generation), today they’d be the leaders of the world. If instead of building artificial islands they’d have bought iron, uranium, bauxite, and copper mines in Australia, South America, and Africa, today they’d have been world leaders. But they spent enormous fortunes like a flirty woman who spends everything that falls in her hands, on luxury and vice.

All this flow of money (values) pouring for tens of years from West to East, for oil, natural resources, and Chinese merchandise led to the current economic crisis. Let’s imagine that, in the West, 20 years ago, for example 100.000 billion dollars existed, money covered by merchandise and values. Within the last 20 years, because of the trade balance deficit between West and East, a big part of these values, if not all of them went to East. You will say, well, but how, because we see that there is still money, on the market? Yes, there is, but less and less and what is left is there because the great Chinese people (who after they took our money and gave us in exchange, T-shirts and toys that went to the garbage bin, within 1 – 2 years) gave us part of the money back, as a loan, to cover the holes of the trade balance deficit and of the budget deficit. So the money on the market today is less (that’s why there’s a crisis) and it’s no longer ours, but loaned money, more or less directly from the same great Chinese people.

And yet, today we have a big question: in our world, two swords cannot fit into only one sheath… sooner or later, China will remain the only master. Why? Well, let’s see which are the advantages and the weaknesses of the two countries:

Germany’s advantages:

- Mentality, discipline, order, seriosity, organization

China's advantages:

- People… a quarter of the population of the planet
- Access to resources
- A vast territory
- Strategic position
- The ambition of a people with a glorious past, a 5000 year old civilization and history
- Spirit of sacrifice
- Authoritarian leadership with power concentrated in the hands of a small group
- Draconian laws to keep the order and the discipline
- The most evolved country in the field of alternative energy resources
- A political system better adapted to these “times of war”

Germany’s weaknesses:

- A small people… much smaller than the Chinese one
- Restriction of the “vital space”
- Corrupt, outdated, inflexible, bureaucratic political system
- The loss of the authority of law, continuous lowering of the order and discipline level due to bad legislation which, most often, encourages iniquity, protects the offender
- Total lack or raw materials
- Nationalism which sometimes acts as a hand brake

China’s weaknesses:

- A relatively small backwardness of economic development
- Dependency on foreign mineral resources

Today, China is on the top of technology of renewable energy resources development, solved the problem of raw materials, taking over almost all Africa, has all the American economy at its feet, through the immense debt the American government has to pay to the Chinese state. From the technological point of view, China is a miracle… most often, any invention in this world gets to be put in practice in China, faster than even the inventor can succeed. The Chinese copy, steal, reproduce faster than the inventor manages to think. Without inventing anything, they have access to the greatest technological discoveries of the world. And theft can be an art and they are the greatest artists in the field.

Another fantastic quality of this people is the ambition to be the first. Any Chinese wants to be the first, particularly – wherever you place a Chinese, he wants to win the first place, to be the most appreciated, to take his colleague’s place, to earn the most, to be number one. And for reaching his purpose, he has no scruples ! This is the education he receives, this is the tradition he inherits. The country’s centralized leadership is a very important factor… the power is concentrated in a few people’s hands, the decisions are made fast, without hesitation, without delays. The order and the discipline are law – the death penalty is applied, the honest man is protected by the law, the offender, the scumbag, the bastard don’t have any rights, compared to Europe where the offender is protected and the victim, the honest man is discriminated and intimidated. Europe… the world in which the offenders have more rights than the honest people. Europe… the society in which the victim goes to prison, because he tried to protect his belongings, his house or family, and the offender is rewarded for damages. Europe… the world in which many choose to become offenders, in order to live better in prison than in freedom. It is immoral, abnormal, and unfair, but his is happening in a society in which the laws are made by criminals and their appointees. This is happening in a society that is sick because of a system that is corrupt and dirty to its core. This is happening because of a system that is retrograde, old, misfit to the realities of the 21st century.

GLOBALIZATION is misunderstood, today. Today, the globalization means CHAOS… mixed races, free traffic, immigration and economic, political, and social chaos. Globalization must mean unity at the level of the entire planet, order, respect for human values, the protection of good, correct, honest people, and the elimination of the criminals. Globalization should mean legislative harmony all over the planet, close and effective cooperation between people, in order to solve global issues, solution to the clandestine immigration, poverty eradication, pollution reduction and environmental protection. This is what globalization should be – a way to a better, more balanced world.


PRIMO LAURENTIU este autorul cartii "Meritocratia" si romanul care isi pune in joc propria avere, pentru a aduce meritocratia in tara sa si in toate celelaltele europene.

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CHAPTER 2 - Year 2010



The Western democracy of the year 2010 is nothing but the symbol of corruption and nothingness. Democracy of Western type represents itself the root of the system’s corruption.

The Western type of democracy is nothing else but corruption raised to the level of supreme law of the state, perfected corruption, generalized corruption, corruption raised to the level of state policy.

To raise in power, you have to corrupt the people, in every single way. You promise that, if you are elected, you offer higher salaries, pensions – up front corruption. During the election campaign, you offer ball-pens, calendars, sugar, flower, buckets, shovels, scarves, etc. so that the crowd would elect you – up front corruption. But even more serious, in order to be elected, you invest tens, hundreds of millions of euros or dollars, in your election campaign. What more evident symbol for the corruption potential than the election campaign? Then who is such an idiot to invest hundreds of millions of euros, just like this, to benefit the people who elected him? Maybe the politicians are the greatest saints of the history and we don’t realize it. Bless their hearts, they spend their fortunes to get to lead the country, to give you, the people, high salaries and pensions. Wonderful people, extraordinary souls… they should all be canonized… Isn’t it obvious that, after they spend immense fortunes to be elected, they recuperate their investment ten times more? Well, how could they recuperate it? From their salaries? Ha, ha, ha!

We still wonder about the corruption of the political class… how cannot they be corrupted? Don’t they have to recuperate their investment? Isn’t it a business, don’t they have to make a profit, too? Aren’t they also businessmen? I always hear what kind of immense amounts they spend during their election campaign, but the only thing that I’ve never heard is how the politicians have recuperated the money and the taxes paid on their income… Or maybe, bless their hearts, they don’t recuperate them… Interesting – they don’t recuperate them, but after 4 years, again, they have bigger amounts to invest into their election campaign, to bribe the people. Nice democracy…

In case of the politicians from the Western capitalist-democratic society, CORRUPTION DOES NOT EVEN HAVE TO BE PROVEN – IT REPRESENTS FUNCTIONING PRINCIPLE OF THE WESTERN DEMOCRATIC STATE!!! Corruption is holy, is institutionalized by constitutional laws! Something else is interesting… there are no corrupt politicians, in these societies… The financial control institutions don’t discover any illicit income belonging to politicians.. No one asks any politician how he made a fortune of millions of euros, out of salaries of a few thousands euros… No court ever convicted a politician for corruption, yet, in exchange, prisons are full of mothers who stole a bread or a bag of potatoes from the field, to feed their children. Then, how would the prosecutors and judges send a politician to prison? Well, their boss, isn’t he appointed by a politician? The judge, isn’t he promoted and sustained by his boss who is the politician’s instrument, friend, accomplice? And then, how can they hit the politician? Then, he looses his job, he looses his bread if he’s overzealous. Let him imprison the idiotic voter – there are millions of them… a few thousands more or less don’t matter, but the law is respected, the legal state! How much hypocrisy, how much villainy in this dastardly system… Look how the tentacles of this octopus grow, year after year: there’s no year when no new agencies, institutions, organizations, etc. would appear, full of people earning immense salaries from the state budget, only to do nothing. They are the politicians’ relatives, friends, sponsors, parasites who must be supported, to sustain the wonderful edifice of democracy. This Mafia octopus is growing by the year and suffocates the countries more and more, sucking resources and energies, putting a burden to the exhaustion of the economic system that can no longer keep up with the load of the immense budget expenses, supporting this political sponsors Mafia.

What is the Parliament? A historical dinosaur that is no longer, in any way fit with the world we live in. A bureaucratic brake in the way of a country’s development, a source of intrigue, violence, discord, and hate, the perfect image of the corrupt society of Western democratic type. The Parliament is a slow, heavy, bureaucratic, stiff, and corrupt to the bone system. What can be more suggestive and relevant than the fact that, in all the Western countries, the Parliament is in the top of the most disavowed institutions and the MPs are in the top of the most obnoxious people? I am asking you: why do we have to eat shit if we don’t like it?

Are the MPs the symbol of the people, do they express the aspirations of the ordinary man, do they have the moral qualities and the value to justify the important part they play in society? How can the MP be the best representative of the people? Is he elected on any value criteria or are we given to elect between different suspicious individuals, whose most important quality is that they managed to be proposed to run, by his party friends? And then, what have people to elect from? Between 5 individuals who is each highly intelligent, speaks 5 foreign languages, each of an impeccable morality, people who proved their professional value? Or, most often, we have to elect between five people of which one is a notorious criminal but sponsored the party to get into the Parliament for Parliamentary immunity, so that he will not to give account anymore, in front of the law; another one blackmails the local party leader with who knows what kind of information; another one is who knows who from the top of the party’s protégée; and the lady candidate must have been certainly, some ex beauty queen who is often working until late at night, at the party leader’s “office”?

What are the parties? Organizations wanting the welfare of the people, or gangs of people driven by the same group interests, set on thrive, without work?

Why would someone want to become MP? In order to dedicate his life to serve the people, out of too much patriotism? Which is the successful politician’s profile, in general? A man lacking value, a man who was unable to prove his value professionally, a man unable to make a fortune through work and intelligence, but very ambitious, eager to upstart, sneaky, lacking scruples and character, professional flatterer, and able to sell even his mother, for a hand of money. And they have to lead us, towards a better world… Our hope in a better future stays in them… Don’t you understand, isn’t it clear that these sharks, these poisoned fruits of the Western democracy can only lead us towards the trash hole of history? You cannot even blame them… the system is to be blamed, not them!

Why would we need politics, in the 21st century? Do ideological issues arise today, does the communism or the capitalist issue arise today, the class struggle? What is the humanity’s interest, today? A better, cleaner, more just world, without poverty and wars. All these are possible only through valuable leadership and organization, enlightened minds that would respect man and his aspirations. What’s the use of politics, today? In theory, politicians desire or should desire people’s well-being… Why do you smile? Isn’t it so?

Well, good one and is inferred by logic and intelligence. People’s well-being doesn’t mean to vote for 1 million euros pensions for everybody! People’s well-being means a wise, correct, efficient leadership. Politicians don’t want people’s well-being, when they fight with promises or salaries and pensions raises – they want their well-being, they want to corrupt you, so that after, to profit from their power, to suck your blood. Today, peoples no longer need politics to lead them, no longer need ideologies, but VALUE, WISDOM, AND PROFESSIONALISM.

The politician isn’t to be blamed… any of us being the politician’s place would do the same. How can you work with honey and not lick your fingers? THE SYSTEM IS THE PROBLEM!!!

The modern man’s aspirations are pure and simple:
- a better life and security for children’s future
- economic freedom
- individual freedom
- environmental protection
- social equity and justice
- respect for the individual’s value

Is there any situation in which a party claims to want a better life and another saying that they don’t agree? Is there any party to desire economic freedom and another one to want socialism? Are there any ideological conflicts today, in the Western world? No. Then, why do we need politics to lead and not professionalism?

Today, parties differentiate through the fact that one wants to direct more money from the budget towards en-armament, because its political sponsors are weapons manufacturers, and others want the health budget to be bigger, because they are sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies… Corruption, corruption, corruption… These decisions must not be made by politicians, according to group interests, but have to be made by specialists who would rely on efficiency, justice, logic, and common sense, in making decisions. These decisions must not be made through fights and passionate scandals, during tens of days in Parliament, but through logic, reason, efficiency, rational decisions, rapidly made by very capable and determined.


PRIMO LAURENTIU este autorul cartii "Meritocratia" si romanul care isi pune in joc propria avere, pentru a aduce meritocratia in tara sa si in toate celelaltele europene.

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The economic future of the planet resides under the sign of revolution. The great crisis emphasized the great abnormalities of the world economic system, an economic system inadequate for the new realities, just like the political system, just like the educational one.

The current economic system is a system designed and created to serve the ex great capitalists. The obnoxious banks freedom to make the rules and to influence the course of economy has to come to an end. Within the last 100 years, the world has been led through the banks, by great cons, great international hooligans, with white collars. These have influenced the course of economy, the political decisions, have appointed and removed presidents whom they have manipulated, as if they were puppets.

The poisoned apples of the world economy of the 20th century have been the CREDIT and the STOCK EXCHANGE. Not through what they represent but through the way they have been used. CREDIT means nothing but to eat today for what you will work, for what you will merit tomorrow. Everything that is unnatural, artificial, out of the sphere of the universal laws is doomed to failure. It is inacceptable for the Universe, for the Creator, it is against natural laws to be able to eat today, what you will reap 10 years from now. This system of credits and installment payments was born first, from banks greediness and later, towards the middle of the 20th century, it became a fantastic instrument of manipulation and power. When you lend money to someone, when you lend under conditions you know he will have a hard time paying back, this means that you profit on his stupidity and you enslave him, either it is about an ordinary citizen, either it’s about a country. The banking system has to be regulated according to the general interests of society, not according to the interests of some hooligans. The banking system must be regulated so that the banks will no longer have the opportunity to destroy the world or control and manipulate it. Banks, through what they represent today, attempt to the individual freedom and peoples freedom and are out of the human rights laws. The way the cigarette factory has the obligation to write on the cigarette pack that the cigarette creates dependency, sickens and kills, the same way it should be written on the window of every single bank that the credit creates dependency, destroys and takes your freedom away.

The term “world crisis” is a trick, an American made up phrase, in order to mask their incompetence. Which means, dear God, not only us but all the world is in crisis… Like in school, when you get a 4 and it seems to you that this is excusable, if you say that all the class got a 4. FALSE! The crisis is only in the Western world. China had an economic increase of 9%, in 2009, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, India don’t know what the crisis is or at least, they don’t feel it and even if they feel it, its not because of them but because of globalization. Poland, which had a wise, restrictive economic policy regarding credits doesn’t know what crisis is.

The main causes of the current Western economic crisis are the following:
- the Western democratic political system
- the banking system incorrectly regulated
- the energy resources depletion of the Western world
- the corruption and the incompetence
- the investment funds
- the Stock Exchange
- the economic laws

in the last 20 years, an apocalyptic leak of money, values, and huge resources from West to East, took place. The values have flown like an immense river towards China and the Arab world, either through imports of raw material, either through imports of oil and natural gas, either through toys and clothes under the form of speculative investments in real estate, in China, Dubai, Indonesia, Singapore, and other Asian countries.

Both the Arab world and China have collected immense values from the West, but while China used the money gained this way, to grab raw material resources and to credit the Western world, thus making money an incredible domination instrument, a weapon more powerful than all the Americans’ bombs. The Arabs used the money to build islands in the ocean, golden towers and buildings, ski slopes in the desert.

The banks must no longer have anything to do with the investment funds! Another root of the current Western crisis represents the “sponsorship” of the investment funds and of the great businessmen, gangsters, white collar Mafia, any way you want to call them. I visited China a year ago… Thousands of skyscrapers built by the speculators, with money from the Western banks… Immense buildings built cheaply, with Chinese labor, with Chinese materials, and with Western money. Which means immense value leak from West towards China… Why? Hoping that soon, the slick guys, the speculators, the investment firms, and the banks behind them will sell these buildings with at least double price. Wrong! These buildings cannot be rented, nor sold and as a consequence, the banks were cheated and their accounts have been robbed. Not only the estimated profit cannot be achieved, but they cannot be even sold in loss. The money will never return into the Western banking system. Limitless greediness led to this. Within the last years, a mad frenzy existed in the field of real estate speculation. What started as a good business, investing in real estate turned within a few years, into a real world psychosis.: all invested more and more in real estate and these investments rolled down like a snowball, attracting higher and higher price raises, in the real estate field, all leading, within a few years, to a real tick bomb. Today, the boil has broken… now it is obvious that too much has been built, much more than necessary and we can use the term of global overproduction crisis in construction. How will this money invested in constructions come back to the banks?


In the 21st century, it is not possible to have a healthy increase with more than 2%, by the year! An yearly economic growth that is higher than 2% hides suspicious, unhealthy things and must trigger a danger signal and urgent measures.

It was obvious for me even since then that, in a short time, the boil would break. The banks would finish the money, because the money would not get back into the system, or in the best case, they would return but with big losses, the economy would suffer because the over demand would no longer be satisfied other than through massive imports which mean immense capital leaks, debt, and sooner or later, payment due. I doubt that the individuals leading America weren’t understanding these things, but they were running by the saying “let the flood come after we are gone”. If they didn’t understand that they were taking part into America’s destruction, my statement that we are being led by idiots, non-values is confirmed. If they knew what they were doing, they are guilty of high treason against the American people that knowingly, they led to bankruptcy. Do you think that they will ever give an account? No – they will say it was stupidity, incompetence, but then measures must be taken so that these kind of stupid people would never get to decide the world’s fate. In these kind of posts, only people that have proved their intelligence, not the servitude towards different interest groups must be!

What were they doing, in fact? They were selling dreams the great American people was living largely, the country was in an economic boom and the politicians, the artisans of this wealth were praised, voted, and were making immense fortunes, because they were controlling the budget money that was plenty and… how can you work with honey, without licking your fingers? Now the due date came for the great American people! If you thought you could fool everybody, endlessly, that you could fool the natural laws and God, now it is time to come back, with your feet on the ground. Today is the due day!

This crisis should have come long ago. When I came back from USA, in 1997, I thought that, if all went by itself, within 3-4 years, the Americans would hit rock bottom. This is how it should have happened, but the American leaders didn’t want to accept that the due day had come and thought that they could fool the world further, full it endlessly. And they began using tricks, with the Stock Exchange speculative growth, in order to increase the capital inflows, with increased interest rates, and dollar depreciation, with all kind of strategies and economic tools, all designed to delay the due day. They stretched that as long as they could, destroying everything that could have been destroyed in the American economy. Between the years 2000-2004 they chose to get into debt and to sacrifice the insurance system, in order to mask the immense minuses in the system and to avoid the crisis, then they chose to sacrifice the banks, lowering the bank interests almost down to zero, and destroying the banking system to the root. They could have left the economic mechanisms to follow their course, they would have confronted themselves with a powerful crisis between 2001-2004, but they could have taken radical measures to sanitize the boil, to adopt new laws that could have regulated the credit and could have stopped the over consumption, so that everything could have rebounded, within 5-10 years. They chose the way of hiding the dirt under the carpet and kept accumulating dirt under the carpet until it began stinking, and now all the house goes down with gangrene. America is a society in metastasis, today.

The Stock Exchange… what is the Stock Exchange, today? The playground for some white collar punks, slick guys who raise the stock price in an artificial manner, through all kind of speculations, attracting in this game all kind of naïve people and adventurers who believe that they can get rich over night, without work. If we look at the Stock Exchange value of any company, we will see that this is far overvalued, compared to its real market value. It is incredible how Dow Jones was going up in 2009, as if there were prosperity and excess money, to be invested into the market. After it went up to 7000 points, it began to go higher, as if all the planet decided to buy stocks like hell. This, under the circumstances when no one had money and the banks were not giving credit for anything. The majority of the companies on Sock Exchange managed to recover the value before the beginning of the crisis, by the end of the year 2009 and yet… the market was blocked, no one had money to buy a home… The Stock Exchange is not kept up only by the private sleek guys but, at least in the last years, also by the USA State policy. Well, if the great American companies were left to the mercy of the market, soon their value would be so low or would be purchased by China or its intermediaries, for almost nothing. This way, we don’t give them anything… if they want, they can get some football team, some weird painting by crazy Picasso, Marilyn Monroe’s panties, some lunatic’s crushed guitar, and some luxury car. Unfortunately, the Chinese don’t buy such things – the Arabs are the only ones who can still be fooled by colorful beads and airplanes good to keep in the window, if you don’t sell them with spare parts. The Chinese want factories, technologies, minerals and energy resources, raw materials. They cannot get them from the Westerners? No worries… for the time being they took them from the Africans and the Australians. There’s no more a secret for anybody that China owns most of Australia’s and Africa’s resources. Soon, the time for the Western factories, technologies, and lands will come.

It is interesting to study the way the great powers believe that they have solved the 2009 crisis. The recipe was “genius” – money printer for the sleek guys and credit from FMI for the idiots. With the printer it’s easy – the Americans found yet another way to dodge the crisis, for a while longer. They are so inventive in tricks and wrongdoings, that no one can predict what they are going to do, any more. With the money printer, they sunk into deep shit, even more. They also destroyed their currency, definitively. From now on, no smart man can ever trust a currency that can be subject to a galloping inflation at any moment, a currency with which he won’t be able to do anything, at any time. I know these punks of the planet so well, by now… the next trick they will think about is giving up the dollar and eventually, adopting the Euro… if the Europeans agree to totally ruin their economy already in a great difficult situation. And they will, because America blackmails Europe with NATO and the Chinese-Russian danger. The Americans will know to play their military supremacy card (the last aspect they still hold), they will provoke Russia and China, they will stir the shit, and Europe will face an imminent world war, without any military protection and will have no choice. The USA military protection in exchange for the Euro currency or… up the skirt. Then… God’s mercy… Certainly, the Americans are already preparing World War III as the only possibility to come out of the impossible situation they are in. This way, they also use their military ace, get rid of the debt, and revigorate their economy based on the war industry. Well, how would they pay back the Chinese when these don’t recognize Taiwan’s independence, the right to self-determination, blah, blah, blah? Done with the debt! How can you pay them back if they don’t respect human rights?

America finished its resources – it has only one chance left to survive – an armed conflagration that would overthrow the current world order in which they no longer play the prima donna part. They tried to provoke a war in Iraq – it didn’t work, then they tried in Afghanistan – it didn’t work, now they try in Iran. If this doesn’t work either, the next excuse is Taiwan or North Korea. There it will work, for sure! If the Americans choose this way of bankruptcy and shame, they will pay back China with the young Americans’ blood. Is this price worthy? I say it isn’t… I say that the way I suggest is better. There’ll be years of hard work and sacrifices, but America will pay the price with the young Americans’ sweat and not with their blood.

We’ve seen what’s happening with the Americans and with the electronic money, but what is FMI and what does it want? Well, FMI is an international body, something similar to a bank that the Americans invented as an instrument of control, dominance, and oppression of the second and the third world. Meanwhile… it wasn’t for who it was prepared, but for whoever else. FMI functions with money from those who have in excess and lends to the needy, to those who don’t have or who spend more than they could afford. But who still has excess money, today? The Americans have the greatest deficit of all the countries in the world, they have immense debts that they will never be able to repay. How can they lend to others? Under the current conditions, China is the same thing as FMI, China is the only state that has the resources and the availability to lend others. Why is China hiding behind FMI? Well, because there’s one to owe everything to FMI and another one to owe everything to China… In reality, China is the great world creditor, the one who lends to everybody and the majority of those will never be able to pay back. Or, even if they could, the effort to return the credits will make China the greatest economic power of the world, because values and immense resources will leak from the debtor countries, towards China. Those who don’t return the money… normally, they become the creditor’s servants, they loose their independence and sovereignty. Today, China owns the world by 50%. China surpassed the critical point. It’s like in Monopoly – from now on, the trend can no longer be reversed. The resources, the wealth of the planet will be leaking towards China in an irreversible manner, until we all will be working for them.



My friends and acquaintances often ask me how long will the crisis still last. Every day I hear on TV, all kind of “specialists”, those with dog degrees, announcing the end of the crisis. Put an end to stupidity and quit stealing your own hat!


How could this crisis end when most of the states are overdue with debts that can never be repaid? How can you pay the debts when you, as a country, always go with budget deficit? This always means debts increase. Most of the countries sink, year after year, deeper and deeper, into the swamp of extreme debt. How will they pay? When will they pay? How can they pay? This is impossible! For a state to pay those debt, it means that tens of years from now, to have budget excess every year, and to pay the debt with the excess. Which means, in common language, every country leaders would have to raise enslaving fees and taxes, to lower the pensions, to lower the public sector wages, to consume less than they produce, so that, with huge sacrifices, year after year, for tens of years, to pay the huge debts accumulated until now, little by little.

It seems possible, but in reality, it is impossible. In a political system like the current one, what leader would be reelected after starving and subjecting his people to deprivation? It is democracy… the people wouldn’t vote for him, any more… this if he got to live to be voted and not lynched before the expiration of his mandate. Would the next have the courage to demand sacrifices from people, to pay the debts? DREAMS! So then, what? It is clear, the democratic political system will always bring in power leaders to please the people, meaning budget deficit, meaning consumption higher than production, as a result, borrowing more and more, year after year… till where? Till where, at the due date, the great Chinese people would get resources, factories, lands, technology, everything, in exchange for money. And after? We will all become their employees. We will all go to work for the great Chinese owner and whoever will break the rules made by the new master will be eliminated… by rules, laws, and new, harsh customs. By discipline, order, and enslavement led to perfection. Those who don’t believe me are ignorant, lacking logic, with syndicalist mentality, people who believe that it is normal to work little, to earn a lot, and live well. With his mentality we will become the slaves of the Chinese, in less than 10 years. We are living the last hour… we still can save our world, but for this, we must take radical measures in the shortest time possible, to generate the greatest revolution in the world.


The West can still save enormous resources today, pay the debts within a few years, only from the savings made by eliminating the current bureaucratic system, by the liquidation of the political octopus. We must understand that we cannot fool the laws of the Universe and common sense, we must understand that we cannot consume more than we produce, we cannot live better without working more. Even more: today we must understand that, in the last ten years, we have lived much better than we have deserved, according to the work performed and now we have to give back!!! Fooling is no longer a choice – it’s over!

GRANTS are another virus, another abnormality of the current Western economic system. The capitalist system is based itself on the natural regulation of prices, on the balance between demand and offer – it’s a basic principle of capitalism. The moment you interfere with grants over prices, you imbalance the whole system – it is like increasing carbon emissions – with a small imbalance you create an imbalance that can disturb all the equilibrium of the planet. For example, offering grants for milk, you turn upside down all the price balance, in the food industry. The grant acts as a virus and along the time, it destroys the whole industry where it has interfered upon the natural balance offer – demand. In fact, this is no longer capitalism – it is masked socialism and encourages corruption and laziness. Well, how are these grants given? The great milk producers for a cartel, put money together, “sponsor” a party that once in power has a revelation: “how great it would be for the people if we give a grant to the milk producers”. No, it isn’t corruption, nooo… it is politics… state politics. Let the milk be cheaper, for people’s best… Yes, yes… because those grants are not from the budged and the budget doesn’t come from the higher and higher tax raised from us… No… the grants come from money brought from home, by politicians. So, why would we decide if we want milk or not? No, let the party decide that we must pay, even if we want it or not. And this way will happen, not only for the milk but for any other product that has a cartel strong enough to “sponsor” a successful party, behind. Why would, for example milk have to be subsidized? Because they say it would cost more if it wasn’t subsidized…. Instead of 50 cents a liter, 70 cents… a drama! The people wouldn’t afford to drink milk, any more… Why doesn’t the politician say that for these 20 cents difference each liter, each citizen has the obligation to pay probably 10 euros more a month, as tax? They will say that if they don’t subsidize the milk price, the farmers will go bankrupt. It is a lie and even if it was true… so what? Let them do something else, a sellable, profitable, in demand product – to make yogurt, to do carpentry, or play poker. If starting tomorrow, the candies will stop selling, will they subsidize the candy producers? Yes, but only if they form a powerful cartel! All is corruption in this system. The politicians are corrupted by the sleek guys, the politicians corrupt the people with higher pensions and salaries for the public sector and the countries are collapsing under the permanent higher and higher budget deficit. This is the system – by itself the system leads to corruption, theft, imbalances, inequities, bureaucracy, and injustice. The Western democracy functioning mechanisms themselves are based on the lawful corruption principle. The economy is nothing but an instrument of corruption and blackmail, in the hands of the politicians. In many Western countries, the parties in power accumulate the money necessary to the election campaign and politicians’ wealth, through institutions of economic-financial control. The economic law is so complex, complicated, difficult, subject to so much interpretation that any financial control team at a private company can find bureaucratic wrongdoings, in the way the company functions. And then, the blackmail starts: would you either pay a huge fine or would you prefer to contribute more or less, for the party? Why isn’t the economic law clear and simple? Well, if it was, how else could it blackmail the private companies? Why does the bureaucratic body grow more and more? Well, don’t they have to give a good bread to eat, to the relatives and friends of those in power? And to ensure lifetime privileges for them, don’t you have to make laws that would prevent them from ever being fired? Then, the party may loose the elections but the privileges remain, granted by law. For a lifetime! Another party comes in power – the new politicians don’t they also have relatives and friends? Another army o bureaucrats is hired… Then, we also invent some more organizations, some associations, some institutions, and foundations… all with budget money, all need cars, offices, impressing headquarters, etc. With what money? From the budget. Who sells the furniture, the cars, the equipment, who builds the offices? The companies of the political sponsors. On what prices? Double compared to the market price – half for the company, half for the party and politicians. Who pays for all these? THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE! Isn’t is sovereign? Isn’t so? Well, doesn’t it vote every 4 years? Isn’t it democracy?



At the current time, the energy resources o the Western world are in the hands of a small group of gangsters, thus enabling them to hold all the power. It is incredible the way they managed to get in possession of the energy resources – they simply assigned themselves as owners, through legislation made by their servants in parliaments and governments. The one who owns the energy resources holds the power – buys parliamentarians, governors, presidents, and whoever else they want. If, by absurd chance, they cannot buy them, they blackmail. I am simply outraged – how is it possible that a state sells the essence of its existence – the energy and mineral resources? How can a state, a people depend on a private company? A state’s future primarily depends on these resources. In fact, this is what makes the state: the land and its riches! The energy and mineral resources cannot belong to someone else – they belong to the people, they belong to our children, they are the essence of a nation’s future. It’s right, the state can be a bad manager, but this doesn’t mean that the country’s resources must be estranged. The solution is to create the premises of a healthy management. Why can the same person be a good manager if he is hired by a private company and a bad one if he is hired by the state? Because the state system is corrupt, badly organized and based on idiotic principles. When you have a bad kid, the solution is not to sell him, in order to educate him! I guarantee you that performance management can also be done for the state, if the organization principles are healthy and if the punishments for corruption and theft become draconian. Here, make a law saying that a state company director who is caught doing wrong is going to be executed in public. Execute about 20 of these and televise the executions live, and after, let the people see the directors’ mistresses cry and paying for the used bullets… just see how none of them steal the next day! But no… we are democrats… how can we pass such a law? Is it possible? Maybe next day, a brother or a brother in law is in the same situation, how can we pass such a law?

The problem of the resources ownership is double: first is that is not right that these are estranged and second, because of the immense crisis of the Western society, in a very short time, all these resources will end in the hands of a few people, in the first stage and in the second, in no more than 10 years, in the hands of the Chinese state. In a short time, the West will have nothing… nor factories, no resources, nor technologies, but only immense debts.

Today, national sovereignty has become a meaningless word. How can a country be independent when all th energy system and all the mineral resources of the country are in the hands of another state? Well, the one who owns a country’s energy and riches owns that country. Let’s say that the Austrian state is the owner of 70% of Romania’s gas and oil deposits. Austria can, at any time, cut off the gas and no longer deliver gas fuel and Romania is in jeopardy, turns back to the Middle Ages, within 6 months. And then… how independent is Romania? How can Romania oppose an Austrian initiative at UN? How can ever Romania have a point independent of Austria, on the international plan?



The current judicial system is a catastrophe, an accurate image of the current society. A dirty sophistication full of corruption, tricks, clan interests, guild interests, and most of all, Mafia type interests. The most serious aspect is that the current laws of the Western world are laws that encourage wrongdoing and discourage honesty and correctness. We live in a world in which the criminal’s rights are more important than those of the honest man! We live in a world where you can commit proven crimes, without giving account on the grounds of procedural flaws, a world in which dangerous criminals are sent to prison for 10-20 years, get out after 5 years for different reasons and commit other crimes. Incredibly dangerous people are allowed to live in opulence among honest people, people who become the victims of a system that has no purpose in the wellbeing and protection of the honest man, but in those of the criminal. Often, I have the feeling that justice ‘s role is to protect the criminals and the scum of this world. No one understands anything, any more… a dangerous criminal is sent to life in prison but comes out after 12 years and commits other crimes. Then, why did you sent him to life in prison if you let him go, alter 12 years? Other punishments: 10 years in prison for rape and he comes out after 3 years, for good behavior… Freaking good behavior… did you ask that raped girl how good is the scumbag’s behavior? In exchange, a widow with 5 children who takes a bag of potatoes from the field to feed her children, stays 5 years in prison… She has no lawyers to prove her good behavior or to bribe, to get out sooner. What is prison today, in the West? Luxury hotel… many scumbags wouldn’t have lived in freedom so well as they live in prison. They don’t produce a thing, they didn’t do anything good for the society and yet, a prisoner is allocated more money than a sick person, in hospital, a sick person who also paid for insurance. There are laws for everything today… everything is legalized, fuzzy, sophisticated, complicated laws and all have a common point – there are escape doors for wise guys. The proceedings are so complicated and crooked, that winning trials based on procedural flaws have become common – you only have to have a lot of money, for the lawyers. The judicial system is as rotten as the whole society and it is so, because it is the product of a Mafia political class which has created the laws so they serve its purposes. There are outrageous injustices in laws, there are a lot of situations in which, for the same crime, totally different sentences are given. The laws are subject to interpretation and sneaky, so that the sentence can be considered good, no matter what it is. The absurdity of laws went so far as to put you in prison if you are attacked by a criminal in your own home and you dare to protect yourself. You sit and ask yourself if the respective law hasn’t been passed by someone from the robbers’ guild? Well, too often this is the case: the ideas of this kind of laws are the product of the Mafia leaders, of those who stay behind the robbers, of those who get the biggest part of the prey that comes from the robbery. They, the Mafia leaders are often the PMs who make the laws and then you still wonder that the law favors the criminal… You still wonder that the government allocates more money for a criminal than for a student… You still wonder that there is no politician in prison, that there is no politician judged and sentenced for corruption, that there is no politician asked questions about the source of his wealth. The majority of politicians are ex magistrates or lawyers and most often, they make the law the way it fits them… have you ever heard about a judge sentenced for corruption? I red in the newspapers that a judge or a lawyer never pays a traffic ticket. Why? Because they made the law and they know the doors to escape the law. It’s the same in the corruption’s case… well, I have yet to hear about a corrupt judge, but everybody and all the surveys places them on the top of the corruption, near the politicians.

How that never a wealthy man goes to prison and most often, for the same thing, a poor man does? Because the laws are made so that for the same crime, totally opposed sentences can be given – this is the justice Mafia dictatorship. You have money for the lawyer, you escape. You have money to bribe prosecutor or judge, you escape… You don’t… prison. They say that we are all equal in front of the law… equal but only the one who has money gets out on bail! And then, how are we equal? Nice political trick, isn’t it? Well, we are equal – anybody can get out of bail, only the rich is more equal than the poor…

Why aren’t a few laws, clear and without being subject to interpretation? Why aren’t there simple proceedings and not subject to interpretation? Because, if it was so, we would all end up equal in front of the law and this would be more inconvenient for the big criminals, for the big gangsters, politicians, magistrates, lawyers, and wealthy people.

How is it possible that a psychopath who killed tens of people is let alive and even more, supported by a society, for life, without work? It means he is practically rewarded – the society tells him: Bravo! If you did what you did, from now on we offer you a peaceful and quiet life, accommodation, heat, rest, TV, newspapers, family visits, vacation and din-din… all FREE… for life! A poor guy who is honest and minds his own business reaches 65 years on pension, after a life of work and sacrifices, he hardly manages to live his old ages from his pension and doesn’t have the comfort of the scumbag in prison. The prisoner even has vacation… this is incredible! I would execute all those who participated in passing these legal aberrations. Everything under the slogan of human rights… but who is in charge with the rights of the little girl raped at 6, by a beast? The scumbags have been interested in protecting the rights of the beast, not to manage that the beast can never repeat the crime. The beast has rights, vacations, calories, TV, and gets out on good behavior after 3 years, to rape another little girl.

I don’t wish those who made these laws more than one thing: their wives to be raped and then assassinated by a dirty horny gang and then, them, the freaking legislators, to pay for their TV, food, heat, recreation, clothes, etc. for a 3 year period and after these 3 years, the criminals to get out on good behavior and the legislators to take them at their homes, to support hem, because they cannot be left to fate… This should be the punishment for the idiots and the hypocrites who pity the criminals and die for their rights. What rights, you, scumbags? Forced labor for life, both for the scumbags and for you, gangsters encouraging evil’s terror on society, through your laws. Work in mines, on railways, highways, 12 hours a day, for a piece of bread and a bottle of water!

Each political party which comes in power comes with new ideas of laws… more and more interesting laws… laws for which they receive sponsorship from all kind of clans and have nothing in common with the general interest, but, in best case, only with obscure group interests, laws to protect their criminal activity, laws to facilitate their stay in power for as long as possible, laws to also offer them rights and privileges, laws that do nothing but increase, year after year, the gap between the wise guys and the rest of the world, the sheeple exercising their democratic right to vote, their citizens rights… I want to tell these gangsters one thing: the glass is full – it’s time for REVOLUTION! It’s time the law, for real ensures equality in rights for all people, access to a simple, equitable, and unitary justice, so that any man finds justice quickly, easy and without a lawyer.

Parliaments have become real competitions for law production. PMs compete in making laws on conveyor – the more legislative initiatives, the more you are appreciated. No one thinks that every new law is in fact, new fencing around human freedom. We got to the point where we cannot even use the bathroom without a law. All kind of absurd laws, all meant to complicate our life and to take us further and further from freedom. There are notorious trials won by some lawyers, in front of the cigarette manufacturers… How can the magistrate decide that the cigarette manufacturer is to blame, because John got cancer? Then, the respective producer must be found guilty for sickening millions of people. But then, as guilty is the wine producer, beer, whiskey, and other liquors leading to millions of cases of cirrhosis… The knives manufacturer must also be found guilty, because millions of people are stabbing each other or cut their veins, with the knife… Only the weapon factories are guilty of nothing… no… they bring happiness, peace, and prosperity… I have yet to hear about any weapon factory being sentenced, instead I heard about toy factories, because some kid swallowed a piece and suffocated himself, with it. As if the cigarette factory obliges you to smoke, the toy factory obliges you to swallow the toy, etc. Let also all the car and airplane factories be judged and sentenced, because thousands of people die in wrecks, close all the pharmaceutical factories, because a lot of idiots commit suicide overdosing on all kind of pills, fine all the factories that ever produced something that directly or indirectly caused a man’s illness or death, but no way sentence G.B. who killed thousands of mothers and kids, in Iraq. It is absurd and no doubt, it proves the corruption and the lack of justice and equity of the current judicial system. All can be subject to interpretation, by law, in the same way, you can give 2 opposite sentences and both can be held as correct… laws for sleek guys…

In order to be even more absurd, now, no sentence has any more value. When you believe that you finally found justice, you find out that you still have to go to trial to another court, appeal, appeal again, Supreme Court, etc. In the end, not the one who is right wins but the one with toughest nerves or the one who has more time and money to give to the lawyers.


Under the present form, they must disappear from the face of the earth. We will be 10 times happier in a world without politicians. Do you think it’s not possible? You mean world’s oceans won’t survive without sharks and the forests without bears and tigers?

They say it’s Democracy… well, let’s ask the people, then: do they agree with the abolition of politics, politicians, and parties? We make a referendum and let’s see what the people says!


Is it Democracy? Then, let’s make a referendum, to see, do the people want the judges’ corruption to be punished by death? THIS IS DEMOCRACY, THE PEOPLE SHOULD DECIDE!

IS IT DEMOCRACY? Then, ask the people if they agree that laws should be unitarily applied and for the same crime the same punishment , for the politician and also for judges, and for the millionaire, but also for the ordinary man.

In fact, no one will ever ask you which is your opinion on such things. Why? Because, in reality, democracy is nothing but a nice word to trick you for hundreds of years, you the many and naïve. Democracy of parliamentary type is nothing but an oppression perfected mechanism. Democracy should have meant that we, the many made the legislation and not our representatives – even if even this would have been stupid, but at least, we wouldn’t have been hypocrites. Democracy should have made law the same for all. Yes, it sounds well “we are all equal in front of the law”, but in reality, this is a great lie.

The current judicial system is the most perfected instrument of human oppression. Today, ANY OF US CAN BE PUT IN JAIL for things you cannot even think about. Even the most honest person can be found guilty – any uncomfortable man can be blackmailed and manipulated THROUGH LAW. I have never had any conflict, with anyone, but I know that this book will bring me a lot of problems… Do you think that the political Mafia and the justice will remain indifferent? They will find me lots of issues… They will not even tell their men to shoot a bullet into my head… they will be content to try me because I don’t have an authorization to breathe, I didn’t announce that I’m wearing shoes one number bigger, I have no minutes to throw in the trash, etc. What lawyer would defend me, after this book? You don’t have a lawyer in the conditions of the current judicial system – you are like dead! You have the fate of the widow with 5 kids who stays 5 years in prison, for 2 kg o potatoes.



A disaster – another root of evil in the Western society. Certainly people would not be so mean, would not be tricky and thieves any more if they had proper education, an education based on humanist values. At present time, the Western school creates egotistical and mean monsters, certified non-values. Today, it no longer matters how intelligent you are, what knowledge level you have – if daddy has money, he can provide you with any diploma. Today, even my dog could have become a surgeon – he died, poor thing… he didn’t get to live these beautiful dog times… No worries – I can pay a few thousand of extra euros and my Ralph becomes postmortem surgeon… 2 - 3,000 more euros and I buy him his PhD…

Teachers have no calling, no passion, aren’t interested in more than earning their living as easy as possible, without caring what comes out of their hands. Today, school is nothing but a place where you send your kid to get rid of him 6 hours a day. If he learns or not, it doesn’t matter. There is no strategy for value formation, no competition, no selection and difference based on value, among children, there is no value system. There are all kind of useless subjects, forcefully stuffed into their throats, but there is no preoccupation for polishing characters, for crating a value system. At home, most of the parents don’t have time to take care of their children and when they have, they take education for training. When you want to educate, you must explain the child what’s good and what’s bad, you must help him judge between right and wrong, you must make him understand the difference between right and wrong, so that when he has to choose right, to choose not with fear, but with his consciousness. Most of the parents train: this is not allowed, that’s not allowed, and once he doesn’t obey, slap him. Do you want to play? You must do your homework. Aren’t you good? You don’t watch TV. Are you bad? Two slaps. Education means to explain a child over and over what is wright and what is wrong, why it is right and why it is wrong. Most of the time children reach 20 without any baggage of principles, without a value system. Ask a 20 year old young man what is his value system – he will stare at you like he does at foreign cars! Children must be educated from the very first words, to think before they say or do something, they must be educated since they are 3 to put the good at the basis of every action, they must be educated not to be violent, not to make those around them suffer, they must be educated to have confidence in what they do and think when they do something wishing to do good, they must be educated that nothing can be obtained through force and violence. These principles must be cultivated in the child’s mind since his first steps in life, so that they become habits, mental reflexes. I remember my first encounter with my son’s teacher, in the 1st grade… I asked her how is my son, how does he seem to her and she answered: “Your son gave me a life lesson… I never thought I could learn from a 6 year old child.” I was a little bit intrigued, I asked her to tell me what it was all about: “Every time I ask you son about something, it takes him 2 – 3 seconds until he starts answering… this once, twice… in the end, intrigued, I asked him why does it always take a time for him to answer and he doesn’t answer right away, at which he replied this: “My father taught me to always think before I say something, your father didn’t teach you the same?”

One of my son’s classmates was a very mean and violent child. I asked the teacher what was going on, why did she allow him, why didn’t she take any measures. She said that she had talked to the parents (the father, a powerful businessman) and that they had told him that that was the way they wanted to raise their child, to be mean, to dominate, to submit others, to become a leader able to carry on the family tradition – and that she couldn’t oppose the family…

And so, reaching 20, he will think from whom and what he could steal to become rich, to send a bullet into his competitor’s head, to register with a party to get fat bribes, and his intelligence will be brilliant in tricks and financial engineering to help him “to carry on the family tradition”. Why would we wonder that the world is full of robbers, injustice, intolerance, hate, and evil? Our children are raised in this spirit! Here is the source of evil of the society we live in.


f) INSURANCE SYSTEM (health, pension) - 2010

Each and everyone must take care of his life and future, on his own. Today, in some states, it is mandatory by law to get insurance for whatever… No one has to be obliged to ensure his car or health, the way no one can oblige you to buy a TV. To oblige someone to get insured means not to respect his freedom, not to respect his right to free choice. The insurance market must be a free, optional market. How can the state oblige me to insure my home or my car, to get life insurance, medical insurance, or pension? It is my business – I get insured, I have, if no – I don’t have and it’s each individual’s business how to solve his problem. In general, the insurance system functions within acceptable limits, in the Western society, but the state must, just like in banks case, to reduce the risk and the adventure, in the field. This thing must be done through a short, clear, and un-interpretable law, based on principles. You don’t want insurance, you don’t get insured, bu if you get sick and get to need a hospital, you either pay or go at the angels – you lay your bed and others shouldn’t pay because you have been sneakier and didn’t get insured. There will be “smart guys” to want to protect those too… What protection? From whose money? The society must eliminate the rotten individuals and not protect them.



A big drama of the modern world – there is no respect for nature. The man destroys the planet systematically, without mercy, without concern for the future. And all happens because of greed – a species for which the values reduce to “having as much as possible”. A species that literally steps on dead bodies, a species that kills the future of future generations, without the awareness of self destruction… and all because of only one reason: greed. Resources are being exhausted, the atmosphere is being destroyed, the vegetation, the fauna, the oceans are being destroyed, the climate dramatically changes… we are a dirty species that transformed the planer into a dirty planet. Few years ago I went to the Caribbean, on a deserted, wild beach… On the way to the beach I was blissfully thinking that I would see all kind of exotic plants, an interesting fauna, I was already dreaming about myself as an explorer of a new, virgin world… What a disappointment… even if it was an isolated, virgin beach, the beach was full of garbage brought by the waves, there were oil spots here and there, broken glass, bottles, pieces of fish nets, metal tanks… I couldn’t walk barefoot to the water… What a dirty species we are… we’d need hundreds of years to clean this planet, to leave it decent, for our children. And with all these, no one takes any measure, no one talks about cleaning the planet. We throw a lot of reusable objects in the sea and on the other hand we think about drilling on the bottom of the sea. Well, it would be much cheaper to reuse what we throw in the oceans, instead of drilling the bottom of the oceans! We pollute the air burning fossil fuel, when it would be so easy to use electricity produced by the rivers, tides, waves, wind, and sun. Why don’t we do it? Because some jerks have interests in selling oil, to make a lot of money, to use them for what? Because if they used this money for developing new renewable energy technologies, it won’t be so serious, but their money goes on airplanes, silicon blondes, and luxury objects. If these people were educated differently, if they had an education based on a humanist values system, the planet wouldn’t have struggled with death, today! The endless greed makes us frenetically consume raw materials, but even this wouldn’t be so serious, if at least what we throw, we reused, recycled. But we don’t do it. Why don’t we do it? Because we haven’t been educated in our childhood, to be wise, to be clean, to have common sense and responsibility, to respect everything around us.

We cut the forests, we destroy whole ecosystems… it would be difficult to oblige the tree cutter to plant a baby tree for every tree he cuts? You can cut down a whole forest in 20 years, but let another one grow in its place, but we cut and desert remains behind… Only will and consciousness would be needed, education since childhood and respect and love for nature’s wonders. But we only have love for money, destruction, and violence. Why? Because this is how we’ve been educated. Maybe this is what mister B. saw at home, in childhood: money as purpose in life, corruption, dirt, violence, drinking, drugs, hate, evil, and promiscuity, intolerance. How could he be a flowers lover, a cleanness lover, a people lover, a culture lover, in his adulthood? It’s like with food – if you only ate beans in childhood, all your life you will think that beans is the best food and you will eat beans until you die, and the salmon meat that you first saw at 30 will seem crap, to you!



Why does the world need army? It also starts with education. If people were educated since childhood, into the spirit of respect for life, into the spirit of love for the fellow man, if hate, violent evil would be treated as the greatest danger of the species, children would have a different attitude, at maturity. The way you are being TRAINED at the church, not to do this or that, because God punishes you, the same you should be EDUCATED in school that violence, intolerance, and hate are the greatest evils of humanity. To believe that you can teach a kid not to be mean or violent because God punishes him is as efficient as telling that child that Mr. Boo comes if he’s not good… he will never become really good. Like in case of a tiger: by training him you will make him listen to you for the moment, but deep inside, he remains the same wild beast able to kill the moment the trainer turns his back on him or drops the whip, from his hand. So, through training, the child turned into an adult will become a tiger freed into the jungle – he will get back his violent habits. The army, the war, the violence must be eliminated from the every day life of the species, in this century – only this way we will be able to fundamentally differentiate ourselves from the animal world, only this way we will be able to sustain the fact that we are a superior species. Otherwise, the technological progress will become a proof that we are a suicidal species.

Intelligence… a great proof of the infected character and the catastrophic education. To make a virtue, a profession out of being an snitching, spying, sneakiness, and lack of scruples… what a disgusting species… so said superior species… in a civilized world, in a better world, this institution can only be a shame. A mirror of the infected character and of the bad upbringing and education. Today, Intelligence is used by politicians as an instrument of power, blackmail, and dirty solutions. A bunch of money from the budget, from those who work hard, always spent for the egotistical and malefic interest of the politicians in power. In a correct, normal society, how could politicians motivate the existence and the costs implied by this institution? They, the Intelligence people say that they collect precious information for the state, that they are real heroes in the shadow, watching the state’s interests. What state? The state is nobody and no one. The state does no longer have factories, has no longer properties, has no longer resources, has no longer energy, has nothing. What do they protect? Because I have never heard that the Intelligence Service of any country prevented any corruption attack at state level done by those in power. I have never heard of any Intelligence Service to have de-conspired any national treason act committed by the gangsters that lead the country, at a moment or another. And then, why do we need this useless cost, at the expense of the state? It must… it must be, because they find out a lot of information that later on can be used for blackmail… an important instrument of power. It must be… because who would follow me and who would show what a jerk is the one who wrote this book, if not them? They will show you what the the jerk who wrote this lousy book does… how he sometimes he forgets to brush his teeth, how he crossed on red 5 years ago, how he broke a window with a ball, 30 years ago… You will find out right now, what a jerk is this one who wants to abolish democracy…

The question is why does the ordinary man have to pay the costs? Why does the state budget have to support the costs, to maintain this blackmail and power instrument, useful only for the politicians’ petty interests?


i) POLICE – 2010

Today, in most of the Western countries, the main purpose of he police is the protection and the organization of the criminal system, of the mafia networks within the local gang category, of the protection taxes for private companies, of the drug trafficking, car robbers, and prostitution rings. Police is the institution that leads, supervises and protects these activities. From these, lots of money come out for policemen and the politicians behind them. If the police held the role it has been created for, the local gangs should TOTALLY disappear, the mafia clans, the prostitution streets, the drug trafficking, and the protection tax. But as we all know, these all prosper, as well as the majority of policemen who own villas and cars worth hundreds of thousands of euros, of budget salaries. At least theoretically, Police should ensure people’s peace and safety, to prevent the apparition of the criminal phenomenon. By now, it does not even seem weird to us the fact that the Police is not an enemy of the criminal phenomenon, but a protector and often, even the brain of the criminal phenomenon, hand in hand with the judicial system. And as if this was not enough, another system appeared, parallel with the Police: the Private Police!

All the big shots from Police who “for some reason” had to leave the system, become owners of Security and Protection Services (this where the “protection tax” comes from, maybe) – meaning a sort of Private Police. Sometimes competing with the Police, but in most cases they end up by shaking hands and “honestly” sharing the business. Why doesn’t the Police respect its purpose? Because of the corrupt mafia system. Saint children will never come out of criminal parents.



Agriculture is the step child of the modern world. Total chaos… with grants, without grants, with genetic modifications, without genetic modifications, with fertilizers, without fertilizers, permanent passions and conflicts without sense, and all because of one reason: because we want to regulate even natural laws. Because we do not let nature to reset itself and let the market economy establish a natural law, in the value system. One thing is clear… less and less natural agriculture, less people in the country side and agriculture and all these lead to a break from nature and a depreciation of food quality. In the end, a deterioration of genetic inheritance, more and more children born with genetic defects, more and more genetic anomalies that in the end will lead to self destruction. I will never understand what attracts people in the city… I think life in the country side is more beautiful and happier. I do not understand the discussions about fertilizers, pesticides, and genetic modifications, either. What is wrong must be forbidden, what is good must be adopted. If you can increase the cereal production without side effects for people’s health, why not save people from hunger? If there are side effects, if somebody gets sick because he ate poisons without being warned about it, the guilty one should be judged, sentenced, executed.



Today, there are lots of ministries… of sport, of culture… I have nothing against sports and culture, but why not also have a ministry of poker players, dance, and walkers, then?... There’s no use to waste time on these subjects… admirable activities to spend free time, but they have nothing to do with state budget. Who wants sports, culture, hobby, etc., can have them, but on his won money, in his free time… just like politics.


l) DEMOGRAPHY - 2010

An avoided, non discussed subject and a very important one, in reality. We are already too may and the planet gives clear signs that it can no longer support us all. The planet has become too crowded and this is one of the important reasons for high level of misery and pollution. If population continues to grow in the current rhythm, the planet will be destroyed, in maximum 100 years. Our children and grandchildren will be many and unhappy… Why should we struggle, why do we have to procreate, when we cannot offer a decent life, to our children? How irresponsible you can be, knowing that you cannot afford living from one day to another, to even have children, on the top of that? We must accept reality – many people are not too much different from animals and thus, they multiply like animals, instinctively. This thing has to be regulated – instead of allowing the birth of a struggling child, better prevent such a pregnancy. I don’t know why, but the poorest people multiply most. Not only that they torture themselves and their poor children, but they also pass on and multiply low quality genes… The species has only to loose, this way. I understand that they do not multiply because they want this, but the ignorance, the lack of education, of civilization and the consciousness are so low, that they are not able to protect themselves. In this case, the state has to take measures – to sterilize the bunnies.



What is foreign policy today?

What does foreign policy do today?

Foreign policy is a chaos, an ocean of instability. The world lives on the edge, the worldwide balance being very fragile, based on intimidation and military power. USA impose their point of view, they dare to interfere wherever and whenever, according to their economic interests and the others are content to protest, and the flatterers to support them, hoping that they would collect the crumbs from the feast of the great world police. USA does behave like police… apparently, they assume the benefactor role, but in reality, USA’s purpose is to organize and lead real mafia networks, to squeeze money and resources form different areas of the world. China and Russia don’t have the power to oppose them and the West is totally dependent on USA military protection. Europe pays protection and interest fees, to be in good relationship with the great master. In exchange for protection, they offer support at international organizations and cannon flesh for the theater of military operations. At present time, USA’s foreign policy is in trouble. If for the Bush administration, the aggressive policy of expansion and conflict stirring was a purpose in itself, Obama is the one who seems to turn around USA’s military tendencies. The interest groups behind Bush were aware that the only chance for maintaining USA’s power on worldwide level was by military way. If the Bush clan remained in power, soon they’d have stirred a great conflict in the East, with the purpose of attracting China, into a devastating war. It was USA’s only way to get out of crisis and to keep the dominant role, in foreign policy. USA has an economy dependent on the weapons industry and when there are no conflicts, the demand gets lower and the weapons demand decrease means recession, for USA. China has a foreign policy based on economic expansion and world domination based on two directions: seizing world’s resources and subjugating other states, by credit mechanisms.

At worldwide level, immigration is a problem that could be very easily solved. First, the demography on the poor and underdeveloped countries must be controlled and the immigration to be strictly regulated and controlled by immigrant repatriation international treaties. Human rights… human rights mean to be allowed to live where you have been born. Free traffic means that you are allowed to travel wherever, but immigration is not travel – immigration most often means uprooting, poverty, promiscuity, crime. And must be fought ... What is happening today is inadmissible – I’ve known since childhood, from history lessons, about the migratory people, but I could never imagine that, one day, I would get to live the phenomenon myself, I didn’t believe that I would live the day to see my own people turning into the last European migratory people… in the 21st century…

The foreign trade exchanges lead to great inequities and imbalances, today. Sure, these imbalances lead to the opportunity demand and highly profitable businesses… for some, but somebody pays for them. In nature, in our world, everything is being preserved: what some earn others loose! The life standard, income, labor cost levels lead to huge merchandise cost and price discrepancies. These discrepancies are reflected in worldwide level macroeconomic imbalances. China is the great beneficiary of these imbalances and Europe and USA, the great losers.

The greed and the enrichment race led to the resources exhaustion and the planet’s excessive pollution. We are an irresponsible species which would destroy itself because of greed, if we don’t take urgent measures, at worldwide level. The measures must relate to economic growth, by eliminating the credit, bringing the demographic increase to a halt worldwide, eliminating the polluting industries and compulsory moving to renewable energy sources.

Worldwide disarmament should not be such a great problem – it also relates to economic interests and a concerted effort worldwide. As long as USA is the world’s greatest weapons exporter, there’ll be weak worldwide disarmament will…

Man must reach a level of consciousness to take him out of the wars era. It is time that we, as a species climb to a superior level, where war becomes unconceivable. A simple, efficient, and flexible leading and regulatory organism must be created worldwide. Without thousands of employees, bureaucracy, huge buildings, thousands of limos and planes, and protocols, etc. Each country to be represented by one person and that’s it. This worldwide council (or UN, or whatever they want to name it) must ensure the welfare of the planet, on he grounds of a set of inviolable principles:

- worldwide peace

- worldwide ethics and equity

- respect for nature

- foreign trade based on trade deficit elimination between countries

- strict immigration regulation

- demographic control

In order to accomplish disarmament and eternal peace, the following are necessary:

- the worldwide council would for ever set the boundaries between countries

- an international court would try all disputes between states

- banning the production of weapons for all countries

- the total elimination of weapons from all countries

- creating a small security army to keep the peace, under the supervision of the world council

- the creation of a global code of ethics, with no privileges for anyone


GOING FROM 2010 to 2020

Well, what's it like now? Do you like the world you've created, do you like the world you're inhabiting? Do you like the trail you're blazing for your children? If so, you deserve it.

It's the world of mobsters, of scum, of the future slaves of China. If you don't like it, here's what you have to do:

There are multiple possibilities:

1. Maintain a submissive attitude toward the global domination of China

It's not necessarily a bad thing... it's just that we'll be their slaves, working altogether for the well-being of the Chinese population. If we go on like this, in about 10 years, after the prevalent economic and moral crisis will have reached its peak, we'll be coerced to slave away, as previously mentioned, for China. It's the most probable outcome... it's highly unlikely that this book will change the course of history and turn it upside down. The occidental world is too corrupt, too egotistic and unorganized. It would require a multitude of voluntary resignations from a whole bunch of powerful, influential people. That, or a planned conglomeration, a worldwide revolution. We'd need to stop feeding the slick, the parasites that lead us, the ones whose beds have been made warm solely due to their organizations, commissions and all sorts of other institutions which serve solely to complicate the world we live in. Their numbers grow each and every day through the use of nepotism and cronyism, while we, the working class keep getting oppressed and denigrated by their taxes that end up in their pockets, the parasites of the modern world. Hence, producing less by the day, backing up the never ending influx of parasites, debts and deficits will keep on growing, until eventually the abscess will break and we'll all be transformed into China's slaves.

2. Provoking China to a great war, provided there's still a chance for the Western world to win such a tedious battle – Taiwan could be a very accessible pretext. Ten years later, it'll be too late. Such a war will lead to immense suffering and collateral victims, it would send humanity toward an unpredictable road and it would eventually be the cause of our demise – I don't think it's the right choice!

The peaceful way of saving the occidental world:

1. Attempting to block the gargantuan leak of resources as soon as possible. The Western world ought to unite and adopt a strategy, as well as a common, global political regime which would consolidate the relationship with China.

2. Jolly Joker – A masterful tactic which consists of a blow dealt by white-collar mobsters and magnates. Regarding this idea, I feel as if I've just discovered the atomic bomb... I find myself exactly in their predicament – I'm offering the Western world a heinous weapon, albeit one that could bring more joy than misery. It could be applied anywhere and at any time. Here it is:

America and Europe, through ECB and the US' treasury would print currency (euro and dollars) and gift all the states that owe a lot of money, so as to rid the debts of all Western countries. For example: Romania owes IMF a total of 34 billion euro and 21 billion dollars. With the help of the US and ECB, they'd gradually quell it. Another great example is that of the US paying its debt to China.

This way, the immense monetary deficit would be covered and call the whole panicking quits.

Immediately after that, three new measures must be implemented so as to prevent hyperinflation and other economic ramifications. As regards the decisions, I'll talk about them later.

Thus, the Western would reach an alleged point denominated "zero", one where every country would start off notwithstanding the crisis. Still, it's only possible if it's protected by a few economic ratifications, such as: no credits longer than a year, no budget deficits and no economic imbalance – the essential economic law is as follows: each state is allowed to import just as much as they export. It's hard, but adaptation is a must. The first years will be terrible, but it would be even worse without the urgent changes. Specialists will be recruited this time, not incapable imbeciles who oppose the doctrine gratuitously – it's possible!

There's only one problem: how will China react? Surely, they won't be too happy. Will you wonder why? They should be happy that they're receiving their money back... FALSE – it's just like not getting anything! It's as if the Western world deleted all the debts! They have worked and sacrificed themselves for dozens of years, they've starved to become the occidental world's right hand, and suddenly, overnight, the occidental world has solved the whole dilemma. The money they'd receive would become redundant and superfluous. They couldn't buy, nor exchange anything with it. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, but what could they do? They don't have the military power to fight back, they can't blackmail us, they don't have anything against us. Not today... but after 10 years, they'll gather an army big enough to destroy the rest of the world. I'm not saying the JOLLY JOKER ought to be used, I'm just saying that it's possible to recover from the economic gap without "breaking the rules", so to say.

Either way, the Western world has to pass through a revolutionary era of history in order to survive.

Here are the measures that need to be implemented as soon as possible, simultaneously and efficiently to rid the world of debts:

The unity of the entire occidental world, of all the states that wish to participate and defend themselves against China, according to the following principles:

1) A new global system – MERITOCRACY

2) A new, global educational system (the creation of the new man)

3) A unitary, global legislative system (immigration, free passing)

4) A new civil law and penal code

5) A new, economic global system

6) Unique currency

7) A new, global banking system – with credit enclosing
A new, global scholarship system (done right this time)

9) A new system of pensions and social security

10) A new system of unitary, global taxes

11) A global law of unitary property

12) A pro-eco protection system of the world (against pollution, excessive demographic statistics, etc)

Adopting these measures would finally lead, in time, to a new era, that of global harmony marked by utter globalization, as well as common laws and principles. The aforementioned utopia isn't available as yet inasmuch as China wouldn't accept it. It's like playing chess with an adversary that has an extra turn and a bishop, and you're asking for a rematch... It's highly unlikely that they'll take it, but it's worth it.

At first, China wouldn't partake in the system, but they'll soon realize that it's beneficial to them as well. Till attaining such a high goal, China mustn't be seen as a potential enemy, rather a partner. The ideal must be that of a better world, one without usurpers, a world without people too rich and too poor who would all live according to their own human value, a world where the Gini coefficient wouldn't be too overwhelming. The poorest man should be able to afford a modest home, whereas the richest man shouldn't be able to control the judiciary system with his ludicrous bank account. All personal funds over a billion euro will be taxed 100%!

There shouldn't be any funds over 1 billion euro. Everything above that will be taken by the government. It's not possible to make them legally, anyway – magnates should be thankful for not being thrown into jail peremptorily. A very opulent individual becomes dangerous because they may influence the decisions of the state and may deprive other people of their rights.



PRIMO LAURENTIU este autorul cartii "Meritocratia" si romanul care isi pune in joc propria avere, pentru a aduce meritocratia in tara sa si in toate celelaltele europene.

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