Tuesday, May 7, 2013


"We live in a universe which is unlimited. So, we have to be in that endlessness. Our old beliefs, prejudices and stable schemes are limited. It depends on us if we accept or refuse poverty or abundance, positive or toxic people, sickness or health, success or failure. We can choose and have more than we can imagine. When we are in a creating process, we have to be aware of the creation.Infinite possibilities
The universe packed our “problems” in a refine parcel, and sends us to learn from them. They are not bad things. But we used to call them “problems.” If we raise our vibrant frequencies we will attract people and circumstances that are very easy, positive and things that we really desired. As we send out thoughts with higher frequencies, we have to send out feelings which consist higher frequencies. So, we need a great sense of consciousness. We need to be awaken. We have to be aware of every moment and the quality of our thoughts and feelings. We need not to allow our mind to run automatically or by default.Iraivaa
All our surroundings, the country, the town, the people, our job, the family, our house, our furniture, our styling-everything is a result of what we are focusing on.Yin yang crop circle
We have our personal and our collective energy system. So, we are attracting according to our level of consciousness of personal and collective energy system. Constantly, we are responsible about our actions, feelings and thoughts. Our present results are the effect of our previous actions, feelings and thoughts. The higher frequencies that we carry out literally moves the two forces of the universe in motion. The five transformation of the chi energy is related with them: yin and yang-the centrifugal and the centripetal energy. In all these doings we have our own speed. Our own speed is in direct proportion to the level of our vibrant energy we attach to our thoughts. When we enter into the clear, non-resistant state of mind we will step forward to the unlimited universe. This works with mathematical exactitude. We can check it." 
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