Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunken Egyptian City & IsisCobra & Pleiadian Awakening Message ~ Powerful Message To The Family of Light

Powerful Pleiadian 
Awakening Message
To The Family of Light

Lost Egyptian City Heracleion Discovered. Franck Goddio and divers of his team are inspecting the statue of a pharaoh. The colossal statue is of red granite and measures over 5 metres. It was found close to the big temple of sunken Thonis-Heracleion and reassembled on the site.
Terracotta figure of Isis-Thermuthis in a shrine. Isis-Thermuthis, with a cobra's body and the torch of Demeter, in a shrine surmounted by a stylized cobra-frieze. She wears a schematic horn and disc crown, and a necklace with a circular pendant. The shrine is supported by a flat-fronted plinth with reliefs of the Sothic dog of Isis, and a bird, probably a Horus Falcon, flanking a simple swag. From Egypt, 1stC-2ndC; now in the British Museum.
Amentet Neferet 
- Religion and Traditions 
of Ancient Egypt

"Am I willing to give up what I have in order to be what I am not yet? Am I able to follow the spirit of love into the desert? It is a frightening and sacred moment. There is no return. One's life is charged forever. It is the fire that gives us our shape." 
~ Mary Richards


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