Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blue Ray Archetypal Energy Chess

5th Density (5D) Blue Ray Archetypal Energy Chess

The Pleiadian star system (Alcyone Pleiades) 
 is the 5th Desinity (5D) 'Archetypal Mind' blue ray energy gatekeeper system in our region of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The 5th Density (5D) also respresents:
The building of Universal Knowledge; Wisdom; Honor; Commnunication. Within a 5th Density (5D) paradigm, 
actions can be done in a positive way and/or in a negative way.
Ra means One in the Anuhazi language. So called "Golden Yellow Pleiadian Archangelic Tribe Members" are also called Ra. Another group are the so called "Luciferian Pleiadians", who know some secrets about the dark side of the multiverse. The Pleiadians call people like me system busters of dark systems. Unfortunately planet Earth is still a relatively dark system, but the divine plan is that planet Earth should become a beacon of light in the multiverse, the 'True Living Light of UR' and a gathering place for entities, who want to learn & teach about the holistic mysteries of creation & consciousness.

'True Living Light of UR': UR means LIGHT,
in reference to serving the agenda 
of enlightenment for all.
Creator = Schöpfer (in German)
Prime Creator = URschöpfer (in German)

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