Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Universe Explorers: Egyptian(esque) statue on Mars?

 Egyptian(esque) statue on Mars?
New studies strongly suggest Mars was once covered in vast oceans http://news.softpedia.com/news/Martian-Surface-Ocean-Confirmed-249704.shtml.
Could intelligent life have possibly evolved as it did here on earth? We know that life started quite early in earth's history.

More images and video here: http://www.marsanomalies.com/egyptianstatue

NASA's Opportunity rover spent a full year around the outer edge in early 2007 and a full year inside the crater for close-up imaging. It entered into the crater in Nov 2007 and exited in Aug 2008. Unfortunately Opportunity was not in the vicinity of Cape St. Vincent (1/4 mi away) to do any close-up imaging as it did at Cape Verde, Duck Bay, Cabo Frio section.

We're left to wonder what any close-up image would reveal.

ORIGINAL NASA SOURCELINK HERE (located far-right midsection of outcropping. Download "Full-Res JPEG"): http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA10210

OFFICIAL FALSE-COLOR IMAGE: http://pancam.astro.cornell.edu/pancam_instrument/images/Sol1167B_P2419_L257F.jpg

OFFICIAL TRUE-COLOR IMAGE: http://pancam.astro.cornell.edu/pancam_instrument/images/Sol1167B_P2419_L257atc.jpg

Mars Exploration Rovers (MER), Spirit and Opportunity:
"The plucky rover twins and their indefatigable travels across unexpectedly wide regions of Mars have brought a tangible feeling of 'being there' to scientists and the public alike. The independence and freedom to go to what interests us is a precious capability, and the ability of the rovers to engineer themselves out of trouble (with some help from a dust devil or two) has been unique in robotic exploration. The science gained includes not only images, but actual in-situ chemical and mineralogical data which has broken open the story of ancient water on Mars."
-Jeff Cuzzi: Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center

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