Thursday, April 11, 2013

The World 21/3: Mandala Tarot Vibe Today

  Thursday April 11th's vibration (11+4+2+0+1+3) = 21/3

With 21 we have the 2 that are 1 become 3, the goal has been reached; the trials and battles of the mind have been gone through, and we have experienced a total transformation and expansion of consciousness. We see ourselves as we really are, the reflection of the creator in the infinite mirror of the World. 21/3 gives us the 1, 2, 3 of the conscious, creative unfoldment of the Universe and of course, we see the 1, 2 and 3 together in the 12/3 vibration , too. With 12/3 the Hanged Man gets a glimpse of the real world, the reflection, from his reversed viewpoint and here with the 2 coming first, the reflection becomes the entire world and transformed perception of the emerged initiate who has ascended and now experiences total unity consciousness. Card 21 in the traditional Tarot is the World. We see the circle of oneness/zero as a wreath of green leaves encircling the dancing/floating figure in the centre. The circle is all encompassing. It is the World and we have created a new self and a new world when we reach this level of understanding on our path. What this card depicts is a whole journey through the cycles of Life, from the seed to the flower to the fruit and back to the seed again. When this card and vibration appears it signifies the auspicious conclusion to a long cycle of learning, education and hard work, and now your goal has been reached. Celebration, Joy and a sense of great achievement and gratitude pervades. The world really is your oyster when this vibration comes up! You can see the whole world from your viewpoint, limitations do not exist. Anything and everything is possible, and the realisation of this liberates your soul and mind With 2 initiating this vibration, you are being encouraged to share this wisdom that you have attained. You can be a teacher to many and inspire that divine will to create in others, mirroring light consciousness throughout the universal dimensions. The World and 21/3 is about creative expression on a grand scale. Think big, don’t limit the creativity of your imagination is the big message here. Happy Birthday, Nan, whichever dimension you are in!

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