Monday, April 15, 2013

Plasma Physicist finds Hidden Portals in Earths Magnetic Field

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 Video: Extra Dimensions found? 
Plasma Physicist finds Hidden Portals 
in Earths Magnetic Field
 length 3:54 
Hidden Portals in Earth's magnetic field - Twisted plasma belts linking the Earth's electro-magnetic field/shield to our electric Sun may hide portals at the "electron diffusion regions " intersections.

These magnetic portals or "X points" may lead to different dimensions created naturally by the endless ELECTRIC interaction between both the Earth's & The Sun's respective geo-magnetic fields. Why Does this Matter? Why should I care?

- More evidence that the Sun's electrical field interacts directly with Earth's, bringing into question the "alarmists" version of Global Warming completely avoiding or outright denial of sunspot, Sun/Earth interaction.

- More evidence that building large, expensive Earth-based machines (like the LHC) for discover/detect extra dimensions may be an unnecessary waste of valuable resources & tax payer dollars.

- Electro-magnetism warps what We know as 'space-time', NOT Gravity Warped-space is ELECTRICALLY warped space - 'Black Holes' are a misnomer, & completely unnecessary.

- More indicators to bolster the emerging concept of an

 "Electric Universe" in which PLASMA - not GRAVITY

 is the predominant Universal force...

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