Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Living Library & M.M.22 ~ Ptaal+22

Living Library & M.M.22 ~ Ptaal+22
L+L+M+M+22 = Ptaal+22
50+22 = 72
Excerpt from 
“Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library“ 
by Barbara Marciniack
"In ancient times upon your planet, it was in vogue in many cultures to have a lion or other large cat next to the ruling entity. These animals were always there. Look at ancient statues all over the planet and what do you see? Lions." ... - ... "The cat family represents a biogenetic tooling of a species that looks like you except that it has the visage of a cat. The cat people, or lion people, have come in shifts upon your planet and worked in South America, Mexico, Egypt, and in some island cultures. Statues have been built to honor them." ... - ... "When they taught the human race, or when they mixed their species and created the rulers here, especially in Egypt, they left cats to transmit information so the rulers had direct contact with the species from the stars. This is how many of these rulers made decisions. This is how they were guided. The cats gave them telepathic information. They were like transmitters or cosmic radios." 
~ (Excerpt from "Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library," by Barbara Marciniak)
M.M.22 = Meditation Master P.+F.
P.F. = Photon Frequency

"...your perception is yours alone, your path is yours alone. this is your Divine right. you must tune into the frequency of your Divinity, without distraction and without conformity to another’s path, to obtain the sacred revelations to which you are drawn. this is where you will consciously connect to the ineffable being you know as God. this is where everything is illuminated."
-the Soul

"Seek refuge with the Lord alone, 
with your whole being.
By His grace, you will reach supreme peace, an everlasting estate."
-Bhagavad Gita

"Commune with your own heart 
upon your bed, and be silent."
-Psalm 4:4

"By the soul, and Him who perfected it
and inspired it with conscience of what is wrong for it and right for it:
He is indeed successful who causes it to grow, and he is indeed a failure who stunts it."

"Pure spirit reaches in the four directions, flows now this way, now that--
there is no place it does not extend to. 
Above, it brushes heaven; 
below, it coils on the earth. 
It transforms 
and nurses the ten thousand things,
but no one can make out its form. 
Its name is called One-with-Heaven.
The way to purity 
and whiteness is to guard the spirit, this alone; 
guardit and never lose it, 
and you will become one with spirit, 
one with its
pure essence, which communicates 
and mingles with the Heavenly Order."
-Chuang Tzu

*And still, underneath the stars and the heavens, within the Divine frequency of the Universal pulse of existence–the awareness of being...we are all Unified with this Divinity. Judge not, but seek to understand, for one can only perceive what is already within.*

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