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House Of Birth +++ Temple Of Hathor ~ 68 = H+O+B+T+O+H

House Of Birth +++ Temple Of Hathor

 Detail of a column (lower part) from the "House of Birth" 
of the Temple of Hathor at Iunet/Dendera:

 - in the upper register, a double representation of the God Heh, the God of the Infinity (a member of the Ogdoad of Hermopolis Megale), crowned with the Sun disk flanked by two Uraei (fire-breathing cobras), kneeling on the symbol for "Gold" and holding in each hand a notched palm branch (the hieroglyph for "Year"); each palm branch has an hanging Heb-Sed hieroglyph above (symbol of the Jubilee festival of the King) and a tadpole (the hieroglyph for 100000 years) holding the Shen-ring (symbol of Eternal Protection and of Eternity) at its basis; between the two images of Heh is represented a crowned cartouche standing on the "Gold"-hieroglyph and flanked by the Two Goddesses in Their form of Uraei (at left the Goddess Uadjet wearing the Red Crown, and at right the Goddess Nekhbet with the White Crown);

-  in the middle register, personified Ankh-signs (symbol of Life) with Djed-hieroglyph (symbol of Stability), holding in their hands Uas-scepters (symbol of Power and Dominion), and standing on the symbol for "Master/Lord";

- in the lower register, Harsomptus crowned with the Pschent (the Double Crown) and seated upon the Lotus flower which rose from Nun, holding the Flail and the Heqa-scepter in His right hand; Harsomptus is flanked by the Two Goddesses, both standing on the "Gold"-hieroglyph and holding the Uas-scepter with hanging "Shen" rings; at left the Cobra Goddess Uadjet on lotus flowers, wearing the Red Crown; and at right the Vulture Goddess Nekhbet on lily flowers, wearing the White Crown.

"Do you not know, Asclepius, 
that Egypt is the image of the Heavens?...
Our Land is the Temple of the World."
(from "The Prophecy of Hermes Trismegistos")

Scene from the Daily Ritual: King Sethi I offering the Uas-scepter, the Heqa-scepter, and the Flail to Amon-Ra "King of the Gods, Lord of Heaven, Lord of the Earth";
from the "Great Temple"
of King Sethi I at Abydos, Chapel of Amon 


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