Tuesday, April 16, 2013

G.ra.22. Han+cock on Good & Evil

Graham Hancock on Good & Evil 
New 20 minute video online now...

From the opening minutes of the video: 
“I think it’s interesting to speculate about the possibility of dark and negative influences at the spiritual level, and positive and benign influences – and the human dilemma always, always is the dilemma to choose between the two… A lot of people object to the idea of duality and would like everything just to be one, and all beautiful, it’s all goodness and whatever duality there is something we’re just projecting, but I’m not sure what we would have to learn from a world like that. I think duality is actually a very useful teaching tool and without it it’s very difficult to make choices that define us. It is not all there is, but in this particular experience, the experience of being a human in a human body in this physical realm, duality has very important lessons to teach us, and were it to be taken away, what choices would we have to make? And if we didn’t make choices, how could we grow, how could we learn, how could we develop?” 
~ Gra+ham+burg+Han+cock+over 

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