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Ayahuasca ~ DA.35 \I/RA & G.RA.22 Han+cock

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DA.35 \I/RA  =  David Icke
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G.RA.22 Han+cock = Graham Hancock
Controversy about  
"The dark side of Ayahuasca”

Graham Hancock: "Earlier today I posted a status update which seems to have surprised and offended many. I’d like to make a few further points here and to that end, for those who did not see the earlier status update, I begin by reposting it here:

The dark side of Ayahuasca

This is a truly terrible story, but as one who has spoken often in favour of Ayahuasca and the healing and heart-centred potential of the medicine I feel it is my responsibility to share this dark and dreadful news:

A Google search will produce many other versions of the story and it is clear that an earlier horrific incident involving Ayahuasca ( can no longer be regarded in isolation as some sort of aberration. A pattern is emerging here and those of us who value Ayahuasca for its amazing healing and consciousness-opening potential need to take account of, recognize and grapple with the implications.

Ayahuasca is a powerful force. For it to work people must allow themselves to become vulnerable. In this state of vulnerability it is possible for them to be manipulated by negative individuals and perhaps, also – who can know the truth of such matters for certain? – by negative supernatural entities from realms beyond our own. I had direct experience of this dark side of Ayahuasca during a series of sessions in Brazil in Jan/Feb 2013. At first all seemed good, all seemed light, but from letter four onwards I describe a series of events that I remain shaken and bewildered by to this day:

<<End of earlier status update>>

My further comments follow:

First a note regarding the tragic case of Kyle Joseph Nolan at Shimbre in 2012 – linked to in one of the articles above. Of course Kyle Joseph did not, as the shaman ludicrously claimed, die of “an overdose” of Ayahuasca (the lethal dose would be in litres, far beyond the capacity of any individual to consume). Nor does the point I am making here by linking to this story have to do with the evidence that later came out that the shaman may have added Burgmansia to the brew. What was truly wicked at Shimbre was the shaman’s behaviour in burying and hiding Kyle Joseph’s body and seeking to deny the truth to Kyle Joseph’s family.

Now turning to the recent case in Chile that was the main focus of my post, the most frequent comment– to paraphrase – was that “it was not Ayahuasca, it was the people involved.” Or more specifically “it was not the dark side of the medicine but the dark side of the people who used it”. Several said that I was doing Ayahuasca a great disservice, perhaps even participating in propaganda against it, by suggesting there might be a dark side to the brew.

In response to this I would only remind those who are familiar with my public lectures and broadcasts that I have always – for many years now -- given Ayahuasca the credit for the healing miracles it performs and have not tried to pass those miracles off as caused by the people involved in the ceremonies, or the setting, or any other extraneous factors, but by the magic of the medicine itself. Why, then, when Ayahuasca is at the centre of something horribly negative, like the human sacrifice reported today, should I suddenly seek to pin the responsibility exclusively on the people involved, or the setting, or whatever – i.e. on anything other than the medicine itself? I don’t want to fear, or be silenced, by the negative opinions of those who are starry-eyed about Ayahuasca and seem reluctant to engage their critical and moral faculties when an abomination like this event in Chile occurs. I think it is right and proper to consider that there may indeed be a dark side to the medicine, to wake up to this and, in that state of awakening to find ways to ensure that what is good is nurtured and what is bad is rooted out. I believe that waking up to such problems, rather than shutting our eyes to them and pretending they don't exist, will be of benefit to all who wish to work seriously with Ayahuasca and perhaps even to the world at large, since I remain convinced that Ayahuasca does have a positive role to play in our troubled century.

Please, if you haven’t read it, take a look at my own article linked to in my post ( where this issue of a darkness associated with certain Ayahuasca sessions is examined. Note that I conclude by affirming that the Ayahuasca experience is, above all else, about love and that there is an openness of heart in it and a tremendous sweeping away of the blockages and mechanisms of denial that prevent us from getting to grips with and resolving fundamental issues in our lives.

Take a look also at Mark Seelig’s article, here: He and I attended the same series of sessions in Brazil and Mark’s closing comments are, I think, of the greatest interest. “Some very deep teaching” as he says, was indeed afoot in those sessions.
 I have tried to learn from that teaching." ~ Graham Hancock
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