Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Alupka & Judah: T.L. sleeps no more!!!

Alupka: The famous sleeping lion statue
Of the many palaces and fine buildings along Crimea's southern coast, the Alupka Palace is arguably the most wonderful. Built in the early 1800s to the design of a British architect who combined the styles of Windsor Castle and Brighton Royal Pavilion into a Russian nobleman's fantasy, the palace sits high above the coast, adjacent to a fine arboretum, and with splendid views all around. It's certainly a great place to hold a reception [photo Ferenc Pal Fam]. Churchill and the British delegation used the palace as quarters during the famous Yalta Conference at which the three great world leaders of the time determined the structure of post-war Europe. It is said that Churchill was very taken by the sleeping lion statue. 
 Alupka Palace lion sculpture,
with Ai Petri in the background
Serbian Proverbs:
"Ne diraj lava kad spava!"
"Don't touch a sleeping Lion!"
~ &&& ~
"Zlatna reč gvozdena vrata otvara."
"A golden word opens iron doors."

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