Sunday, April 14, 2013

911-3 Excerpt: Edgar Cayce Reading

"... The more patience that is shown in self toward others, the more patience will be shown by others to self - and it becomes then a circle, as it were, and before one knows it the conditions have adjusted themselves so that the self is able to adapt self to all the circumstances and conditions, and the environs that come about in the various activities. Being patient, then, with self first, being patient then with others. As the patience is manifest, so will the results be seen. This doesn't mean patience in the sense of just submissiveness, or just being quiet - but an ACTIVE patience, CONSCIOUS of being patient with self and with others. Force self to do some unpleasant things that it hasn't wanted to do once in a while, and like it!..." ~ from Edgar Cayce reading 911-3
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