Wednesday, March 6, 2013

P.P. & X=P+B+F: Prophet Ben F.

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"I enjoy reading Benjamin Fulford’s 3D news and intrigue, there’s always lots of world history involved… although I don’t always resonate with his 3D perspective on how things will turn out.  I don’t usually comment so much on what he says that I don’t agree with, usually letting it flow through, but I feel guided to put in my 2-cents at this point, and commenting on other points as well. Click HERE for Fulford’s update for this week. I didn’t realize a former “Black Pope” would continue to be such a nuisance, my goodness.  I guess he’s always had a dedicated pocket of dark energy supporting him, though. That’s what he’s used to…although he must be getting on in years as well…maybe he’s 80+ years now also…?  I also thought Fulford’s reference to Kolvenbach was interesting because, as in a full circle kind of thing, he’s one of the first cabal fellows I commented on here on my blog, when I learned from the author of Vatican Assassins about how the Vatican Jesuit Society, led by the “Black Pope”, was even behind the Zionist NWO agenda. I was getting today that the conclave of cardinals have no idea of the depth of the truth of the Vatican/Roman Empire for the past 2000 years, with the NWO agenda & eugenics and all. I’m feeling they will be told once they’re all assembled, however…maybe that’s one of the reasons they’re all convening in such a hurry.Fulford stated again that Queen Elizabeth II has actually already surrendered to the Light forces (“is cooperating” with the White Dragon Society), although it looks like he’s still banking on her abdication…I guess that would make it ‘official’. Enjoying his back-story info from MI5/CIA, etc, as usual. I had a feeling also she was wanting to get out of traveling and appearances this week, especially with Kevin Annett/ ready with arrest warrants. Fulford says President Obama will be next to go; this is where we differ.  He seems to keep forgetting that it’s the central banking crowd who really pulls the strings in the US as well as in the EU, including Obama’s. It’s the US Federal Reserve that is the next cabal target, in my playbook. We need to finish what Kennedy started: close the Fed, and Obama is in alignment with that. Obama knows that in order to bring down the banking cabal casino, they have to be ‘forced into bankruptcy’ first.  That’s why he’s “presiding over the bankruptcy of the United States of America”. One of the reasons he’s being so loud about it and forcing this budget issue and being so ‘dramatic’ is to wake people up to what is actually going on. Putting the pressure on Congress and getting the people mad at everybody–even himself–is keeping the pressure on the cabalists to keep coming up with alternatives. Finally at some point they’ll run out of options, then their old system will be ‘bankrupt’ and that’s when they surrender and they’re done; that’s when the new financial system can kick in and the old banking casino and banking-corporate govt. collusion will be put to rest. Obama isn’t here to let things quietly go back to the status quo amongst the “cabalists in control”, just to be nice or conciliatory.  After winning the election, and with the cabal on their last gasp, those days are over.  He has much more reign now; they know, and he knows, their time is up.  He just has to pester them enough to help them overcome their inertia built up over thousands of years.  And don’t forget, members of Congress are just as much puppets as Obama was.  If Obama seems impatient and in a hurry, it’s because he wants to hurry up and make those announcements just like the rest of us. Actually, the Fed has long been bankrupt, and in the Fall of 2012 they were foreclosed upon within their own manipulative UCC, but getting the word out without Obama getting killed (like JFK was for the same reason) and having more violence in the US is proving to be quite the time-consuming challenge in the mainstream paradigm, although we’re getting there with the OPPT supporters growing and sharing like wildfire. So, Fulford’s “cabalists in control of the Washington D.C. corporate government” are actually the central banking wizards, which are the owners of the Federal reserve banks, which in turn, are the big banks.  He knows this. Not sure what Kerry is doing yet, although it may be a distraction and/or trying to flush somebody out. If Obama is going to Israel to give Bibi the riot act about being the world’s biggest whine-y-baby paranoid thug, what Kerry seems to be doing is not in alignment with that. Meanwhile, I’m intending that the new energy head will get serious about the new technology that Mr. Keshe has already told them about and help usher in the real technology changes for our energy needs in the 21st century. Intending that the new EPA head will get serious about the stupid and unlawful geo-engineering programs like the high-altitude aerosol spraying (“chemtrails”) and put a stop to it once and for all. Intending that the new budget director is savvy enough to know that it’s the business of the Federal Reserve that has our budget in ‘crisis’, not the bits & bytes of revenue, spending and creating a few jobs here & there.

Thanks, Ben.  Onward & Light-ward."

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