Friday, March 1, 2013

Observer Mode = O.M. = Overlord Meritocracy

Observer Mode
Overlord Meritocracy
Ox 13
Owl 13
Omega 13
Om = ओ३म् 
Om = औं 
Om =

Still no eMail from Facebook
 to change my Password
& I can't log in :/
& btw: 
Overlord = CIA code name for M.E.Z.
M.E.Z. = Mark E. Zuckerberg 
They only want to buy time 
because they are in a mess.
All because of all their lies 
and negative manipulations.

Ma'at, Isis, 
Horus & Nefertari: סרבית המנון אלוהים
 של צדק
"Time is a game 

played beautifully by children."
quote ~ Heraclitus (established the term Logos)
+++ Hathor & Isis:

The Great Goddesses
of Ancient Egypt

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