Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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 Healthy and happy Queen 
leaves hospital smiling 
after being treated for nasty stomach bug

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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 11:42 

  • The Queen taken to King Edward VII Hospital with suspected gastroenteritis
  • It is the 86-year-old monarchs first hospital visit in ten years
  • All official royal engagements this week cancelled or postponed
  • Likely to be caused by winter vomiting bug norovirus, medical experts say
  • After a visit from her personal physician  she left at 2.45pm yesterday
  • Palace says despite being allowed home, her diary remains suspended
By Rebecca English, Royal Correspondent and Martin Robinson

Getting better: The Queen walked unaided out of the Marylebone hospital without any help this afternoon after being taken their for treatment on Sunday night
Getting better: 
The Queen walked unaided 
out of the Marylebone hospital this afternoon 
after being taken there for treatment last night

Only a day after being admitted to hospital for the first time in a decade, the Queen was yesterday well enough to go home. And far from spending the next week recuperating, as doctors have suggested, the Mail has learnt that she returned to work straight away. Instead of heading back to Windsor Castle last night, the monarch, who turns 87 next month, insisted on returning to Buckingham Palace to be briefed by her private office staff. She was joined by the 91-year-old Duke of Edinburgh, who had a public engagement at the Royal Thames Yacht Club in Knightsbridge last night. And even though she is expected to return to Windsor Castle at some point this week, she will continue to receive the ‘red boxes’ of official paperwork that follow her wherever she goes. The monarch, who will celebrate the 60th anniversary of her coronation in June, went down with a debilitating case of gastoenteritis on Friday and was advised to rest at Windsor Castle for the weekend. The Queen much prefers the relative informal nature of Windsor to Buckingham Palace and considers it to be her true ‘home’. But on Sunday afternoon, concerned doctors decided she should be taken to King Edward VII hospital for monitoring. And although Buckingham Palace said she would be kept in for two days, her racing green Bentley accompanied by four police outriders unexpectedly arrived outside the central London hospital yesterday lunchtime. The Queen, who had earlier in the day been visited and given the all-clear by her personal physician, Professor John Cunningham, stepped briskly through the front door. Wearing a pillar-box red coat with Queen Victoria’s diamond bow brooch pinned to her left shoulder and her beloved pearls around her neck, the Queen had a sparkle in her eye and a spring in her step.

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