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Torsion Field Physics & Torsion Field Communications

Torsion Field Physics
Torsion Field Communications

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For over a decade, I have been accumulating knowledge of futuristic technologies and new scientific discoveries not commonly accepted by or even known to mainstream scientists. I personally have the pleasure to know some of the top scientists and inventors involved with what some people refer to as a largely unpublicized international “underground” science research network. Disregarding the scientific dogma taught by academia and utilized by commercial enterprises, these people have chosen to follow their own independent paths of inquiry, experimentation, and discovery to whatever they consider may be the genuine scientific truth.

Torsion field communications is arguably one of the more exotic and potentially valuable non-mainstream technologies. Torsion field communications is an immature communications medium that is perhaps about at the stage of radio communications’ development a century ago. At that early era of radio, practical user-friendly radio transmitters and receivers had not yet been developed for commercial sale. Amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM) channels, for example, eventually had to be precisely specified, standardized and allocated.

The theoretical maximum capacity of torsion field communications is apparently 40 billion channels of three-dimensional holographic television at least one billion times the speed of light through the entire earth without attenuation. Torsion field communications, with components only the size of coins or less, may eventually displace all forms of electronic communications including telephones, television, radio, fiber optic cable, microwave, and communications satellites, plus the entire Internet backbone.

Torsion field communications research and development has been and still is conducted by a team of very smart engineers, physicists, etc based in Salt Lake City, Utah and elsewhere led by David Yurth. My personal contribution is the invention of a major advance that comprises part of a patent application which describes a process that is hoped will become the first fully functional bi-directional torsion field communications system.

Prospective investors should emphatically be warned that torsion field communications has a long ways to go before it can even begin to be presentable to venture capitalists and then become ready for commercial licensing.

This document, “Torsion Field Physics and Torsion Field Communications”, is intended to be a temporary repository/anthology of writings, emails, etc on torsion field physics and the commercial development of torsion field communications. Discussion of torsion field effects on live DNA and life forms was minimized somewhat although they are very interesting. In most instances, I am not able to personally take responsibility for the accuracy and validity of my descriptions; I am only editing or copying other people’s reports.

This torsion field physics and torsion field communications anthology is incomplete without David Yurth’s article, “Torsion Field Mechanics: Verification of Non-local Field Effects in Human Biology”, Proceedings of INE-2000, Vol. 5, No. 2, The Institute of New Energy's Journal of New Energy. A separate copy of the article is available from either David Yurth or me. For more on the remarkable potential of the torsion field, see

Gary C. Vesperman

Title Page
What is the Torsion Field? 1
Torsion Field Communications Prototype 3
Status of Torsion Field Communications 4
Making Exotic New Materials with Torsion Field 6
Nevada-Based Russian Invention Incubator 11
Holy 13
Etheric Weather Engineering 24
Three-Dimensional Holographic Television 27
Speed of Light is Slowing Down! 29
Yurth's 5th INE Symposium paper 32
Kozyrev: Aether, Time and Torsion 50
Moe-Joe Orgone Energy Cell 57
Torsion Field Attributes 61
What is the Torsion Field?

Everyone is familiar with electromagnetism, produced by charge, and gravity, produced by mass. A torsion field is produced by the spin of a mass, whether it is an electron or as large as a star.

Russian A.E. Akimov's EGS concept deals with three types of physical vacuum polarization. According to the concept, the physical vacuum can manifest as E-field, G-field, and S-field. The E-field stands for the Electromagnetic field, G-field is the Gravitational field, and S-field is indeed the Torsion field (S stands for spinor). Each particle has three independent kinematic parameters: the charge, the mass, and the spin; and each of these parameters is a source of a long-range field: the charge generates E-field, the mass generates G-field, and the spin generates S-field (the Torsion field).

Electromagnetic fields such as light, radio, and magnetism are vector fields in that they possess both magnitude and direction of propagation. Gravitational fields are also vector fields with both magnitude and direction. Torsion fields are scalar; they only have the property of magnitude. Torsion fields operate independently of direction. They also have the extraordinary property of holographically operating throughout the entire universe without respect to time nor distance.

If two magnets are swept past each other, a torsion field is generated. Torsion fields do not propagate in a linear fashion like a photon or radio wave at the velocity of light. Torsion fields are transmitted in a non-linear, non-local holographic manner. To illustrate, Russian astronomers have been able to determine the present location of some stars even though their actual light took several years to travel to Planet Earth. Of course, their light shows their locations at the time the light had left a long time ago. The astronomers are then able to detect the torsion field emitted by each star’s angular momentum in its present true location. Most incredibly, it doesn’t matter how far away is a star, even if millions of light-years distant. Their torsion field detectors are bought off-the-shelf from one of at least four Russian companies who make and sell torsion field generators and detectors. So therefore, when the two magnets were moved past each other, the torsion field they had generated after an immeasurably small fraction of a second has already left our solar system!

I spent a couple of weeks March 2003 editing David G. Yurth’s manuscript for his ground-breaking book “Seeing Past The Edge”. Its 474 endnotes indicate his many years of extensive research in physics, consciousness, cosmology, etc. The following four paragraphs were copied (and slightly edited) from his book’s Chapter 9 “The Torsion Field: Information Link to Infinity”:

“More than 4,000 papers have been published by more than 150 teams of scientists over the past one hundred twenty years, describing what is the torsion field, what functions it performs, how it works, and where it is to be found.

State-of-the-art devices which have been created to operate in this field are becoming more prolific and sophisticated every day. Today, anyone can buy a 5th field generator from any of four sources in the former Soviet states. Their devices have been constructed, operated, tested, documented and patented. They propagate information into and retrieve information out of the torsion field.

The theoretical structure and functional dynamics of the physical vacuum and the role of the torsion field are becoming clearer every day. References are provided in the appendixes to more than 250 different papers, journals and books which describe many of the interesting features of the physical vacuum and the torsion field, including the research conducted by teams of scientists all over the world. A lengthy list of attributes (see last chapter below titled “Torsion Field Attributes”) has been experimentally identified which demonstrates that the torsion field operates holographically, without regard to time and distance. Its operations are characterized by a variety of behaviors which have been described conceptually, experimentally and mathematically as functions of spin polarity, angular momentum and weighted waveform vector velocities. For example, unlike electromagnetism, where analogous charges repel and opposite charges attract, in torsion fields spins polarized in the same direction attract, and spins polarized in the opposite direction repulse.”

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