Tuesday, February 26, 2013

T.J.B. = The Journey Begins

T.J.B. = The Journey Begins
T+J+B = 20+10+2 = 32
32 = Covenant (in biblical numrology)

Properties of the number 32


  • According to R. Allendy, "it is the differentiation appearing in the organized world". It would not be the creative generation as 23, which is the reverse of 32, but rather the plan, the diagram, of the various forms of creatures modeled by the Creator. It would be also the karmic liberation sought in the tests of the natural law, 8 x 4 = 32.
  • Represent the totality of men on the earth.
  • Number inspiring to the man the truth and teaching him how to live it.
  • Symbol of justice, according to the Pythagoricians.


  • In the revelations make by Jesus to Gemma, in her book "Parole d'amour", Jesus affirms that on the cross, He had 32 bones fractured.
  • The world has been created by 32 ways and they form the 32 mysterious paths of the Wisdom according to the Cabal, formed by the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the ten Sephiroth of the sephirothic tree, that are the attributes of the divine name.
  • The 32 chapters of the Apocalypse of Abraham (80-100 after J.-C.) from the documents of the library of Qumran, in which are written the fall of the man and the idolatry of descendants of Abraham, the end of times and that the pagan nations will be soon punished, and finally the Messiah who will come to gather his people and to pass his enemies to the fire.
  • It is the number of letters of the alphabet which God would have taught to Adam. Some of them would have been lost. Someone claims indeed that the face of God would be formed of 32 letters which all were not discovered, nor deciphered and ordered. If that had been the case, the man would have found his dignity of the son of God. The Gospels have succeeded to decipher 24 letters, the Pentateuch 22 and the Koran 28.
  • According to the Buddhist tradition, the mother of Buddha observed 32 month of abstinence and had to be endowed of 32 qualities. That is why Buddha had 32 virtues.
  • The mouth contains normally 32 teeth: 16 to the jaw superior and 16 to the inferior jaw.


  • The number 32 is used 11 times in the Bible.
  • The number 60 is used 32 times in the Bible.
  • The sum of the occurrences of all numbers in the Bible multiples of 21 gives 32.
  • In the Gospel of Matthew, the expression "kingdom of Heaven" is used 32 times. The 32 mentions of the divine name Elohim in first chapter of the Genesis. The verb to liberate is used 32 times in the Bible.



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