Thursday, February 28, 2013

Facebook Problems Again Now :/

I can not log into my Facebook account. Yesterday I changed the password, because I was informed that another device accessed my Facebook account. I changed the password and yesterday in the evening I wanted to change it again and nothing arrived at my eMail address.
Today it is still the same :/
Nothing arrives at my eMail address!!!
Maybe Mr. M.E. Zuckerberg aka 'Overlord' (his CIA name) should invest his billions into the freedom of humanity to make this fucking control freak system better for the people and not for the control freak cabal wannabe elite. The system stinks!!! 
TH+UR+S+day 28 February 2013

S+day February 2013= RA+day F.2013
TH+UR+28 = UR+Isis = Sirius

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