Sunday, February 17, 2013

9/11 +++ The Serpent Clans & Tribes Of North America (9) & The Djedhi Of Egypt (11)

The Serpent Clans 
& Tribes Of North America (Chapter 9)   
& The Djedhi Of Egypt (Chapter 11)
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This landmark book brings together the lineages and teachings of the spiritual masters around the world whose symbol has been the serpent or dragon. The book traces the fabled beginnings of these adepts from the legendary continents in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, to their later occurrences as the pyramid builders, priest kings and hierophants of pre-Christian cultures around the globe, and finally to their clandestine manifestation as the Secret Societies of Europe, within which they orchestrated the overthrow of the British rule and the eventual founding of the United States of America. In this book you will learn the history and teachings of the following “Serpents”:
  • The Nagas of India
  • The Lung Dragons of China
  • The Djedhi of Egypt
  • The Amaru of Peru
  • The Druid Adders of Britain
  • The Levites of Palestine
  • The Ashipu priests of Mesopotamia
  • The Quetzlcoatls of Mexico
  • The Snake Clan of North America
  • The Templars, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians

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