Monday, January 21, 2013

Russians Expose Financial Tyranny: Benjamin Fulford & David Wilcock on REN-TV ~ January 16, 2013 “Нам и не снилось. Миллион на выданье”

This is what David Wilcock mentioned in his article, “Top Russian TV Station Exposes Financial Tyranny“. David Wilcock first appears at about 40:45. Benjamin Fulford shows up at 41:35. As I understand it, this is the first episode of a series. You’re lucky, if you understand Russian! 
There are no English subtitles. Below is the Google translation of the information attached to the video.
"Business on beauty, big money, secrets of Russian gold, godfathers and godmothers … It is impossible to imagine! Incredible twists of fate, the unique set of circumstances, a phenomenal discovery. Such 'We never dreamed of!'. All 3:00 of each release – only current burning issues, the investigation of which will have a new look to the long-known events and facts. As well as new versions of the series 'Titanic. Report from the world' and the new facts of life Vanga. Each episode will be a real and even shocking revelation for the viewer!
“How to save money in the crisis and how to increase them, why in the heart of every capital crime is, the truth about how the Rockefeller family became rich and authentic history of the development of the richest oligarchs in Russia, why fight two of the wealthiest families of the planet, why actually started two world wars and why will the third. A new look at the history and the truth about the sensational conspiracy rich against humanity”

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