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Spiritual Alchemy ~ A True Rosicrucian Story

Rose Cross
Spiritual Alchemy

"The result of mysticism is a purification process, which renders each vehicle of being as a channel for Divine Intelligence. It is a total conscious surrender to the Supreme Truth that awaits the moment to manifest."  
~  Rosicrucian Manuscript

"The universal mind as an intelligence permeates every cell of our being and is accessible as an infinite wisdom."   

~ Rosicrucian Manuscript 
"Be and remain a free thinker. Think for yourself and not according to what other people think. Likewise, let everyone think freely; do not impose your ideas on others and always remember that your ideas are also evolving."  

~ Rose-Croix Code of Life

"As the aim of all human beings is to perfect ourselves, constantly endeavor to awaken the virtues of the soul that animates each of us. In doing so, we each contribute to our own evolution while serving all of humanity." 
~ Rose Croix Code of Life

The True Story of the Rosicrucians

The old Alchemists of the Middle Ages, many of whom were Rosicrucians, stated that in order to transmute a mineral element into a different and higher element, as for example the transmutation of the lead into gold, it is first necessary that the Alchemist transmute his own inner nature. In the old Rosicrucian writings published centuries ago, and which we have already mentioned, we are told in symbolic language about the formation and purposes of the Rosicrucians. One of these purposes to which the members of the Fraternity aspired was to achieve the Great Reformation. Nobody who has not first reformed within their own inner being can successfully seek to reform any aspect of a family member, society, or the world. In the measure that people change their own thought processes and activities, resulting in positive changes to their own inner nature, they will find life improving around themselves also. 
Many people suffer with terrible illnesses that are caused by their thoughts of hate and bitterness. Every treatment they undergo fails, because the only way they can be treated successfully is to first change their way of thinking, transmuting their thoughts into more positive ones. When we explore our apparent limitations we come to understand that life for us is just as we have chosen to see it. By creating the appropriate conditions within our own beings we can change our lives and experience the inner reformation that leads to Inner Peace and external Success. People often seek Universal Peace, declaring that they intensely desire it, but if we are discontent and in conflict with our own inner selves how difficult it will be to bring peace to the rest of the world, since it must first germinate within our hearts. 

Rosicrucians have learned that, by means of an Initiatic process proven over many centuries, people can transmute their inner nature and in so doing transmute their lives and become workers in helping others to achieve the true Universal Reformation
Many of the men and women throughout history who fought for the positive changes that have taken place in society and were able to improve conditions for all, were Rosicrucians who had previously achieved the great reformation within themselves and found in this way the strength to undertake the titanic task of assisting all of Humanity. 

Are you a sincere soul who feels the inner urge to realize the inner transformation of the Great Reformation

What Are The Rosicrucians Really?

The Rosicrucians are normal men and women. Perhaps some of your friends or relatives are members of the Rosicrucians and you are not aware of it. Members of the Rose Cross Order are devoted to the study and practical application of the highest form of the Laws of the Nature. They study and, little by little, through a gradual study discover the enormous potentialities possessed by all the human beings and how to apply these discoveries effectively in their own lives. In this way they improve their quality of life here and now, and of course they are also able to help improve the lives of others. 

Rosicrucians are men and women who, through their studies, discover the intimate harmony that exists throughout the whole Universe and of which they are a part. They learn to utilize the power that this harmony bestows on those who understand it. They discover that the Universe manifests a very definite purpose and that everyone has a particular role to play in the vast universal scenario. 

In summery, Rosicrucians are men and women who, through the teachings that they receive as members of the Rose Cross Order, discover their true mission in the life and fulfill it while living fully on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. 

Rosicrucians, in harmony with their traditional teachings, strive to dispel the superstitions and false ideas that have hindered humanity by keeping people in a state of moral and physical slavery. They work at becoming more tolerant and understanding of others. As conscientious and rational people, they never behave ridiculous or fanatic manner. 


The greatest freedom and strictest independence is one of the most important principals of the Rose Cross. Every Rosicrucian is free to affiliate with whatever religion they prefer. The teachings of the Rose Cross Order do not interfere in the member's religious concepts or matters of conscience. 

Is there a reason for living and being, or are we creatures that are born only to grow old, die and then nothing? 


The Rose Cross Order respects every persons right to decide for themselves what is best for their country, how they would like it to be and how they want it governed. This civic prerogative is so personal, so private, that the Order would never interfere in it. We appreciate the member's right to freely choose that party or political position which they prefer. 


Over the centuries the Order has remained a society dedicated to helping to improve people's lives in a disinterested way. For this reason the Order functions as a non-profit Educational Fraternal Organization. All funds are dedicated exclusively to the philanthropic Rose Cross work and no one ever benefits from these funds in the form of dividends or commissions of any kind. 

The  Secret Of Life

At some time in your life you may have wondered about the purpose of existence. If you are like most people you will have considered that it is a mysterious and unknown path that we travel. What will we find when we reach our destination? What lies beyond our present experience? What challenges and circumstances will you confront as you go through life? And most importantly, will you conquer the challenges of life or be conquered by them?

All of these considerations arise in our minds when, during moments of quiet reflection, we think about the reason for our existence. Does the universe exist for some purpose or is it no more than a group of celestial bodies floating about in space without a definite cause or justifying purpose?

When we turn our view toward the firmament on a dark and starry night, we know that such a vast construct as the Cosmos must work in agreement with natural laws so perfect and orderly that all the stars of the Universe moving with such mathematical precision must have some reason for their existence.

Are we able to think less at such a time than that the whole amazing vista spread across the skies must have some reason for being? Surely everything is created to satisfy a definite purpose. It is very difficult to imagine that the Universe, with all the energy and movement it contains and spread out from infinite distance to infinite distance, existing for a vast and incomprehensible time, is something that exists for no particular reason.

And what of us? What is our role in the vast scenario of the Universe and how do we carry it out?

Is our life only the result of some casual chemical reactions that happened to evolve many thousands of millions of years ago, or is there something more? 

Is there a reason for living and being, or are we creatures that are born only to grow old, die and then nothing?

What comes after this life?

Is life predetermined for us and for humanity as a whole, the future predestined and without choice?

Why do we often feel as though we are ships without a helm, at the mercy of life's currents and buffeted by the tempests of existence? 

Is there a particular mission that each of us needs to carry out during our time on earth, or is life only a chimera until it ends? 

Why is it that some people live fruitful lives filled with successes, and others live with continual failure and bitterness?

What is the Secret of Life? 

The Inner Path

For thousands of years men and women, sincere seekers of truth desirous of discovering the mysteries of existence by one means or another, have searched for answers to those essential questions that we considered a moment ago. The quest continues and is the driving energy that impels true seekers to become the future Masters of Life.
Many of those men and women even abandoned the comfort of their homes during uncertain times, to go out in quest of the sources of eternal Wisdom hoping to satiate their thirst for knowledge. Some of them found others with a similar desire to know and these people joined together to carry out their quest and share their individual experiences for mutual benefit. 

Long ages ago they founded the Ancient Mystery Schools and became the Silent Watchmen, dedicated to the preservation of the inner knowledge that brings freedom to those who possessed it. But, you may wonder, what is it that they discovered in the Ancient Schools of Hidden Knowledge and kept as a treasure, concealed from the profane world? What secret lessons did those Silent Watchmen reserve for those select few who convincingly demonstrated their interest in knowing the profound secrets of Being? 

Nothing is nearer to us that ourselves and nothing is more unknown to us than our own being.Within our bodies a limitless number of atoms revolve in orbits in the same way as the stars of the Universe, moving with the same precision and harmony as the Cosmos and according to the same fundamental laws. We look to the Universe beyond ourselves for answers without noticing that we are ourselves a universe in miniature. But more important than this, human beings are comprised of something more. We have life and we manifest the most important attribute of it: consciousness. Human beings are endowed with a mind that is continually active. Even when we are sleeping our minds continue to function, assuring the continuation of all vital processes. 

Modern psychology confirms that a high percentage of the illnesses from which people suffer are psychosomatic and began first in the mind, manifesting later in the body. Why does the mind, through errant processes, bring these illnesses about? 

In the present, in the age of computer science, we know that our computers can be programmed and reprogrammed to accomplish different tasks. The mind works in a way similar to computers. Incorrect programming can bring on serious illness and trauma, transforming our lives into a series of misfortunes. 

We can learn to correct a large part of the illnesses from which we suffer. We can program ourselves to improve memory, to gain feelings of security and assurance, for a better function of our personality, to enjoy better health. So very many things that we can do, when we know the potential of our inner mind and are able to relegate suffering to the place where it truly belongs: NO WHERE AT ALL. 

But there is still much more to consider. Just as the painting takes on the nature of the artist who paints it, and the sculpture bears the unmistakable mark of the hand that sculpted it, the building carries the expression of the architect's personality, so also we carry the stamp and impression within ourselves of our Creator. 

Human beings can, if they know how, create a future that makes life worth living. To do so is to undertake the most wonderful and fascinating adventure, the journey of discovery into ones Inner Being. 

Do you value it enough to undertake the journey of discovery? 

If you do, continue with your inquiry into the mysteries revealed by the Rose Cross. 

Rose Cross Tradition & History

Though the Rose Cross Order is a spiritual beneficiary of the old Mystery Schools that flourished in Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome, and perhaps in other places prior to that, the origins of the Rose Cross are lost in the obscure nights of history. Nevertheless as our Rosicrucian records attest, a particular movement took place in the Initiatic Schools of the XIV century and it is from that time that the Rosicrucian movement technically derives. Such documents as Fama Fraternitatis, the Confessio Rosae Crucis, and various other publications and manifestos as well attest to this. There are many references to the Rosicrucian Orders and to their establishment in the various countries of Europe in the XVII and XVIII centuries, and also to many celebrated characters, great benefactors of humanity, who belonged to these Orders. 

Raimundo Lulio, Newton, Miguel Servet (well-known defender of the freedom of conscience) Leibnitz, Leonardo da Vinci, Descartes, Paracelso, Beethoven and many others who stood out in different branches of knowledge were proud of their Rosicrucian affiliation.

The Rosicrucian chronicles say that over six hundred years ago a young man called Christian Rosenkreutz, desiring knowledge, undertook a trip to the lands of the East. Arriving at the symbolic city of Damcar he was received by the Sages there and they transmitted to him their secret knowledge, which he developed and improved after years of study with those who had access to the LIBER MUNDI, where the deepest mysteries of Nature may be understood. 

He then returned to Europe, traveling first to Spain. There, as in other countries where he traveled, the knowledge was not fully understood. Because of this he went out to lands of Germania (symbolically meaning, the Fraternity of the Earth) and established the first House of the Holy Spirit. There he transmitted to his pupils and their successors the wisdom that he had acquired in the East. When the pupils were fully prepared they expanded their effort and transmitted the Light they had received to all the world. After living to a very advanced age Christian Rosenkreutz died and was buried in a tomb unknown to all, as they continued to build the norms for the Fraternity. 

One of the Brothers of the Fraternity, while making repairs to the House of the Holy Spirit, discovered the hidden entrance to the Master's tomb. Upon opening it, they found within a symbolic construction and also well preserved old manuscripts and documents. The wisdom gained from both the architecture and the manuscripts allowed them to reestablish the Order in the world. 

This symbolic history which we have related reveals one of the great enigmas that has perplexed many historians who have sought to know more about our Order. 

At certain times in history we see the Order appear with great vigor in one or several countries and then later disappear without leaving a trace until appearing again in another country. It is said in the chronicle titled Fama Fraternitatis and other Rosicrucian treaties also, that the rule is that the Order will be active and inactive in progressive cycles that vary between one hundred and one hundred twenty years. 

Rosicrucians, profound experts of Nature, know and understand that everything is developed by cycles. Everything is born, grows, reproduces and dies. The cycle repeats time after time. As direct example we need only consider the seasons of the year. 

In accordance with this principle it is necessary that the Rose Cross Order adjusts to these natural cycles. Therefore every so often, as a normal part of the inner operation that has been followed for centuries, the Order appears and disappears according to the cycles mentioned, developing a more perfect expression each time, and adapting to the times. For this reason the Symbolic Tomb of Christian Rosenkreutz has been opened again to bring to light the treasure of Rosicrucian knowledge and offer it to sincere seekers in a practical and modern way. In this manner we perpetuate the tradition of the Rose Cross Order.

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