Monday, January 21, 2013

Proving The Secret Of The Pyramids: Where Theory Evolves Into Evidence

The Secret
Of The Pyramids
Where Theory Evolves
Into Evidence
~Wayne Herschel

"Proving the secret of the Great Pyramid would NEED deciphering of the REAL design purpose that was measurable on the star aligned shafts. Leading up to my media release event exposing the secret on the 2nd of Feb I will be posting some recent minor discoveries that elevate what scholars called my 'weak' previous theories by placing them in new light. It is these new pieces of the puzzle that lead up to cracking the pyramid design secret where the pyramid decoded claim becomes measurable and virtually reasoned as undeniable probability and truth.


The leg constellation of ancient Egypt was previously completely wrong made by scholars in the 1920's where they INCORRECTLY claimed it was URSA MAJOR. Read on...
I set out to prove this. It is seen here were the ancients depicted a drawing of a 'BULLS' leg... UNDENIABLE FACT(1)
The wording of leg of the 'BULL' CONSTELLATION is from ancient Egyptian text where this leg constellation is undeniable part of the 'Bull of the sky'. UNDENIABLE FACT (2)
Proving what was the Bull of the sky is an easy exercise when one looks at the Dendera Zodiac disc... IT DEPICTS TAURUS AS THE BULL OF THE SKY! UNDENIABLE FACT (3) ref follows.

The depictions of the leg of the bull include make up of 7 stars... UNDENIABLE FACT (4)

Consider this depiction with these 3 new minor findings...

1) The tether between the womb of Tawaret and the Leg of the bull appears to depict the DNA of humanity (NEW MINOR FINDING THEORY PROPOSAL) 

2) There are 2 Suns in this depiction so it CANT possibly be our Sun (UNDENIABLE FACT (5) NEW MINOR FINDING

3) There is Horus a bird headed deity representing Orion as a cosmic pointer showing the way to the leg (my old 2002 published finding now usurped on the TV series Ancient Aliens.)

This material is above is fundamental in cracking the pyramid code... more clues to follow shortly on other minor findings where Tawaret is shown giving birth to a cosmic Egg of Ra! watch this space... The pyramid news release and press conference set for 2nd Feb 2013 Cape Town ... details here with star shaft clues..."

 ~  Wayne Herschel

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