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Path of the Middle Pillar & Venus Energies

  Path of the Middle Pillar & Venus Energies
Using a term coined by J.R.R. Tolkien, I would say that we experience life on 'Middle Earth’, which can be found somewhere between the two polarities. Of course there are worlds in the cosmos that are beyond this dualistic polarization, but it's not the reality that we are facing here on planet Earth. The 'Star Wars' theology is not very far from the reality that we are confronted with in this part of the cosmos & the 'Dark Side' is called by the Gnostics, the Archons. On the surface it might appear to be separate from what’s going on out in space, or what’s happening within our own bodies, but really it’s all intimately entwined. We’re walking the 'Path of the Middle Pillar' and in the near future I’m sure it’s going to have it’s fair share of ups and downs as these cosmic energies bathe our planet. If we’re surfing with the flow of these cosmic currents, then this process won’t just be enlightening, it’ll be a hell of a lot of fun as well! The ‘Inner Flood Gates’ which where once sealed are now beginning to open, and as a result our hearts and minds are beginning to blossom. They’ve been closed for a long time, but like the arrival of the Sun we simply cannot resist the warm rays. When a flower opens for the first time, it’s a beautiful thing to behold. Consciousness is beginning to unfold within each of us and I believe it’s preparation for what’s to come. We’re being prepared to leave the Womb which has been containing us all this time. When we’re ready to accept the approaching flood because we understand that it’s a natural part of being born again’, when we come back into alignment with our universe, and when the flower unfolds in our mind's eye, we’ll be ready to hatch into this New Age. The most important thing is to get informed and to integrate & transcend all polarities, which is necessary to be able to harmonize them. A very good start for inner spiritual work is to confront yourself with all the aspects of your inner shadow self, which is very difficult for many people.
The rest of the universe is holding it’s breath in much the same way as a first time parent as we enter into these final stages of labor. Eyes are watching from above as the contractions intensify and humanity wriggles into position. It's a ‘break down’ via synchronicity. I want to bring all of this back home to Sirius, which I believe is going to share some of the responsibility for our collective shattering. The arrival of Sirius & the 'Sirius Experiment' is destined and the Goddess Sirius, which the ancient Egyptians called Isis, will be besides many others one of the midwifes to help in delivering humanity via the portal of Mother Earth into this New Aeon. Besides many other Lightwarriors & Lightworkers, Isis' reincarnation is already shining her light & radiating her love in this era of transformation on planet Earth & a few people already know where & when she incarnated in our present time of transition.
"I am the Mistress of my own Mind
Becoming One with God in time
Slowly swimming up the river stream
The power of Creation driving me
To follow this program of divinity   

I cannot be denied what's already within
But only the strongest survive this upstream swim
From fresh water to sea and back again
The life cycles the same for every one
Yet each of us must make it on our own.  

And when I reach my natal riverbed
I'll joyfully mate my lover and it'll be said
That many died and never made it to find 
Their God within the hard scale outside
Birthing this transformation,  and then I'll die."

 © Tammara -
In the words of Aleister Crowley: 
Every Man and Woman is a Star’
12_Star_is_born 0_Sirius 0_Sirius3 I do not like the luciferian approaches of Aleister Crowley,  but many of his views were very open-minded & I appreciate that. Somehow his anti-dogmatic approches helped to counterbalance the flase & fundamentalistic aspects of Christianity, which is a good thing in the end.

"Paganism is wholesome, 
because it faces the facts of life.”
~ Aleister Crowley
The Planet Venus has links to the Star or Pentagram. The Earth makes 8 orbits around our Sun for every 13 orbits of Venus, and the five inferior conjunctions of Venus create the shape of a Pentagram around planet Earth:

"If the doors of perception were cleansed 
everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
To see the world in a grain of sand, 
and to see heaven in a wild flower, 
hold infinity in the palm of your hands, 
and eternity in an hour."
~ William Blake

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