Friday, January 25, 2013

Medical Astrology & The Decans

The above chart shows the 36 decans of the zodiac and how they correlate to the human body. There are twenty one decans in the northern hemisphere (green) and fifteen decans in the southern hemisphere (red).

Each deacan takes up 10 degrees of each house. The first decan is cardinal (leading) the middle fixed and the third is mutable (following). Since a zodiac si gn can be divided into cardinal, fixed and mutable decans, a decan of a zodiac sign tends to be slightly similar to the sign of the element with the quality of that decan. It also means that a zodiac sign is the most typical and characteristic in the decan of the quality that the sign itself belongs to. Therefore a zodiac sign is its strongest in the decan of the quality that the sign belongs to

You should pay attention to what decan of the zodiac a planet is in as it tells you a lot about the constitution of that planet, what ailments it might cause, and to what extent.

Each decan of the zodiac tends to narrow down the body part inflicted, or the kind of affliction. It is not that certain or exact, but the above chart gives clues to how the decans modify physical ailments and problems of each sign. These are indications, only.

Some zodiac signs are more prone to cause mental disorders than physical ones. That’s even more true about some planets. Still, any mental disorder tends to lead also to some kind of physical malfunction or ailment (the above gives a good indication to what).

A zodiac sign with no planet is not very significant, so the body part governed by it is not likely to excel or cause serious trouble (except for the signs of houses 12, 6 and 8) If there is a planet in a zodiac sign, it is enhanced and activated. This normally means increased health, but can sometimes lead to serious problems as well. It depends on the planet and the aspects to it.

Mainly, it depends on how much the force that the planet represents is allowed to act. If its ability is diminished or held back, it sort of retaliates by causing illness or other problems. A planet that can’t act according to its positive nature will react in a negative way.

Almost all health problems are caused by planetary powers in the horoscope held back or obstructed.

Each planet has its own way of affecting the health both in a positive way, when correctly stimulated, and in a negative way when obstructed.

  ~ Stefan Stenudd (2009)
Your Health in you Horoscope 

- an introduction to medical Astrology

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