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Higher Vibrations Eliminate Feeding Cords

Higher Vibrations Eliminate Feeding Cords
Some characteristics or thoughts of higher vibrations and the way a light soul functions is to use discernment. The ego or little human judge and blame because there is always an agenda. Instead of carrying others darkness for them you learn to hold a space and detach emotionally. Your DISCERNMENT is to perceive or recognize a thing, person, event or sensory perception. Discernment with detachment means you have nothing to gain or lose you are the observer. That is the point of perception of your soul. You flow with what unfolds and it is an integral part of your intuition. Choice without judgment or attachment to the outcome is discernment.

HOLDING a SPACE is the way to align with universal law and to interact with the dark ones in your life. Holding a space is being supportive or increasing someone’s awareness WHEN they ask for it or seek it. When they are ready to act give them your support and information. If their focus is on their immediate little human WOUND or an act of vengeance or gossip wait, they are not ready yet. Keep holding the space. They still want to energy feed and hold dark truths. WAIT for them to get clarity on the bigger spiritual picture or lesson they chose to experience. You honor their choice to work with the lesson they are in, a bit longer.

Attachment to the outcome of anything like what a spouse, lover or child may do or not do goes against the law of ALLOWING. Even when the other person is being self-destructive that is their creation and their path to wisdom that you need to allow them to travel without your interference. Concern your self with something pleasant and enjoyable for you. To be supportive you need to realistically discern what skills they do have and those they have not yet mastered or reclaimed. You can only successfully work with others AFTER you have mastered working with you. Otherwise your attachment to them or your attachment to an outcome becomes your priority and you will join them in their darkness and imbalance. Both of you will be giving your energy to the immediate “little human WOUND” becoming the victim OR acting out becoming the predator.

Higher vibrations do not have energy feeding cords. To be "god like" or divine or following divine decree or purpose is to receive and give only compassion. DIVINE ESSENCE is complete in it self and does not demand action or response. We were created from divine essence and chose to experience and explore dark truths and that time has ended.

DIVINE INTUITION is a guidance system from our soul aspects helping us to know how fast to go and which way to turn and what to avoid. These are generally our sensory perceptions or gut feelings. You will not get this information in advance you generally get it in the now moment just as you need it and you need to use it.

DIVINE PURPOSE in the earth matrix or illusion was to gather wisdom about dark truths and then master self-love and compassion in anyway we chose to master that awareness. Now the little human or ego is working in concert with their soul aspect using discernment and detachment to give and receive only compassion for the self, first.

DIVINE WILL is give and receive only compassion. To leave duality you need to move from FREE WILL to divine will. DIVINITY is a level or vibration of truth that is absent in duality. It is oneness without negativity, a STATE of beingness that does not demand action or response, emanating compassion. Our soul aspects activated our sacred contract in 1987 that could have taken us in a totally new direction for the rest of our life or be completed in a few minutes. Sacred contracts were written before our birth and had a higher priority than other contracts. BUT they turned out to be too complicated to manage and become OBSOLETE in 1997.

Times of FEELING ALONE or EMPTY happens as you increase the amount of light you carry. As our vibration increases we need to put together the feelings we really had WITH what we really experienced. Our soul will give us feelings and dreams about what we "really had" and we need to match them up with our experiences, integrating them. Most of us have shut down our feelings in our childhood because it was just too painful to feel alone, empty and abandoned. When you get brave enough and feel safe enough to start FEELING again and healing, you will pick up where you were when you shut your feelings down. Just like the addicts growth and development shuts down or is arrested when the addiction kicks in. We need to put together the pieces to create the whole.

Feeling alone and empty may also be you longing to commune with your soul aspects and higher truths. FEELINGS are SENSORY PERCEPTIONS, awareness and sensitivities. Feelings are your soul and you communing. Avoiding, denying or suppressing your sensory awareness can result in mental disease, depression, anxiety, overweight or any addiction. Feelings cannot be forced or controlled. Shut down feelings mean you feel dead inside and you crave excitement and sugar. Feelings are MEANT to be experienced to help you gain wisdom.

SUGAR CRAVING from a spiritual higher vibration point of perception is craving affection or CONNECTION with your soul aspects and the universal flow of compassion, comfort and appreciation. It is all about balance and your vibration. 

You may experience DIZZINESS when you are around greater darkness or greater light than YOU carry. The imbalance of light creates the dizzy sensation. When you are with someone or out in public and those around you carry more dark than you do, that will imbalance your energy (law of entrainment) and creates a dizzy or floaty feeling in you. The same dizzy sensation is present when those with greater light than you have are around, especially from the invisible realm. When your soul aspect or some lighter entity wants to give you a "thank you" or let you know you are moving in the right direction, you will experience dizziness. When you the human acknowledge that with a THANK YOU the dizziness generally leaves.

ENTRAINMENT is falling in sync with. You can entrain with all the various shades of gray, dark or light. Dark entrainments have energy feeding cords and dark soul contracts. Light entrainments are when your energy field overlaps another's auric field. You can read and feel each other telepathically with no secrets. Our soul aspects create entrainments for the human. When your soul aspects entrain you with another person or more you may get in your awareness a lot of information from those you are entrained with. We are all entrained to a greater or lesser degree to others in our vibration and that is WHY you need to be active, focused and act alone to change your personal vibration or entrainment. CORDS are multidimensional electromagnetic strings of energy and help you stay entrained or keep you STUCK in an emotion or thought pattern of energy. With the higher vibrations feeding tubes or cords are dissolving. For those with less than 60% light dissolved feeding cords are creating anxiety and confusion in them. Higher vibrations carry no cords they have sharing, detachment, friendship, compassion and constructive purpose. Entrainment is engraved in the fabric of the universe and works in tandem with law of attraction and allowing. 

OVERLAYING AURIC BODIES or OVERLIGHTING or OVERSHADOWING is a method used by the invisible realm or your soul aspects, to deliver or transmit light energy, a message or an influence to strengthen your awareness, fortify or support you. Your soul aspects make these hook-ups for a short period of time, possibly hours or weeks. They can be a higher vibrating soul aspect hooked-up with the human or human-to-human. When the human is vibrating high enough to be working with their soul there are human-to-human overlaying of astral bodies so you are more attuned to each other and share each others thoughts and feelings about a given issue, if one party goes dark or into anger or gets upset the soul will disconnect them immediately to avoid energy feeding.
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