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A New Male-Female-Duality Transcending & Empathic Civilization

Male Female Duality Transcending
"Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism. But in fact they are perpetually passing into one another. Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid. There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman." ~ Margaret Fuller 

Building A New Empathic Civilization
 "Are you sensitive? 

If so you may have always seen this as a negative aspect to your personality but when you learn to harness this gift and use it for the good of yourself and others, it really is a truly wonderful trait to have. If the world had more sensitive’s or empths’ (a term I prefer to use) I believe it would be a more harmonious and peaceful place. However, as the duality of the world we live in always means their being a polar opposite, we must learn to honour those who seem harder, or un-sensitive. When one can acknowledge and flow with both sides, inner peace can be found. However, it is often the less sensitive people that teach us empaths how to strengthen, use and embrace our gift. 

Just to clarify Empathy as defined by the English Dictionary is ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’. You may hear several terms used synonymously to describe this including; sensitive, empath, clairsentience and a more recent term clair-knowing. For the sake of this article I will use the term Empath. I must however, make it clear that this is not the same as being Sympathetic which means feeling for a person but not necessarily understand the way they feel.

Being an Empath

Being an empath literally means being aware of and sensing your surroundings whether positive or negative. They can literally pick up the feelings and emotions of others, something they fail to understand especially in their younger years. I can remember a pivotal moment in my life when I just got it and may I add, that this moment was only three years ago at the ripe old age of 31. In that very moment, I suddenly could differentiate the feelings of another against my own. It was such a subtle difference that my logical conscious mind questioned it, but my instinct and intuition just knew. It was a wonderfully liberating feeling and I remember thinking to myself, now I know what that feels like, I can be aware of it happening again. Once you become aware, you can begin to protect yourself from absorbing the feelings and emotions (which I will term energy) of others.

Please do not make the mistake by thinking I am saying that everyone cannot possess the ability to empathise or be sensitive towards another. You see, empaths do not have the ability to just switch it off, to just stop being empathetic. It’s in their nature, part of their make-up, who they are fundamentally not what they have learnt or a behavior they have adopted.

Energy is Everything

The world is an ocean of frantic energy, a collection of human emotions and thoughts, electromagnetic vibrations from TV, phones, wi-fi to name but a few. These energies are all around us, and just like radio waves, we may not seem them but know they are there. Empths feel and tune into these energies on an unconscious level, which is why simple tasks can become draining on the empaths personal energy resources. 

If we look at the human being and their five basic senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. They are all designed to pick up subtle frequencies of energy which can be interpreted by the brain. For the empath, one, a few or all of these senses are heightened, they are more sensitive which means they can more easily tap into their intuition (I like to call this your 6th sense). 

Because energy is everything and everywhere, even having a conversation with another can cause inner conflict for an empath because they feel the words spoken. They pick up on body language and all the subtle non direct behaviors and cues that emanate from another. So often people have hidden agendas, have emotional blockages, fears, insecurities that they mask with words, they may not even be aware of this themselves, but an empath can discern the truth, the true energy of another. Remember 80% of the messages we send and receive are non-verbal and 55% of the messages received and processed by the brain are based on body language. Therefore empaths can be overwhelmed with the amount of information and energy flowing towards them that they have to process. 

Empths can commonly be seen as over emotional, weak, fragile, fussy or even sometimes seen as emotionally detached and ‘in their own world’. This is often a coping mechanism they have adopted to withstand living in such a frantic world of chaotic energy.

Practices to Manage and Strengthen your Gift

For me I have unknowingly adopted several practices over the years which has helped me to establish balance and stability. I find quiet time invaluable, with limited electrical equipment in my home, being in Mother Nature and connecting with her to help ground my energy and the purchase of several although not expensive crystals to help protect, cleanse and strengthen my energy field. Regular exercise also helps to release any build up of unwanted tension and energy. However the most profound has been regularly meditation and I believe the most powerful way to stay true to yourself. 

Emotional Detachment and Dissociation
 The hardest lesson for me which I am still trying to master is practicing emotional detachment. In psychology there are two meanings to this, firstly the ‘inability to connect’ with others emotionally and secondly (the one which empaths must practice) is ‘dissociation’; the decision to avoid engaging in emotional connections. At first I thought this would be an impossible task and that by doing this I would lose my compassionate and understanding qualities, but in fact it meant that I could be of more service to others. By creating more definite energetic boundaries, I could allow others to feel their emotion without taking them on as my own. I could allow for a stronger space for others to release, remaining impartial therefore able to engage for longer thus giving a better service. I still sometimes find the news overwhelming (so chose not to watch it) and I still cry easily over a film because this is who I am, but I am now able to do what I believe I came here to do. Help and heal others, especially on an emotionally level. I am now a Reiki Master, Metatronia Therapist and Exercise Specialist and I know my trials, tribulations and experience have been invaluable lessons which without I would not have been able to take the path that I have.

This is only my view point, my experience and you will have your own, possible very different views and experiences too. However, I do hope that for those empaths who read this, it gives them hope, encouragement and the knowing that you are not alone and for everyone else, I hope it has given you at least some insight as to the more sensitive nature of some souls." 
  ~ Emma Bradshaw January 2013 

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