Friday, January 11, 2013

Wisdom Meditations

Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine
Meditations for A Global Paradigm Shift

"There is something exciting afoot these days that has been percolating for decades. This “something” is a new way of being for women and all people everywhere. For thousands of years the feminine energy has struggled to stay alive in a male dominated world. This energy has re-surged throughout history for periods of time. When it has thrived we have called it a Golden Age, for music, medicine, science, art, love and life have flourished. The old ideas of competition, might over right, private ownership, greed, domination and war virtually did not exist. Peace and prosperity reigned during these times and feminine based values of collaboration, co-creation, connection to the natural world and to each other." ~ by Luminessa Enjara

Source: 'Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine' on Facebook

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