Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Victory ~ by Svali

The Victory ~ by Svali
"The greatest victory belongs to Jesus,
He’s the One who heals and frees us.

Satan thought he won and laughed,
little did he know his victims are being let go!

By the greatest power in heaven above,
the redeeming power of God’s great love.

Jesus is the One kneeling beside us,
untying the cords by His,
Holy Spirit inside us.

Chasing away the darkness within,
healing and cleansing us from the sin.

Jesus we love you!
Your children cry,
Thank You for freeing us,
when we thought we would die.

Your mercy so great,
I can’t understand,
Calvary’s love to free the damned.

Satan tried his feeble best,
to fight a battle he’d already lost,
because Jesus paid the cost.

His ransom paid,
I am not a slave any more,
but a child, set free to say,

post scriptum:

The Game 
Black Jesus
& Everlast 


Our Strong 
Black Sisterhood

Luciferians exposed:

The present status quo on planet Earth is not tolerable! The self-complacent arrogant ignorance of certain factions of the so called western "elite" is disgusting! They lie and they know that they lie!  I would like to see all child killing/abusing satanic Luciferians in FEMA camps or at least in regular prisons so that these sick rituals finally find an end!  I was more than disgusted when I figured out through my research what is going on here! If they think that too many "useless eaters" (quote ~ Henry Kissinger) exist on planet Earth then they should all commit suicide and thereby help the planet. And the sad thing is that many people think that this is just a "crazy conspiracy theory".

  Luciferian "Illuminati" 
Defector Svali Exposed Their Agenda:

Check it out at the following link 

and if you believe it or not 

does not change the reality of it 

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