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Reference Guide To Crystal Healing

Reference Guide To Crystal Healing

AGATE: Various colours, is a grounding crystal , promotes harmony between Chakras, enhances mental functions, aids self-confidence, self-analysis, raises spiritual consciousness, good physical healer.

BLUE LACE AGATE: Colour is Light Blue with White bandings, associated with the Throat Chaka. Used for calming, peace of mind, neutralising anger and fear, tranquility, sharpens senses, good for throat and eye problems.

BOTSWANA AGATE: This crystals colours, are Grey/Brown with White bandings, a good grounding crystal, works with Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, is protective, a solution solver, assists to see bigger picture, works on the nervous system and depression.

MOSS AGATE: Mottled Green and White colours, vibrates with the Heart Chakra, has a strong connection to nature, aids in the strengthening of ego and self-esteem, crystal of new beginnings, used for abundance, lessons, fear and stress, assist one to maintain optimism, helps with healing of dehydration, eyes and colds.

AMAZONITE: Blue Green in colour, Throat and Heart Chakras are associated with this crystal, aids spiritual development, contentment, soothing, emotional balancer, male/female balancer, assists metabolic process, osteoporosis.

AMETHYST: Purple colour ranging from pale to deep, also banded variety called Chevron Amethyst, vibrates with the Third Eye Chakra, excellent meditation crystal, provides protection can be calming and stimulating depending on situation, aids courage stability strengths, inside assists in decision-making, alleviate sadness, great for headaches, insomnia and pain relief.

ANGELITE: Colour is Light Blue, associated with the Throat Chakra, crystal of awareness, balances physical and emotional bodies, calming, good crystal for heelers, help you to speak the truth, provides protection used for astral travel, communication, unblocks meridians, dispels anger, treatment for infectious diseases, diuretic.

APOPHYLLITE: Transparent White, Green, Yellow, Pink and Red, can be used to access be Akashic records, associated with be Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus, and Base Chakras, can be used for Scrying, helps to let go, calming, analysis, calms apprehension, assists in Reiki healing, aids respiratory system, asthma.

AQUAMARINE: Colours are Transparent Green, Clear Blue resonates with the Crown Throat and Heart Chakras, helps with courage, calming, protection. Assists one to always be prepared, gentle energy, tolerance clarifies perception, sharpens intellect, crystal of happiness. Treats vision and hay-fever.

AVENTURINE: Comes in colours of Green, Blue, Red, Brown and Orange, it is a positive crystal. And one of prosperity assists against Geopathic stress. When worn absorbs electromagnetic smog, and when taped to mobile phones, provides protection. Brings compassion, empathy, reinforces leadership qualities, it is calming and balancing, treats lungs heart and cholesterol.

BLOODSTONE: Colour Green with Red flecks or spots, resonates with the Base and Heart Chakras, increases curiosity, brings mental balance, courage, wisdom, sensitivity enhances harmony, self-confidence, reduces aggression, treats blood disorders, bladder conditions and rashes.

BOJI STONES: Brownish in colour, good grounder, appears in both male and female forms, brings happiness, good for plants and agricultural pursuits, it is an un-blocker. Provides protection, balances and aligns all the Charkas, also aids in pain relief and tissue regeneration.

CALCITE: Colours range from Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Brown and Gold, works on all Chakras is an energy amplifier, aids memory good for study of any sort, aids communication, channeling, psychic abilities, spiritual development, encourages changes in thought patterns, helps the immune system, kidneys and warts.

CARNELIAN: Colours of Red, Orange, and B rown. Works with the Base and Sacral Chakras, brings happiness and hope, assist people who are absentminded, restores vitality and motivation, dispels apathy, helps one overcome sorrow, cleanser of other crystals, treats gall stones, wounds and eases menstrual pain.

CELESTITE: Colours Blue, White, Yellow Orange and Red. Used for analysis, synchronizing, assist clairaudience, contacting angelic realms, promotes purity of heart, brings good fortune, clams and sharpens the mind, gives gentle strength and inner peace, calming, used for pain relief, eyes and ears and toxin removal.

CHAROITE: Pink and Purple in colour, connects heart to crown Chakra, helps with transformation, overcomes fear, aids inner vision and spiritual insight, bestows drive,
Vigor and spontaneity, opens and balances the Crown Chakra, transmutes negative energy, it is a grounding crystal it is also the crystal of self, bringing unconditional love. Aids in the regulation of blood pressure insomnia, aches and pains.

CHRYSOCOLLA: Blue/Green with Black and Brown colour inclusions. A good motivator, good for gynecological problems, brings tranquility and is sustaining. Cleanses and balances all Chakras, used for guilt, headache, opens psychic vision, good Earth communicator, give us inner strength aids in relationships, arthritis, ulcers and muscle cramps.

CHRYSOPRASE: Colours Light Green, Bottle Green. Balances the yin/yang energy, gives us non-judgemental attitudes, aids with superiority and inferiority complexes, meditation provides hope, is calming, opens us to new situations, good for speech, mental dexterity, security and trust, also acceptance of self and others. Helps with emphysema gout, mental illness and veins.

CITRINE: Colours Yellow, Golden Brown, Smokey Grey Brown, Burnt Amber. Aids the cleansing and balancing of the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, this crystal will not hold negative energy, it absorbs it and transforms it making it a great crystal for those with negative attitudes and situations. It is know as the Merchants Crystal, it is warming and energizing, opens intuition, clarifies problems, used for education, business and relationships, stimulates problem solving, aids in family and group problem solving, provides self-confidence, good for chronic fatigue syndrome, digestion and blood disorders.

EMERALD: Green in colour, strengthens memory, good for pessimistic people, self-expression, quietens the emotions brings harmony, awareness aids breathing before and during meditation, it provides inspiration and patience, life- affirming, protecting, brings loyalty in self and others, provides for domestic bliss, physical, emotional and mental equilibrium, clairvoyance, inner knowing, aids in the healing of spine, lungs, and back problems.

FLUORITE: The colours range from Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, Black and combinations of all these colours. It allows us to concentration, stabilizing, see both sides, provides us with protection, cleans and stabilize the aura and handy crystal for computer emissions, electromagnetic emission, Geopathic stress, disorganization dissolves fixed patterns of behaviour, learning aid. Used for infections, DNA damage and pain relief.

GARNET: Colours are Red, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow, Brown and Black. Crystal of health and the warriors stone, provides self-confidence, good for people who criticize, give determination, protection love and devotion, co-operation, past life recall, amplifies other crystals abilities, helps remove inhibitions taboos, is good for grounding, drive strength, endurance. Used for metabolism DNA blood and lungs.

HEMATITE: Colour Grey Metallic, Silver, Red. Is used for grounding, protecting, intuition, spontaneity, good for logical people, optimism, dissolves negativity, used in legal situations, enhances willpower, helps us accept and learn from mistakes, used for study, balances the yin/yang energies, stress, endurance and anger are all helped. Used for treatment of Raynaud’s Disease, blood, insomnia, spinal alignment.

HERKIMER DIAMOND: Clear in colour, brings harmony, awareness, relaxation, attunement to people and environment, aids clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and radioactivity, energizes, promotes creativity, dream recall, clears Chakras, aids detoxifying, stress DNA metabolic rate.

IOLITE: Violet Blue in colour, also know as Water Sapphire. It is a vision crystal, used for addictions, taking responsibility, associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, used with meditation, astral travel, discord, the elimination of debts, money management, calming mental and emotional issues, communication and relationships used for the treatment of liver, toxin removal, malaria and sinuses.

JADE: Comes in colours of Green, Orange, Brown and Blue, is the symbol of purity and serenity, vibrates with the Heart Chakra, used for love, nurturing, protection, harmony, promotes self-sufficiency, it is a dream crystal. Aids emotional release cleansing and attuning to others needs ,also confidence. Aids disorders of the heart hips spleen kidneys and toxin removal.

JASPER: Colours range from Red, Brown, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Blue. This crystal is the supreme nurturer, Used for stress, tranquility, wholeness, in Chakra Layouts, balances yin/yang energies, provides determination in all pursuits, encourages honesty, protection, stabilizes the aura, a good cleansing crystal, brings safe astral travel, used in the treatment of digestion, sexual organs, aids in the assimilation of zinc, manganese, Sulphur and iron.

KUNZITE: Colours of Pink, Yellow, Lilac, Clear and Green (Hiddenite). Provides tranquility it has a very high vibration, it awakens the Heart Chakra, brings peace, universal love, deep meditative states, protection, dispels negativity, good for people who had to grow up too early, helps us recover from unwanted memories provides introspection aids with heartache, removes obstacles from your path, used for meditation, maturity, strength, vibrancy used in Radonic analysis, heart muscles, joint pain and stimulates the immune system.

KYANITE: Colour range Blue-White, Grey, Black, Green, Pink and Yellow. This crystal never needs cleaning as it does not hold negative energy. Used for attunements, meditation, Chakra alignment, contacting spirit guides, speaking ones truth, clears meridians, aids grounding, dreaming, tranquility, communication, helps anger, linear reasoning, psychic awareness, decision making aids with muscular, brain, throat, fever, pain relief and infections.

LABRADORITE: Colours range from Grey to Black with iridescent yellows, reds and blues throughout. Provides transformation, perseverance, inner sight, used for Radonic analysis, is mystical, bringer of light, prevents energy leaks, aligns physical and Etheric bodies, grounds, aids fears, trust, introspection and calms, good for changing situations. Helps treat eyes, brain, gout, colds, digestion and metabolism.

LAPIS LAZULI: Deep Blue in colour with Gold running throughout the crystal. Associated with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, enhances dreams, helps with stress, protection, harmony, depression, inner truth, self-expression, is the crystal of total awareness. Aids communication, serenity, relationships, used to treat pain relief, throat, migraines, RNA/DNA, insomnia and the immune system.

LEPIDOLITE: Colours of Purple, Pink, Yellow, White, and Clear. Used for stress relief, electromagnetic pollution, works with the Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras, it refreshes. Crystal of transition, used for astral travel, depression, mood swings, bipolar disorder, decision making, claming, honesty, plants, provides deep emotional healing, aids allergies, leg cramps, tendonitis, menopause and computer stress.

MALACHITE: Colour Green with Light and Dark bandings, a powerful crystal, needs cautious handling, can be toxic, do not breath in dust, try to use polished crystals. Used for grounding, protection absorbs negativity, also used for plutonium pollution, psychic vision, harmony, clears all Chakras, clarifies emotions assists responsibility, fidelity, Scrying, transformation, risk taking, empathy, shyness, dreams, helps cramps, vertigo, asthma, immune system, tumors and toxin release.

MOLDAVITE: Dark Green in colour when held to light is transparent. It is a New Age crystal. Vibrates with the Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras. Used for communication as a talisman, fertility, good fortune. It takes other crystals to a higher vibration, needs to be grounded by other crystals, unconventional and inspiring, access to spiritual information.

MOONSTONE: It has a milky look in colours of White, Cream, Grey, Orange and Green. Brings good luck, used for future prediction, balance, emotional stabilizer, harmonious relationships, intuition, moodiness, Good crystal for teenagers, it is said to be the crystal of new beginnings, helps emotional calming, empathy, clairvoyance, balance male/female energies, stress, hope, accept changing cycles, insight, perception, removes negativity from Chakras, provides guidance used for protection during travels, helps Radonic analysis digestion, reproduction, hyperactive children, PMS, insomnia, anaphylactic shock.

OBSIDIAN: Colours are Brown, Black, Blue, Green, Rainbow, Red-Black, Silver, Gold Sheen. Used for negative energy, sensitivity, change, to see clearly it is limitless has no boundaries, fast worker, sees all, impels us to grow careful handling needed it is best used by and experienced healer. Used for past lives, strong protection, psychic attack, Geopathic stress, assists in permanent problem solving, clarity of mind, expand consciousness, behavioral patterns, compassion, strength, transformation, helps hardening of the arteries, arthritis, shock and pain relief.

APACHE TEAR OBSIDIAN: Black transparent, sometimes Red/Black, Smokey clear. Used for grief, analytical abilities, forgiveness, spontaneity, grievances it is a more gentle energy. Used for toxin removal, snakebite and muscle spasms.

PREHNITE: Colours Green Light and Dark, Yellow, White, Brown. Increases energy, used for protection, dreaming, anger, unconditional love, precognition, gridding, decluttering, harmony with nature, inner knowing, calm, meditation, past lives, revitalizing aids with nightmares, gout, hyperactivity, shoulders, kidneys.

PYRITE: Colours are Brassy Yellow, and Gold, comes in cubic form. Also know as Fools Gold. Used for protection, defense, pollution, looking behind facades, intellect, memory, aids the digestive system, oxygen flow, bronchitis, inflammation and infectious diseases.

QUARTZ CLEAR: Clear in colour, piezoelectric and Pyroelectric, most useful of all crystals, amplifies energy, harmony, crystal of power, boosts other crystals, used for perseverance, patience, works with all Chakras, helps with radiation, static electricity, deep soul cleaner, contains all possible colours, boosts psychic abilities, meditation. Helps save fuel (place on fuel line), concentration, memory, space clearing aura protection. Aids sleep, meridians, raising consciousness, spirit communication, study, helps with computers and microwaves emissions. It is a master healer, helping with the immune system, burns, dizziness and digestion.

ROSE QUARTZ: Deep Pink to Golden and White are its colours. Associated with the Heart Chakra, used for unconditional love, infinite peace, calming, trauma and crisis, self-love, balances yin/yang energies, heals emotional wounds promotes love on all levels, aids stress, wrinkles, thymus, burns, liver conditions, vertigo, Parkinson’s disease and senility.

SMOKEY QUARTZ: Colour is Smokey Grey and Smokey black, used for telepathy, transforms negative energy and emotions, balances yin/yang energies, helps meridians, grounding provides protections, used also for meditation, force fields, grounding, survival instincts, it is the crystal of co-operation. It resonates with the Base Chakra, aids Geopathic stress, communication, electromagnetic smog, emotional calmness, manifests dreams, eases nightmares dissolves negative emotions. Helps with clear insight fear of failure, concentration, chemotherapy pain relief, heart, hands and feet.

SPIRIT QUARTZ (CACTUS): Colours are Purple, Clear, Golden, Variegated. Used for environmental cleansing, energy enhancer, meditation, stress, uplifting, group activities, control. Brings sparkle to life, joy and curiosity.

RHODOCHROSITE: Comes in colours of Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown. Can assist with selfless love dynamic and positive attitudes, sexual abuse. Works on the Heart, Solar Plexus and Base Chakras. Aids emotional pain, self-identity, balance and meditation. It is the Earth crystal, used for denial facing the truth irrational fears, self-worth emotional stress, paranoia, brings lightness to life, used in the treatment of asthma, respitory, internal infections, digestion heart conditions and migraines.

RHODONITE: Colours of Pink and Red. Brings calming, feelings of love willpower strength, emotional balancer grounds energy, brings calm assurance in all things, aids anxiety useful for mantra base meditations, is a good first aid crystal. Helps with emotional shock and panic, co-dependency, transmutes emotional pain aids past life healing, forgiveness balances yin/yang energies. Used for insect bites fertility stomach ulcers emphysema and light sensitivity.

SELENITE: Colours are Clear, White, Orange, Blue, Brown and Green. Helps with clarity of mind past lives has a fine vibration, used to connect with the angelic realm, higher guidance, calming, deep peace telepathy, protection, business, judgement, flexibility Scrying and insight, clears confusion, erratic emotions. Aids spinal alignment, epilepsy, mercury poisoning and life span.

SODALITE: Mottled Blue, Grey, Green, White and Lavender Blue colours. Group use, solidarity, intuition meditation, electromagnetic pollution, trust, mental confusion, self-esteem are all helped. It also calms the mind aids panic attacks, phobias, companionship, used to treat digestive disorders, insomnia, calcium deficiencies, immune system and throat.

SUGILITE: Colours of Purple, Pink and Violet. All forms of disease are helped attracts healing, self-forgiveness. Helps us understand why you are here, provides protection, aids with hostility, freedom, spiritual love, wisdom, protection, meditation, contacting the inner child, group work, communication, sorrow, grief , fear and paranoia. Is used for grounding, learning positive thoughts, conflict and negative energy. Aids schizophrenia, pain relief, headaches and dyslexia.

TIGER EYE: Colours are Brown, Pink, Blue, Red, Gold. Enhances psychic abilities, balances the Lower Chakras provides protection, grounding aids in meditation, intuition, optimism, good for earthy and spaced out people, balances yin/yang energy, used for integrity, achieving goals, perception, dilemmas and self worth. Helps treat eyes, throat, broken bones and spinal column.

TOPAZ: Colours range from Golden Yellow, Clear, Brown, Blue, Red, Green. It is an empathetic stone. Used to soothe, recharge, stores information, relaxation, meridians, truth, forgiveness, goals, joy, abundance, confidence, problem solving, good fortune openness, honesty self control astuteness and emotional support all benefit from the use of this crystal. Treats digestion anorexia, liver, endocrine glands.

TOURMALINE BLACK: Repels negativity, use for protection, mobile phones, electromagnetic smog, psychic attacks, emotional stability lifts the spirits, helps creativity, positive attitudes, well-being and reflex points. Associated with the Base Chakra. Aids in the treatment of immune system, dyslexia and spinal column.

TOURMALINE BROWN: Used for grounding, clearing the aura, community spirit, empathy, family, protection, creativity, plant growth, regeneration and skin disease.

TOURMALINE GREEN: Opens the Heart Chakra brings compassion, strong links to nature aids study, transforms negative energy, enhances creativity, success, prosperity visualization can be used for balance, fears, patience, abundance. It is a good healer and helps with eyes, weight loss, heart, constipation.

TOURMALINE PINK: brings joy and peace, awareness, love, self-love, aids emotional pain, relaxation, compassion, wisdom, goals, charm, devotion is said to be an aphrodisiac and it resonates with the Heart Chakra. Helps heal heart, skin and endocrine system.

TURQUOISE: Colours are Blue and Green. It is an efficient healer and vibrates with all Chakras. Used for meridians, communication, protection, pollution, love, grounding, meditation, attunement and peace. Helps mental clarity, negative energy, electromagnetic smog aids with empathy, self-realisation, wisdom, understanding, psychic abilities, spontaneity, cloud-bursting, stress, mood swings, brings inner calm helps heal exhaustion, panic, immune system, cataracts, gout, stomach and skin disorders.

UNAKITE: Colour Mottled Pink and Green. Balances emotional body, aids intuition, re-birth, past lives it is the crystal of vision, enhances psychic vision, Scrying, brings a calm and gentle energy assist with electromagnetic smog recovery from illness also treats weight gain, reproduction and the unborn child.


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