Monday, December 3, 2012

Gnostic Alchemy & Dreams Of Gold: Aeon M.C. w' Astral Guest


Aeon Byte M.C.: "One of the most venerated esoteric arts is Alchemy, which cuts across all religions and ideologies. Both the Orthodox and Heterodox have sought its arcane gifts, whether it's scientific inquiry or holistic medicine. For the first time a book comes out that categorizes the wisdom of the alchemists in Western Culture, a gathering of important terms, from ancient Egypt to Jungian Psychology. It also reveals the various scientific and mystic tributaries it has influenced for thousands of years. We learn about the origins and evolution of Alchemy; and why it's still very important for spiritual liberation. We study it from all its angles and traditions that include Christianity, Islam, the Occult, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, and even Harry Potter."

Astral Guest -- Jordan Stratford, author of 
More information on A Dictionary of Western Alchemy
Dreams Of Gold

An invaluable resource for those interested in the history and continuing relevance of Gnosticism.
Sean Martin, author of  
The Gnostics: 
The First Christian Heretics and The Cathars

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