Sunday, November 11, 2012

Star of David ~ SatUR(N)day 10 November 2012

Let me get this right. I know it’s difficult to grasp the logic of what follows if you have a brain on active duty, but, hey, this is Planet Earth in 2012.
A man called Steve Messham tells the BBC current affairs programme, Newsnight, that he was abused as a child while a resident in a North Wales children's home in the 1970s/1980s by former Conservative Party Treasurer Lord Alistair McAlpine.

Except that Newsnight did not broadcast the actual name in its programme. 

Speculation begins and Lord Alistair McAlpine's name is widely circulated across the Internet from multiple sources as being the person that Messham was talking about although Messham does not confirm this.

On the day that McAlpine's lawyers released a statement denying that he is a paedophile or in any way involved in the North Wales children’s homes scandal, Messham issues an apology to Lord McAlpine saying that it was a case of 'mistaken identity' and that he should never have named him.

Er, Steve, mate, publicly you DIDN'T


This allows the BBC to issue a grovelling statement apologising to McAlpine whom the Newsnight programme never named!!
Steve Messham said that the reason he has recanted on his not publicly mentioning the name of Lord McAlpine is that he was shown a picture of McAlpine by police 'in the last hour' and he realised it was not the man who abused him over and over and over decades ago.

Hold on a minute, while I breathe very deeply and sip some very sweet tea. Talk among yourselves.
Okay, I think I can continue, but I will have to type a little slower.

Messham says that the problem of 'mistaken identity' arose because police showed him a picture in the 1990s of the person that he said abused him and they told him that it was Lord McAlpine. Now he had seen a picture of Lord McAlpine 'in the last hour' and he realised that it is not the man in the picture that police showed to him in the 1990s.

This is where you have to take some deep breaths and sip some sweet tea. I do advise it, anyway.
You are being asked to believe that in the 15-20 years between Steve Messham allegedly being shown the picture of 'Lord McAlpine' by police and accusing him of sexually abusing him in an unbroadcast part of the interview with Newsnight that Messham has never once Googled 'Lord Alistair McAlpine' and seen the pictures of him widely available ever since he said he was abused??

That he never once sought out a picture of him of any kind in the decades since his time in the children's home until the police showed him one ‘in the last hour’?
That he didn’t know what McAlpine looked like even when he has been in the news only recently with comments about jailed Polly Peck businessman, Asil Nadir.
Steve … this is what comes up if you Google the words 'Lord Alistair McAlpine' - pictures widely available way before 'in the last hour' ...
Steve, mate, I am so sorry for what you went through, and what you are going through now, but for me bollocks is the only word in town.

Yet now the BBC is issuing 'unreserved apologies' to someone they didn't even name and the mainstream media is running around like headless chickens - 'don't panic, don't panic, it's all explained now, go back to sleep' - on the basis of such transparent BULLSHIT with regard to Steve Messham.

You know the most telling and relevant words written on this website in the last week? These ...
'If the real and full truth comes out about what really goes on away from the public eye it will bring down the British political establishment across all parties and make the monarchy history.'
That, in my view, is what Steve Messham’s sudden about-turn after decades is really about and the mainstream media may run, and much of the 'alternative' media may run, but I bloody won't.
Some of us are not chickens and our heads are still intact. Some of us will not go back to sleep because we were never asleep in the first place. 

Is it only me that finds all this absolutely inexplicable?

I doubt it. 

So who’s got the guts to say so?

Well ... here's at least one ...

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