Monday, November 12, 2012

The Taking Of The Liberty Bell +++ The Tao Of The Old World Order & Metropolis

The German expressionist film Metropolis (Fritz Lang, 1927) contains some of the most iconic images of human oppression ever committed to film.

Metropolis tells the futuristic story of the super rich in a hi-tech city of skyscrapers, and an anonymous mass of robot-like workers existing in a hellish underground city beneath the feet of the Elite. The imagery could not be starker. The Elite live like gods in the clouds while the mass of humanity are troglodytes, never permitted to see the sun or breathe fresh air. And that's exactly the dystopia to which our present society is heading. The gap between rich and poor keeps getting wider. The Society of Privilege is more and more entrenched and it is becoming almost impossible for those from ordinary backgrounds to break into the charmed circle. All the talent in the world won't help you if you haven't been to the right college and mixed with the right people. Doors always open to the "in-crowd" and are forever closed to everyone else.

In Metropolis, the ordinary people are regarded as the "hands" that do the work while the Elite are the "heads" that do the thinking and planning. The story of the film is that the hands and heads are no longer in harmony and a Messianic mediator - the "heart" - must intervene to heal the rift that is threatening to become a violent revolution.

We aspire to a society where there is no separation of hands, heads and hearts into competing factions. Each person should be a unity of head, heart and hands. We want a society of high IQs, high EQs (emotional intelligence) and of productive, satisfying, fulfilling work for everyone.



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