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The Crisis Of Contemporary Theoretical Physics Regarding Sacred Geometry & A Unified Field Theory

The Crisis Of 
Contemporary Theoretical Physics 
Regarding Sacred Geometry
A Unified Field Theory:

 Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields 
Nassim Haramain
 The Schwarzschild Proton
Nassim Haramein

The Resonance Project Foundation
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Peter Kohut


The exact mechanism of the Unity principle and the basic constituent of the physical Universe are disclosed with their consequences for theoretical physics. It is shown briefly how the Universe works at its micro and macro levels.


The great desire of Man is to find the sense of his life and the true knowledge about the objective physical world. The reality looks like disintegrated into many different and independent spheres, but we feel that the great variety of existing forms should have the common basis.

Many philosophers and scientists have correctly expressed the Unity principle by the sentence: “Everything is connected with everything else”, but nobody has discovered the exact mechanism of this unity as well as the basic elementary constituent of the physical Universe so far. For example, Leibnitz´s monads represent parts reflecting the whole Being. In monotheistic religions there is only one personal GOD uniting all existence in Him. Not only philosophy, but also physics is looking for the principle of unity of the objective physical world and its basic building block. The study of system science – cybernetics, showed me that information is constructed of two states represented by two digits 0 and 1. In order to construct a composite structure, the necessary and sufficient condition is to have two different states. The search for the substance of the Universe (matter, energy, space) forced me also to pay attention to philosophy. Hegel´s dialectic philosophy and his “Science of Logic” helped me to discover the dialectic bipolar essence of matter. By in-depth study of this philosophy I was able to gradually find the answers to the basic questions of physics. Hegel made the most successful attempt to detect the mechanism of the unity of existence. Only insufficient scientific knowledge in his period prevented him to find the definite solution.

Crisis of Contemporary Theoretical Physics

Contemporary crisis of thinking and knowledge is a consequence of positivism and its various branches leading to the extinction of philosophy and refusing to deal with the basic philosophical questions. Positivism became the basis for scientific knowledge replacing Hegelian dialectical rationalism, in which the classical philosophy had achieved its apex. Positivism tried to create the principles for scientific research based on the rules of formal logic and experiment, where the axiomatic approach became a starting point for finding the useful scientific results. The range of knowledge was limited to the phenomenological level
of reality.

Mathematics and physics are considered to be the most suitable instruments for describing Nature. Looking for the truth is inserted into the simple schemes of statement logic, which can be expressed by the following scheme: If the statement A is valid, then the statement B is valid also (A=>B). This means, if starting assumptions (axioms) A are valid, then all results B are valid too, if obtained by the rules of formal logic and correct mathematical procedures. Then we test whether some results B can be confirmed by experiment. If yes, we suppose that starting axioms A are valid and the theory, based on them, is correct. But we can never be sure whether axiomatic theory is the only one, as the results B can also be derived from other theories with different initial axioms A.

The typical example of a positivistic axiomatic theory is Einstein´s Special Relativity Theory (SRT) based on two axiomatic assumptions:

1. Speed of light c is the same towards all uniformly moving systems.

2. All uniformly moving systems are equivalent from the viewpoint of physical laws.

SRT is mathematically consistent but unphysical theory as it does not consider the fact that objects move with respect to the physical environment - vacuum and time dilation (deceleration of processes) can only be the consequence of increasing intensity of interaction (mutual local pressure) of moving objects with the physical vacuum. Time (speed of processes) decelerates in objects moving with high speeds towards the physical vacuum as they local interaction (pressure) with the vacuum is more intensive comparing to the others with smaller speeds. Also bodies in places with different gravitational potentials have different interaction with their surrounding space (vacuum). This is the reason why, according to the General Relativity Theory (GRT), the processes slow (time dilation) in places with higher gravitational potential (higher density of the vacuum). The reason for time dilation must be the same. It cannot be different in SRT (as a consequence of mutual symmetry of systems) in comparison with GRT (consequence of mutual asymmetry of systems). The higher is the velocity or the greater the gravitational potential, the greater is the interaction of a body with surroundings and the slower are the processes (time dilation).

Time dilation (deceleration) really exists but not as a consequence of SRT. Other effects like length contraction and relativity of simultaneity do not exist in reality and have never
been verified experimentally.

The attempt to unify Einstein´s theory of relativity with quantum mechanics can lead only to irrational theories having nothing in common with the reality. String theories are now the most popular and widespread fundamental physical theories trying to unify Einstein´s theory of gravity (general relativity) with quantum physics and so create the so-called “theory of everything”. But they stand on mistaken philosophical fundamentals and so cannot be successful.

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