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The Andromedan Concept of the Creator

The Andromedan Concept of the Creator
The Story of Alex Collier 
and his lifetime personal contact with
the Zenetaen culture from Andromeda
and Diversified Enterprises
Edited by Val Valerian, January 1997, 
Revised July 1998
In cooperation 
with Moraney and Vasais of Andromeda
Val: How to the Andromedans view the concept of the creator?

AC: Their conception of God is that they really don't know what it is. Even those on 11th density going through this shift to 12th don't know. They are having a hard time explaining what is happening to them because their current mode of communication doesn't explain the experience they have just gone through. The Andromedans have always referred to it as the Isness, which is an essence that holds everything together.

Val: And it is coincident with love as a frequency.

AC: Yes it is, and this whole space was created in a space of love. It is the primal creative force. The Andromedans really love us, and I think their interaction with our planet has caused a shift within them. I know that Moranae and Vissaeus have both become more emotional and expressive, and I think that this is rubbing off on all the other races that are here helping.

Val: Of course, emotion is the basis for creation.

AC: Yes it is, but a lot of the races are very technical, and we are in our infancy when it comes to that. Yet, look at what we have created without the technology that they have. I have before that the Andromedans are extremely awed by our ability to create things. You know, when you leave the house how everything stays there - it doesn't dematerialize. Our intent to create. All the detail in life. They are in awe of this. Third density is like jello to those above.

Val: I guess if I were to ask the Andromedans anything at this point, in the spirit of things that are to take place on this planet, it would be what they could offer to all of us as guidelines in order to assist the population through these changes, based on their knowledge of what is to come. I trust they will do this.

AC: Yes.

Val: I have heard that physiological life span in shorter in space. Is this at all accurate in your understanding?

AC: No.

Val: I suppose it depends on the resonant frequency at which you exist.

AC: There you go.

Val: On a recent Art Bell program, when the astronauts were being interviewed, one of them revealed that to him, space looked shiny like patent leather shoes. I found that to be interesting. Can you see the stars in space?

AC: That's a good question. If you were in a space that contained no atmosphere, it would be mostly black. Of course, some of the stars we see in space from the earth no longer exist, since the light takes so long to reach us. As far as their comment on shiny nature of space, that is not something I have experienced. That would almost suggest a holograph.

Val: Oh no! As if they weren't in enough trouble already in the "space program."

AC: That would mean that the "shinyness" is bouncing from inside.

Val: Do you have anything else in mind that you would like to say to everyone at this point?

AC: I would like to just stress this, I think. The singular most important thing I would like to stress to people, from the point of all I have learned and all that I still need to learn, is that the bottom line is that we should not turn on each other. We all created this and are continuing to create this.

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