Friday, November 9, 2012

Since July 14th 2003 +++ Biblioteca Pleyades

July 14th 1792 is celebrated as the French Independence Day

"In Lak'ech Ala K'in" ~ Maya
"Namaste" ~ India
"P'tah TA-UM" ~ Anuhazi
"Kwak wha Lolmani" ~ Hopi
"Highly evolved people have their
own conscience as pure law." ~ Lao Tzu
"The world has a source: 

the world's mother.
Once you have the mother, 

you know the children.
Return to the mother. 

Your body dies.
There is no danger." - 老子

"Intelligence Agencies Living 
in a Synthetic Reality 
& Creation of Probable Reality Streams"

Nobody knows exactly what the Pleiadians  
are going to do yet, but I will share this with you. Those that live in the system around Alcyon - some of them cannot be trusted, as they have hidden agendas. Those from Taygeta, I am told, have a very clear objective:
to maintain the idea of freedom.
Just because a group is labeled "Pleiadians"
doesn’t mean they are here to 'help us.'

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