Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rising From The Ashes Highlights & 9/11 EMBRACING WHAT IS REAL ~ RA+H+S+AB

Rising From The Ashes 
In this exciting Phoenix event, 
Bashar explains how to transform 
outdated systems and ideas 
into a positive and dynamic new reality. 
Visit http://www.Bashar.org 
for ordering information. Q&A includes: 
What is the mechanics behind 
bending spoons as in "The Matrix"?
How can the Higher Mind bring me what I visualize?
What will happen at the end 
of the Mayan Cycle on 12/21/12?
Does Bashar laugh?
Which permission slip is right for me?
How do I clear a negative belief?
How does free will work 
when all universes currently exist in parallel?
What are the boom noises going on 
in different parts of the world?
How are 
dolphins connected 
to Sirius consciousness?
How does animal consciousness differ from human consciousness as far as re-incarnation and soul growth?
Helane Lipson Interviews Darryl Anka (Bashar) 
Full Interview 
EMBRACING WHAT IS REAL is the forum to explore the nature of reality and the impact our current belief systems have on our lives. All of our deep rooted old beliefs are what many of us use to judge ourselves and our actions. Our current belief systems impact every single choice we make. So, when we feed our spirit with new empowering ideas about the meaning of life--- the meaning of our lives change. About EMBRACING WHAT IS REAL Special Guest, Darryl Anka: Darryl began to communicate, through trance-channeling, with an extra-terrestrial entity called Bashar in 1983. He describes Bashar as existing in a parallel reality, in a time frame that we perceive as the future. The monologues and dialogues with Bashar cover a wide range of topics including human psychology, planetary evolution, metaphysics, and extra-terrestrials.. In this interview, we talk to Darryl about his work and what the messages from Bashar mean to our species in these times. 
Helane Lipson:
Darryl Anka 
(Bashar Channel)

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