Friday, November 30, 2012

Quantum Weirdness & Precognition & Neurology of Time Perception & Greek Mythology & Near Death Experiences

Quantum Weirdness 
& Precognition
 & Neurology of Time Perception
& Greek Mythology
& Near Death Experiences
Red Ice Creations - H.P.: 
 "Author & Speaker Anthony Peake joins us to talk about reality, Quantum Weirdness, Precognition and how to cheat death. Topics Discussed: Cheating the Ferryman, Greek Mythology, River Styx, Hades, Consciousness at the point of Death, Conciseness Studies, Near Death Experience, Lethe, Jim Elvidge, Glutamate, David Bohm, Déjà Vu, time perception, The Question of Time, Alfred Maury, Biological Decay, Aging an Illusion, Daemon, doppelganger, Many-worlds interpretation, Schrödinger's Cat, Multiversity, What Constitutes and Observes, what is the brain? Act of Observation, orchestrated Reduction, Stuart Hameroff, Whitley Strieber, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Chemical Communication, Rick Strassman, Eidolon, Schizophrenia, Bandwidth of Perception and much more. We'll talk more with Anthony Peake in our members section. This is a program that you don't want to miss! We'll continue to elaborate on the construct of reality. We'll talk about Synchronicity, More on the Daemon, balancing of our two Brain Half's, Precognition in dreams and in real life. Anthony is going to tell us about his Near Death Experiences or rather how he avoided having a Near Death or Death Experience because of a song on his mp3 player. We'll also discuss Philip K Dick, William Blake, J.B. Priestley, John William Dunne and the weirdness of Time and manipulation of reality. Do not miss this program!" 
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