Thursday, November 22, 2012

Q16: Love Is Energy ~ L+I+E=26

Q16 = Quantum Pathic
"Always remember, the rewards outside of you are just your own validation, validating YOU. No one else can. The outside can only support you to reward and validate you. Rewarding your "Self" is to be conscious of what, where and who are manifesting in your life. You cannot get it from outside your "Self". Everything begins inside. The outside reward or validation is the perk. That is all." 
~ And The Point Is?..... by Sherry Anshara
One of the best reasons that people, of all ages and stages, who come to QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness find their answers. They don’t have to run all over the place or the world looking outside of themselves… here they get their clear conscious answers when they are ready to answer their own questions. No one has your answers or your questions, you do. Let us support and guide you to your Self, this is what we do best here at the Center and more!

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