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BENJAMIN NETANYAHU and the government of Israel are, as this picture suggests, certainly guilty of committing outright murder in their campaign of genocide against the Palestinian people.
Children killed November 20th 2012:  
Tasneem Nahhal (9 years). Eyad Abu Khousa (18 months). Tamer Abu Asaifan (1 year). 
Jumana Abu Asaifan (age unknown).

"I will begin presenting my case by admitting that

while I have been posting more lately about the Israeli genocide campaign against the Palestinian people, I started off with basically only the knowledge gained from watching a few documentaries and reading a few articles on the subject.

The assessments of politicians and professors who I had found to be both credible and honest in all of their other published and public statements was enough for me to feel like I was on solid ground in my assertions that what most call a "conflict" is literally a campaign of genocide being waged by the state of Israel, who are as well, quite actually illegally occupying Palestinian land by reclaiming, and continuing to maintain their occupation of territories that the Israeli government agreed to Palestine in the treaty signed at Camp David, which ultimately, largely favored Israel's in the first place.¹

Not only are they in violation of a treaty that they signed and agreed to, they are also illegally occupying Palestine in violation of other international treaties and resolutions. The real truth of the matter is being suppressed both in Israel, and here in America because of the massive Israeli lobby pushing through their agenda of misinformation and propaganda directed towards the American public, in an effort to maintain support from the US government. I posted a video yesterday entitled, "If Americans Knew What Israel Was Doing", and I believe I can finish that sentence by saying that Americans would not tolerate it.

The main argument that most people put forth in defense of Israel's reprehensible actions is that of those that rule Israel's false assertions that the land where Israel is, is their biblical birthright. I have found through my research that Orthodox Jews claim that their religion instructs them that God said that they were to remain in exile for the rest of their days on the earth. Even if this is not grounds enough to disprove their claims, the even more damning evidence that disproves their claim is the fact that only those that belong to the original 12 bloodlines of Jewish peoples could have any attempt at making a legitimate claim based on Scripture.

Those that campaigned for, and saw to it that the state of Israel was established, and still maintain a perspective of entitlement to an independent Jewish state are known as Zionist Jews. As I've found through more extensive research, most of the Zionist Jews are comprised of a group of Jews who converted to Judaism around the time of 748 A.D., the Khazars, and this fact negates the claim that that land is their biblical birthright² Once again, any biblical references to Jews, and where they were entitled to live or not live, are strictly limited to being those whose lineage hails from the 12 original bloodlines of Jewish people, according to biblical scripture.

The original and current Jewish definition of a born Jew is someone whose mother is Jewish. Though the Torah forbids a Jewish woman to marry a Gentile man, if she does, her children will still be considered to be Jewish. The Torah also forbids a Jewish man to marry a Gentile woman, and if he does, his children by that woman will not be Jewish, as established by the both the Talmud and the Torah.

Further research has evidenced that Orthodox Jews are also known as traditional Jews,³(they may or may not be of the original 12 bloodlines, the classification simply states that you follow and practice traditional Judaism) and base their practice of Judaism on the Torah, and they are also the most vocal opponents of firstly, the existence of the state of Israel, and also the murder of the Palestinian people by the Zionist Khazarians. The Orthodox Jews are routinely subjected to tactics of persecution and violence by the Kharazian Jews, in pursuit of their desire to maintain settlements that it illegally occupy Palestinian lands. I will leave a link below to a video of one of many instances of brutality against those who are to standing up for what is right.

Even the most rudimentary research on the Khazarian race provides information that they were a warmongering people primarily of Turkish descent, and first came to prominence with the establishment of Khazaria in the region now inhabited by Russia and her neighboring countries. Russia was established when the Rus peoples conquered their lands, sending the Khazarian people in search of lands to claim as their own independent state throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East.4

A majority of them settled in the area that is now known as Bulgaria, after they conquered the people who had lived there, and then claimed that land as their own independent state. At this time during the eighth century, they found themselves inhabiting a land bordered on either side by Christians and Muslims. Both countries were pressuring the Khazarian royalty to choose their religion, in hopes of gaining an ally in their battle against each others' peoples.

So as not to be attacked from either country on either side(and potentially pick a fight with someone their own size), the Khazarian royalty made a political decision to choose Judaism as their national religion to remain neutral in the ongoing conflicts. They continued their war campaigns against Muslims throughout the southern regions of the Middle East, time and again proclaiming the authority to declare territories to be independent states after they killed the inhabitants of the countries they conquered.

Throughout the late 19th century and the early 20th century, they made a shift in their tactics, once again using Judaism simply as a political tool, and began the argument that since they are Jewish, they are entitled to an independent state. The only Jews that are entitled to anything according to any Scripture are the original 12 bloodlines of Judaism, which the Khazarian Jews are not a part of. Even after the creation of the state of Israel, the Khazarian could not stop their warlike ways, and quest for domination of territories that are not their own, and therefore keep invading Palestine further in a quest to usurp their whole country .

The reason that most Americans don't know about this is because of the fact that both Israel's government, and the powerful Israeli lobby here in America are largely comprised of Zionist Khazarians who know that they have to hide their true intentions of simply furthering the Khazarian legacy of taking over territories that they are capable of overpowering by conquest, and establishing an independent state. The Khazarians have also funneled billions of dollars into buying into, and buying up media outlets here in the states as well.

The Khazarian-financed Israeli lobby gains the support for their campaign of genocide from our government by lining our politicians' campaigns and pockets, and spread misinformation and propaganda to the American people through our media outlets, because, once again, if we knew what was really going on, we would be surely vehemently denounce our government's support for this campaign of genocide by this warlike people.

Regardless of what many seem to think these days, popular support is important, because if a true majority of us oppose any policy or action, we do have the power to change it. Why do you think that our politicians lie to us all the time? It is because they know they need our support to achieve their objectives, no matter what they may be, and certainly, whether we would believe that they are just and honorable or not, which we would not, if the truth were to be revealed to us.

It's time that the world stand United with the oppressed people of Palestine, who are being tortured and murdered daily at the hands of a people who have throughout history bullied and conquered countries that they were capable of conquering in an effort to gain an independent state, simply due to them being displaced from a country that they won by war by a country that was capable of conquering them, Russia, which if they don't watch their step, the way things are going, may very well happen again, how ironic history proves to be, when you actually know the truth of it, eh?






As always, I am open to listening to those of different perspectives, and all I ask if you seek to discredit my post, is that you provide evidence of your claims against those of mine, quid pro quo, if you will.

I am presenting evidence in my case, and you may feel free to cross examine my witnesses, but I will not tolerate an argument that has no supportive or substantial evidence provided.

I present what I feel that I have determined to be the truth, and I am presenting my evidence for your consideration, instead of simply spouting opinion, and I only ask that you reciprocate in-kind..." 


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