Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Paper “EDsETs” ~ Soldier Hugs by daniel

New Paper 
Update November 19th, 2012
As we continue with our series of “The daniel Papers”, we now come to the publishing and release of “EDsETs”. In this paper we discover some of basics of what are extra dimensional and extra terrestrial beings and how they do what they do. We will need all of our previously learned knowledge contained within the Time and Timelines paper, as well as having our thinking caps firmly affixed to our craniums to continue on this journey of discovery. If your like me, the first part of this paper is a little difficult to grasp and visualize but of course once your passed it, the 2nd half of the paper is once again “awe inspiring” and leaves you with a sense of peace and also excitement as you realize the scope of the abilities we are moving into on our natural path of ascension, and for us the new frontier into the awareness and explorations of the temporal landscape of existence!


NEW FORUM! daniel and I have decided to create a new FORUM here that will serve as a collective Think Tank and network hub for serious discussions of these topics and research, but also as an invitation to other “Uncommitted Investigators” out there who are willing to share there knowledge and research in an open format. Please click below to access and sign up for the:

 SoldierHugs FORUM
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