Monday, November 5, 2012

Meritocracy & Jews & Christians & Islam

 As Below, So Above.
"A Christian pastor threatened to burn a few copies of the Koran because it was "of the Devil". What was the response? Did the Muslims ignore this man? No, they reacted with violent demonstrations full of snarling, murderous hate. People died. Thus proving the pastor's point. Islam's sole response to criticism is mass, rent-a-crowd protests and extreme, deadly violence. Is this a religion or a psychosis? Muslims are incapable of accepting free speech. They want to kill everyone who disagrees with the Koran. Therefore this is the deadliest of all religions. They howl in protest at the possibility of the Koran being burned, yet this same book advocates burning all people in eternal hell-fire if they fail to worship Allah. What's more outrageous: burning a book or burning the whole non-Islamic human race? What is the true scandal and provocation? When will Islam be put on trial for advocating the death and eternal punishment of all non-Muslims? Why should the intolerable be tolerated? Why should the intolerant be treated with tolerance? Why should Islam be appeased? Why isn't every Muslim spokesperson on earth asked one simple question: do you or do you not advocate that all non-Muslims should suffer hellfire, as the Koran decrees? If they say "yes", they have placed themselves outside the scope of tolerance and respect. If they say "no", they have placed themselves outside Islam.

If Christians say that Jews and Muslims (who explicitly reject Jesus Christ) can go to heaven, then they have admitted that Christ is pointless in terms of Salvation, hence there is no longer any reason to be a Christian. If Muslims say that Jews and Christians (who explicitly reject the Koran and Mohammed) can go to heaven, then they have admitted that the Koran and Mohammed are pointless, hence there is no longer any reason to be a Muslim. If Jews say that Christians and Muslims (who explicitly reject the tenets of the Jewish faith) can go to heaven, then they have admitted that God does not have a unique Covenant with the Jews, and that all of the many Jewish laws and prohibitions are pointless in terms of Salvation, hence there is no reason to be a Jew. In other words, the inescapable logic of these religions, if they wish to continue to have a point, is that only they are right and everyone who disagrees with them is wrong, and will suffer hellfire as punishment. In other words, these religions have inbuilt hatred and contempt for others. They are guaranteed to create conflict because they are mutually exclusive. Why should such hateful and despicable ideas be tolerated in the 21st century? These religions are an intrinsic abomination. It is nauseating when a pope shakes hands with a rabbi or imam when he believes that both are going to hell (and likewise they think he is going to hell). What hypocrites! The last thing that matters to these people is honesty.

These religions all speak of nothing but peace while their histories speak of nothing but violence. If you tell all those who disagree with you that they are going to hell, how can you expect peace and mutual respect? What part of "you're going to hell unless you agree with me" is peaceful or respectful? If you tell others that you are the Chosen People, why are you surprised when they hate you? The answer is real simple - stop calling yourselves that! But these people will never stop. They are imbued with hatred and contempt for others. Their rhetoric of peace is belied by their actions, by the extremist dogmas to which they subscribe, by the death and destruction they will dish out to "preserve" their beliefs.

In truth, the age of the Abrahamic faiths is over. Catholicism, permanently discredited by the child abuse scandal, is turning into an irrelevance before our eyes. Islam, an utterly backward religion, rages against modernity. The Jews are dying out and becoming increasingly inbred and retarded. By the end of this century, none of these religions will still exist.

The 9/11 hijackers are said to have offered up their blood sacrifice to Allah. What God would accept a "gift" of an aircraft full of screaming, terrified men, women and children?

The Jews are no better. Consider the tale of the great Jewish hero Joshua, the leader of the Hebrew conquest of Canaan:

Joshua 11:11: And they smote all the souls that were therein with the edge of the sword, utterly destroying them: there was not any left to breathe: and he burnt Hazor with fire.

Joshua 6:21: And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, men and women, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and asses with the edge of a sword.

So was Joshua (actually "Yehoshua," meaning "Yahweh is salvation", and rendered as "Jesus" in Greek) a peaceful, gentle soul, considerate of others, merciful and compassionate? Or was he a genocidal, exterminatory maniac, fully supported by his equally savage God, Yahweh?

And never forget that this bloodstained, murderous religion of Joshua was also the religion of Jesus (Yehoshua) Christ.

The only reason Christians and Jews aren't living in caves is that, historically, their leaders were violent psychopaths who saw the need for more and more deadly weapons of war. They needed mathematicians, scientists and technologists to provide more effective killing power. Then, when capitalism and the industrial revolution came along, the fat cats saw that mathematics, science and technology could deliver even bigger profits via machines, gadgets, chemicals etc.

So, humanity's greatest achievement - science - has been fuelled by greed and violence. Imagine if a different fuel were used: the vision of the Venus Project, for example. What couldn't humanity achieve? Could we build a bridge to heaven? In Norse mythology, Bifröst was such a bridge, coming in the wondrous form of the rainbow. Where are our rainbow bridges? Where are our towers to the stars? Where are our portals to God?

"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself." 
~ Galileo

There's a great deal of truth in this. Muslims, Christians and Jews cannot be taught while they cling to the words of their prophets and holy texts. Their minds are not receptive. They are locked down. Teaching is a two-way process; it requires someone with the ability to communicate and someone with the equally important ability to listen. Keeping an open mind is astonishingly difficult. Humanity, as a whole, is full of closed minds, narrow outlooks, and dangerous prejudices.

And it's getting worse..."

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