Tuesday, November 13, 2012

IRA=Isis RA +++ Fake Tears of The Establishment... which has brought mass slaughter to human society generation after generation

IRA = Isis RA
What do they call them - 
crocodile tears? 
How appropriate.
War Criminal Blair 
Remembers The War Dead
Absolutely Sickening
Now here's a caption competition 
that wouldn't take long. 
How many troops and innocents abroad, 
mostly with brown faces,
 have died because of their decisions?
And yet they come to claim 
the moral high-ground every year 
on Remembrance Day 
after still more have died.
Fake people posturing fake morality 
before supporting the next war 
with more fake excuses.
Do they attend Remembrance Day 
in all the countries 
they have plundered and devastated?
Come on people 
ENOUGH of these 
corrupt hypocrites 
dictating our lives.

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