Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Infinity Code N21 2012

"Inifinity Code Illuminations" ;)
 ♥ Wednesday November 21, 2012 PST

"Today as the sun moves to Sagittarius at 1:50pmT here in Seattle Washington, things lighten up tremendously if you have not overloaded your dinner and emotional plate.

This day has moon Jupiter square… moon past and emotions, Jupiter overdoing it? Starting a very energetically challenging day if you are not willing to a few days early LET GO of the past and begin to write a new future.

5:20pm VENUS the planet of what we desire moves into SCORPIO and it could be easier than normal with mercury rx. in Scorpio to get into digging stuff up…maybe this might not be the best day for this with the moon in PISCES creating imagination and visualizing things easier than normal.

10:32pm the moon moves v/c and times out and 11:13pm we are set up for a wild v/c until 5:12pm Thanksgiving… Moon v/c in Pisces is imaginary, visually healing if you are thinking healing thoughts and I think of that saying. IT was the best of times,
  it was the worst of times. AND I wish the former for you.

Feelings will be more tender than normal these 2 days as well as a bit more visually imaginative. Desire to be loved and talked to kindly is VERY strong so your kiss for today (keep it simple sweetie is).

and it shall be returned to you eventually, 
but maybe folks who are hurt or sad may need cheering.

♥ Color today dark deep Blue for clarity.

♥ Stone SAPPHIRE for your truth and clarity and vision.

I wish you a joyous and wonderful day: and if life is not exactly what you desire right now: AND for those of you not having anyplace to go...there were years when my X had the kids. and I had no family close, those years I took a car full of coats, gloves, scarves and food to the mission and served the homeless, and those perhaps were some of the holidays I remember feeling the MOST GRATEFUL for my life which was not perfect but so much better than it could have been xooxox" ~ Carol 

Smile, it makes you look younger 
and makes yourself 
and everyone around you feel better.

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