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GeeSis BOng ~ Cannabis Use In Ancient Religions

Teaser for 'Cannabis Use In Ancient Religions 11/24/2012' 

 Topics Discussed:

--The Scythians, greatest of ancient but also greatest of pot dealers, spreading cannabis across most of the civilized world.

--Evidence that even the Greek culture was dependent on cannabis to a certain extent.

--Beyond the Classic Gnostics using entheogens, as seen in the Nag Hammadi library and other Gnostic Gospels, why even the Manichaeans might have partaken in Mary Jane.

--Evidence that cocaine usage of some sort was present in ancient Egypt.

--Even after Judaism reformed itself, how Kabbalists throughout history have used cannabis for their rituals.

--New scholarship showing that the ancient Hebrews widely used psychoactive drugs, including many famous Biblical characters.

--How the cult of Soma (Cannabis) in India spread and adopted different gods.

And much more!!!

In the spirit of ecumenical kindness and to usher the wonderful holidays of material prostitution, our rebroadcast is The Atrocities of Jehovah in the Old Testament. Very tragically, a majority of the members of the Abrahamic religions, up to this day, still take this Bronze Age deity and his chronicles as a sacred example to live by. Taken literary, the Old Testament is a bloody, cruel testament of a lower godhead and his crimes against humanity. We take Literalists on their own turf and expose the truth of a callous, ignorant being who has been emulated by mankind for thousands of years. We put Jehovah on trial in order to reclaim reason, esoteric understanding and the compassion that is still scant in these days of growing holy warfare. Our Astral Guest was Paul Tice, author of Jumpin' Jehovah: The Atrocities of the Old Testament God & Shadow of Darkness, Dawning of Light: Awakening of Human Consciousness in the 21st Century.

Next week is gonna be special. Gary Lachman gives us a mind-expanding tour of Madame Blavtasky and Theosophy. It's a view of one of the greatest occultists and remarkable women in history. Your spiritual uterus will be blown away.

Weekly sparks found in the Ashtray:
Nikola Tesla the Eugenicist: Eliminating Undesirables by 2100
  by Matt Novak

Do not become desirous of gold and silver, 
which are profitless, 
but clothe yourself with wisdom like a robe; 
put knowledge on yourself like a crown.
The Teachings of Silvanus

The use of cannabis was widespread in before and during early Christianity. Cannabis cults dressed in various mythologies stretched from China to the Celtic lands; they were very popular in the kingdoms of India and across the Roman Empire. Evidence also suggests cannabis use went as far as ancient Egypt. Its usage to commune with the Divine and expand consciousness spread to all priesthoods, from the Zoroastrian mages to even the Hebrew prophets. We take an in depth view at the use of cannabis in its various ceremonies and manifestations, from the wise Brahmans to the Mystery Religions. And the strong possibility that the Gnostics also partook in various entheogens. We also analyze why the use of cannabis and other psychoactive substances were slowly pruned from the religious world, mainly through the rise of Orthodox Christianity. 
Cannabis Historian 
Chris Bennett 
on The Standard 

Astral Guest - Chris Bennett, author of 

“Aeon Byte is one of the most exciting 
and far-seeing programs in the world of Webcasting.”
Richard Smoley, author of Forbidden Faith,  
The Dice Game of Shiva, and Inner Christianity

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