Sunday, November 18, 2012

El Goog sAYs: "EndSiegHeil+UN+G+"

auch "Enyd" 
oder "Onodrim" genannt 

Sieg (in German) = Victory (in English)
 Heilung (in German) = Healing (in English)
UN = United Nations
Google = el+g+oo+G

elgooG (Google spelled backwards) is the literal mirror image of the Google search engine; not only is all of its content a reversal of Google, the search terms must also be written in reverse in order to yield the desired results. Though originally created by All Too Flat "for fun",[1] it found practical use in the People's Republic of China after the domestic banning of Google, as it circumvented the government's firewalls.[2] Another important aspect is that because search terms in elgooG were typed in reverse, and the search results were also in reverse, it was harder for intermediates to track what users were searching for.Other Google mirror sites are currently available online (see "External links" section below). A WHOIS request shows that the domain has been registered to Google Inc. since 2000,[3] but is for sale.


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