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Earth 1994 Alternate Timline: Rothschild bloodline was replaced with Tesla's

Consider the four "Temperaments" devised by David Keirsey: the Guardians, Artisans, Rationalist and Idealists. Which of these are the ones prone to faith?

The Guardians are defined by their desire for security. They are "Supervisors" (ESTJ in terms of Myers-Briggs personality types), "Inspectors" (ISTJ), "Providers" (ESFJ) and "Protectors" (ISFJ). Note that none of these are intuitives and the Providers and Protectors aren't thinkers either. These latter ones are the most susceptible to prophets and preachers demanding faith. They quite simply aren't geared up for reasoning their way through the world.

As for the Artisans, they are sensation seeking. They are Promoters (ESTP), Crafters (ISTP), Performers (ESFP) and Composers (ISFP). As with the Providers and Protectors, the Performers and Composers are not skilled at thinking or intuition. Again, they are easy meat for the religions of faith.

As for the Supervisors, Inspectors, Promoters and Crafters, although they have a thinking capacity, it is not supported by intuition. In many ways, intuition is a kind of bullshit detector. An intuitive can "smell" lies.

Nietzsche, a genius of intuition, wrote, "I was the first to discover the truth, in that I was the first to sense - smell - the lie as lie…My genius is in my nostrils…"

Intuitives smell the biggest possible fish when it comes to faith. Non-intuitives don't have that advantage.

"Faith" is a virus that spreads through the Guardian and Artisan classes, and unfortunately these make up 80% of the human population. The Guardians - the security seekers - are the bedrock of "family values", "freedom and democracy" and Abrahamism. They will cut your throat to defend the self-interest and privileges of their families. They are the ones who would fight to the death to prevent 100% inheritance tax. They would perceive it as the ultimate attack on their family security. The Artisans - the sensation seekers - are the worshippers of celebrity. They are the primary capitalist consumers. They love to shop. They are obsessed with fashion, thrills, socializing, parties, vacations, fast cars, video games etc

The Rationals - the knowledge seekers - are the Fieldmarshals (ENTJ), the Masterminds (INTJ), the Inventors (ENTP) and the Architects (INTP). All of these are highly rational and intuitive and the least likely to have anything to do with faith.

The Idealists are identity seekers and are Teachers (ENFJ), Counselors (INFJ), Champions (ENFP) and Healers (INFP). They have a certain susceptibility to credulity because they lack the thinking function, but their intuition can usually steer them away from danger.

Virtually everyone who visits this website and spends any time on it will be a rational or an idealist. We would expect zero interest from guardians and for just a few curious artisans to come this way. This is a website for intuitives, and intuition has a profound relationship with gnosis. In fact gnosis is ultimate intuition.

We seek to bring together all of the rationals and idealists. Unfortunately, the extraverts amongst them often work for the Old World Order. Many senior members of the Old World Order are ENTJs and ENTPs. They are the brains of the OWO operation, and the ENFJs and ENFPs often act as their propagandists and are the ones who can so successfully make an emotional connection with the people.

All aspects of life can be analysed in terms of the introversion-extraversion, intuition-sensing and thinking-feeling dichotomies. The whole of history has been a battlefield between different mental ways of engaging with the environment. In a world of rationals, there would be no such phenomenon as faith. Abrahamism, quite simply, would not exist.

Rationals and idealists are outnumbered four to one, so we can see that they have tended to be the victims of the guardians and artisans. They have been the heretics, the witches, the freethinkers, the atheists, skeptics, agnostics, Gnostics, rebels, revolutionaries, visionaries, dreamers, utopians. But if they acted as one they would be unstoppable because they are so gifted. That's why we want to bring as many as possible together under the meritocratic banner.

We, the intuitives, have a huge obstacle to overcome - the old world of the guardians and artisans, those mired in the past, in conservatism. They are driven by their senses and emotions, not by reason and future-possibilities. They are afraid of change, of new ideas. The concept of a New World Order terrifies them. They can't think their way through problems. They are superstitious and intellectually primitive. Only such people could continue to revere ancient texts that have been disproved and discredited in every conceivable way. The reason they cling to old ways is that they gain emotional security from them and they can't think their way beyond them. While intuitives always look to the future, the sensers never stop gazing at the past. They see the past as safe and understandable in their terms; the future as problematic.

Intuitives love the future because that's where their minds are most at home - imagining new possibilities.

Books, TV, films, music, religions, political parties - our tastes in these reflect our brain-wiring and psychological types. If you knew the psychological profiles of all the people who vote at the Oscars, you would have no difficulty in working out who would win the prizes.

Rationally, it might seem impossible for the intuitives to beat the sensing types given that there are so many more of the sensers, and their belief systems are so deeply ingrained. But the intuitives have the advantage of being much smarter, and the numbers game is irrelevant because the vast majority of people are submissives and will do whatever they are told by dominants.

The Zeitgeist series of films is highly geared towards intuitives. The Venus Project and Project Earth are the quintessence of visionary intuition.

The strongest critics of Zeitgeist are, of course, the Old World Order and the conservative sensers.

One thing that must be clear from what we have said is that there will be no groundswell of public support for meritocracy leading to the resource and technology-based future society of Zeitgeist and The Venus Project where money is no longer needed. We aren't fools. We know that the sensers are far too entrenched in their traditional and conservative ways.

So, we can win only by being a) much smarter, b) much more heroic, c) much more dominant, d) much more cohesive, and e) much more focused. We have to undermine the faith of the sensers in their leaders and system. We have to attack from every angle, sow endless seeds of doubt. We have to remove their will to resist. This is a psychological war, and those who are best able to use psychology will prove victorious.

Kierkegaard wrote about "The Instant" - the moment when eternity crosses time, the moment of decision, the moment when you have to choose once and for all which side to fight on. Well, the Instant is here. This is the time for heroes. Will you be one of them?
The truth is not a matter of simplistic nostrums and childish parables by preachers and prophets. The truth does not lie in "holy" texts supposedly expressing the "word of God". If God were the true author of these allegedly holy books, the
text would be a marvel of clarity; it would not be susceptible to multiple interpretations; it would not be full of contradictions; it would not lead to hatred, selfishness, greed and war. The truth is never simplistic. The truth is not simply "given" to us. It requires the maximum degree of effort. Truth based on faith rather than knowledge is absurd. There is no truth in faith, only delusion.

"What is rational is real, what is real is rational." ~ Hegel

All children should be protected by law from any attempt to brainwash them. Children should be taught as many different religions as possible, as well as atheism, agnosticism and skepticism, and all of these should be taught critically rather than "respectfully" i.e. their faults, flaws and illogicalities should be ruthlessly exposed and even ridiculed. Truth and reason should not defer to crazy beliefs just because they're old and entrenched in society.

Children should be taught about different political and economic systems, again critically, with none being promoted as the "right and proper" systems as has been traditionally done with capitalism and democracy. It's up to everyone to make up their own mind based on the evidence, rational argument and the quality and rigour of theory. Who could possibly object to that? - apart from fanatics frothing at the mouth. And aren't they exactly the people we should be protecting impressionable minds from?

Anyone who thinks they have a convincing argument should have no fear in letting it take its chances amongst all of the other competing ideas. The type of people who want to genitally mutilate babies to ensure that they get their "brand" on them as early as possible have no place in any civilised society. Circumcision should be illegal in modern nations. It's a barbaric, superstitious practice that stands as a fundamental attack on human rights.

The sort of people who want to psychologically terrify children with stories of eternal hellfire can't be allowed to spread their poison unchallenged. The sort of people who proclaim that "greed is good" and "profit is God" can't be given a free run.

The No-Brainwashing (Mental Reboot) Law is all that's needed to reboot the collective Mind of humanity. Children will be released from the poisonous ideas of the past. Who can doubt that Abrahamism and capitalism will perish in one generation if children are given a free choice? If humanity isn't irredeemably irrational then it will take the rational decision that sets it on a whole new path. Isn't it time the human race put its mistakes and its childish past behind it? Isn't it time it consigned superstition and prejudice to oblivion? We are free. We are not obliged to believe what our parents believe. Should we believe in a flat earth or that the sun orbits the earth just because these were once popular beliefs?

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