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Dr. Linda Steiner & The Power of Social Consciousness: A Template of Unconditional Love ~ Lessons from the Sun

Dr. Linda Steiner 
A Template of Unconditional Love 
Lessons from the Sun

A Template of Unconditional Love:
Lessons from the Sun
 Dr. Linda Steiner, The Power of Social Consciousness,

We are all consciously aware, to varying degrees, of the principles of unconditional love – the desire and willingness to love ourselves and others without judgment, restriction or limitation. The variance that exists in relation to this awareness is due, in large extent, to the fact that we’ve been immersed in the illusion of a conditional love paradigm.

We’ve been taught, either directly or by example, that love must be earned, justified and deserved before it’s offered. We’ve been taught that love is to be doled out in measured increments – as if we only had a limited supply – fearful of depleting our reserves. We’ve been programmed to weigh degrees of “worthiness” in ourselves and others as prerequisites that must be satisfied so that our expressions of love are not wasted, exploited or rebuked. In essence, we fear that our expressions of love will be in vain.

We’ve been taught that our human brothers and sisters are not equally deserving of love and have been instructed, by many means, to share love with some, while withholding it from others. We’ve been taught to draw lines of distinction between humans, animals, plants and nature – where entities, unlike ourselves, in form or function, are less deserving of the precious love we have to offer. In short, we have been taught to discriminate as to where, when and with whom our love will be bestowed. We have learned to be misers.

For many, this notion of conditional love is counter-intuitive and contradicts the very nature of love’s energetic field. For those who resonate with love’s frequency – the arbitrary and divisive strategies that have framed our existence have seemed ludicrous and counter-productive.

But for those who hold their love in reserve for only those who meet their “qualifications” and “criteria” – the notion of unconditional love may appear unrealistic, idealistic or all together foolhardy.

To those, I humbly point to our Sun as a template for the true nature and expression of unconditional love. If and when we find it frightening, difficult or compromising to freely express love to any or all of creation – we need only look to our Sun as our role model.

Our Sun radiates its light and warmth without reservation. It shines forth upon every entity in its path. Those in service to others receive its rays in the same degree as those on a service to self trajectory. Those preoccupied by selfish thoughts, feeling and actions are not excluded from the Sun’s light. The murderers, rapists, and abusers walk in the same light as the selfless givers, caretakers and nurturers. There is no distinction drawn as to the “worthiness” of the recipient – as all possess, in equal measure, the opportunity to absorb the same rays of love and light.

While religious teachings may offer these same principles, they are also laden with divisiveness in that they pit one against the other in competition over Divine validity. One faith argues that it, alone, is the “saving grace” – at the exclusion of others. Other religious orders argue that their principles of faith only apply to those who follow strict, conditional guidelines, while excluding any who deviate from these conditions (as in the case of homosexuals, for example).

For those who approach their life’s journey with a more secular frame of mind, looking to the Sun as a role model can symbolize a powerful analogy, if not theology, for the dissemination of unconditional love.

Indeed, the Sun shines forth without reservation. It shines above our cloudy and overcast days. It shines through the chemtrail laden skies of Earth. It shines during times of prosperity and peace, as well as through disaster, war and turmoil.

One need only to turn their face upward to absorb the love and light so freely and unconditionally given as a constant that accompanies every aspect of our lives. It is only those who elect to turn their backs to its rays that voluntarily place themselves in shadow and darkness.

So the next time you find yourself holding back or failing to express a full measure of unconditional love – see yourself as you truly are -  a Sun, brilliant and luminous, casting rays of light and warmth to all that cross your path. It’s really just as simple as that.

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